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  1. How would I find the decimal format of the following addresses. I am setting up a Red Lion HMI with Crimson 3.0 and the requirement is for it to be in decimal format as such: %MW00000 %M1 %M2 %M3 %M4 %M5 %M6 %M7 %M8 %M9 %M10 %MW0.0 %MW0.1 %MW0.2 %MW0.3 %MW0.4 %MW0.5 %MW0.6 %MW0.7 %MW0.8 %MW0.9 %MW0.10 %MW0.11 %MW0.12 %MW0.13 %MW0.14 %MW0.15 %MW1.0 %MW1.2 %MW1.3 %MW1.4 %MW11