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  1. hi again!   what did you mean by FF??? 
  2. Hi! In the manual  you can find the same information as the last picturem you can use de last 4 or 2 bytes for that position, I'll show you the mapping and the part of the program as he (my  coworker) solve it. As I said  In the mapping you would see the 2 bytes assinged in the plc to solve the posiiton, And in the program, I use  an integer (that I thing that was split ) in two bytes called "i position byLow" and i position by high and in that way  we could get the position on the servo.
  3. Hi!   Im an electrical engineer, and nowadays Im working as a programing engineer, Its been almost two years since I started, I got a doubt, I dont know even  how to express it or ask for it, but well here we go,  Usually we use function blocks on codesys to make things easier when programming a servo, a sensor, etc, But sometimes I have to do the things witout that, not al the devices has that kind of help. I´ll give you an example, And I hope you could tell me what is the topic, what do I have to study and learn, I really want to improve,    Here is the example: In Recrod mode on these servo, With the drive enabled, I ussualy activate a bit and these bit First Indicates the drive the record you want to activate, 10ms later, I activate the Start.task bit, later the drive activates an output, (Acknoleged start) and these output deactivates my start task bit. and the motor, activates its movement.  In direct  mode on these servo, With the drive enabled,First you activate a bit on OPM(operating mode) and these bit means you'll work on direct mode, Iater  activate a bit and these bit and a MOVE function to  first give the drive the POSITION, and the VELOCITY  and 10ms later, I activate the Start.task bit, later the drive activates an output, (Acknoleged start) and these output deactivates my start task bit. on DIRECT MODE and the motor moves. With the function block help, I only have to Use a variable  Dint on the position, and a usint for the velocity.   But when I have to to these task witout the block I dotn know how to make it, cause on the mapping on plc you have to fill the bytes 5 trhought 8 to give a poisition, on the byte number 5  i give 1 throght 255 value,(activating its 8 bits)  and there  is no problem, the motor moves the axis throuhg 1 milimiter to 255 milimiters, (2.55 centimiters) but when I activates the following byte, It does not move as I expect.... I dont know how to mke it,  I attach  a picture for helping to undestand my cuestion... ONe time a friend of mine help mw whith taht, HE used a SHR function and a INT-USINT transformation, I know he used it but I dont Know why........
  4. Hi Ive gotten a trouble with a plc festo,  I wonder someone of you has stumble with the same trouble, when you connect to the plc, and upload the program thats is working, then you try to go online, appears a window saying that the program has changed, (when compiling program errors did not appear, and I did not changes at all). Last time I downlad the program and the comms between the HMI and the plc got lost for a while, I turned off and turn on the plc and started to work again, (Almost an hour) later comms got back, and the machine worked.   I need modifications on the code, but Im not shure If I could do that cause the comms would get lost? I do the same with other plc and does not do the same. Thanks in advance  
  5. convert a rslogix program to a pdf

    Hi! I´d like to ask something, I know it´s very simple for someone, but I don´t know how to do it, How can I convert a rslogix program to a pdf? I tried to use the same converter from acad to pdf, But all the program appeared in one sheet, Greatful for your answers See you! Enrique from mexico.
  6. Advice about automation growth, (help!)

    ok, I´ll watch it out! i´ll keep you apprised about it see you later, thanks!
  7. Advice about automation growth, (help!)

    Hi! mr J ross and drx, how you´ve been? I just write these post to show and ask your opinion, I just got a call about a proyect, a relative of mine started to produce a machine, it is use for extracting oil, they were able to produce some units the last year, but the person who was performing the programation was fired, these person didn´t grant the complete plc program, electric drawings and information about the proyect to my relatives, ( it is a family company) He did not give them anything, they asked me first, the complete electrical drawings of the proyect, the plc program (I was able to upload it to my computer) the HMI program ( I was not able to upload it is a Delta hmi) The machine is composed with 1 50 hp motor 1 2hp motor 11 24vcd inputs 8 relay outputs 2 analog inputs They want for me to perform the complete job, and then, the thing here, I started these year with the purpose to get in programation but I´m not an expert, and the question is what could be the risk on here? and if you have anny recomandation for me, would be great... see you later and best regards..
  8. Advice about automation growth, (help!)

    Thanks a lot! But I need more practice, could you (or anyone) recommend an internet place or a book or a electric drawing, to develop another proyect? see you and thanks again.
  9. Advice about automation growth, (help!)

    Hi! Ross and Joe E. How are you doing? Well I´m gonna to describe the little proyect I just finished, I used an 5/03 16K processor, and the 1746 NI4 , a 1746 NO4I analog modules, the aplication can be open and run on a proyect on rsview32. I simulated a weight cell with analog output, in the 1746 NO4I And the goal on these proyect is to fill a tank with 5 diferent kind of materials, ant you can select the desire cuantity on kilograms, you can fill it with a combination of the 5 materials, or could be only one of them, or all of them, anyone you need to choose, but these combination would be allowed only if you not exceed the limit of kilograms thar would overfill the tank. first you must place the can on the place to fill, later you must recognize the weight of the tank, (that can vary) , these weight will be stored on an F, later you can start to fill the tank, and the valves will open starting and closing in the same order. later when I start to change the mA in the analog imput the outputs triggered in order untill the desire weight of all the materials is reached. at the end a message is sowed when the filling has ended. then. what doyou think?
  10. Advice about automation growth, (help!)

    Ok, if I finish the little project I´m working now, I will send you more pics, or video in this same conversartion. See you! Thanks
  11. Advice about automation growth, (help!)

    Hi JRoss , these message is just to show you the things I've been doing, and to ask you if I'm on a good track, See you later
  12. Requesting information about SLC 5/03 and Panel view 600 AB

    communication with the plc reached!! I used a usb-rs232 cable, then the rs232 cable ( I performed the connection in the db9 connector) the PV 600 is wating,.. I got my firs proyect on Rsview 232.. this is great! thankful to you for all the comments, I will keep you aprised about these topic. Best Regards.
  13. Requesting information about SLC 5/03 and Panel view 600 AB

    Thanks a lot!! I will keep you apprised with these little proyect I got, I know it is very simple for some people of these forum, but I hope to learn....
  14. Requesting information about SLC 5/03 and Panel view 600 AB

    here is the data you requested, what hardware I´m gonna need? thank you!
  15. Requesting information about SLC 5/03 and Panel view 600 AB

    ok it´ll be here in no time