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  1. Hi all,  May I know why I using FX5U built in RS485 received other device data, the data unstable, always jumping, just received only no need sent out any data.(protocol type is non-protocol) I use PC to monitor received the data, e.g first byte is 0A, my PLC received 1000, sometimes jump to 500, I don't know why, but I use FX3U all is ok, very stable, anybody have facing this issue before ?? Then always have error light lit up, I use PC to diagnose the alarm message is framing error, parity error, I have change to different parity but still same, the third party device default parameter is 8bit data, 1 stop bit, even parity, 19200 baud rate.
  2. Hi,all May I know how to use the AUX connector to trigger alarm and buzzer,I try to connect the buzzer and alarm when alarm trigger the buzzer and alarm also not working who can told me how to connect it. thanks
  3. Hi,all I'm new in magelis HMI ,I got a HMI cannot download program when I download program the screen show me key in "user name and password" now I want to try recovery the XBTGT5330 , anybody can teach me how to do recovery. thanks
  4. Hi all, I'm using FX3U connector 16CCL-M , I need to know how to use GX-DEVELOPER to set then network parameter,anybody have sample code or image can show me or help me thanks.
  5. FX3U cannot communication with Gx developer

    I'm using GX developer version 8.0,before I using this version still can communication with my FX3U, do you have latest GX developer ?can send to me ?
  6. I'm new in Mitsubishi PLC ,before I using Gx developer download program from Q02HCPU,after used for FX3U ,it showing this message and cannot communication please help me to solve it ! thanks !