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  1. wire markers

    Hi Everybody, I am looking for some information on some wire markers. Or am wondering if anybody has seen these for sale anywhere. The name of them anything? These are not any brady labels I have seen and have been searching for quiet a while. Used in a lot of Japanese and Taiwanese panels that come over. I do field service and also build panels. White, seems to be oil resistant and they slide over non insulated ring and fork terminals. These do not seem to be heat shrinkable either. Almost seems like PVC. They are shiny and the black print on it cannot be rubbed off. These are not vinyl, or self laminating. The closest thing I have found that may have a resemblance are if you do a Google search for KSS O-type cable marker. It may take you to I have pictures from a job I recently did cannot attach but want to know where I could buy these or if you know what they are. Thanks!
  2. 90 series

    Hi all, I need to work with a 90 series micro fanuc plc. What software do you think would work overall most widespread for me to get? If I plan on connecting to the 90-30's micros, and the AID16D series cards (sry i do not know what series this card is out of) Can anyone inform me? I know the Logicmaster 90 is old but for the micro is this the only option? I have heard versa pro is has compatibility issues. I would be using windows 7 or XP. I work with AB mostly, and do fanuc machine controls as in PMC work, which I use Fladder. And am also in need of an upgraded version of Fladder also since I just ran into a PMC-N and i cannot compile this from my SRAM card into Fladder for some reason the Fladder does not support this PMC type.?? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you! Bill