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  1. Displaying Scientific Notation on GOT1000

    That was it worked perfectly. I can't tell you how many searches I did and manuals I read. I was certain it was going to be much more difficult as mentioned above. Thanks all. Great site.
  2. Displaying Scientific Notation on GOT1000

    THANKS! This demo.rar works wonderfully until the value is less than 1.00E-009 like 1.00E-010 then it stops with an error 4100. I can limit my displayed range from 1.00E - 9 to 1E-3 with out too much of a problem but am stumped as to why it STOPS. Stop error occurs on the line BIN D204 D304 when D204 becomes 10. I have tried to figure out what the problem is but I am lacking in experience, but learning fast. I have attached the demo2.zip with and edit to accept more decimal places. demo2.zip
  3. New to the GOT HMI and GT Designer3. I've spent a couple of days spinning my wheels on this and could use some help. I am trying to display a value between 1E-13 and 1E-3 in a Numerical Display control on a GOT1000. I'm using GT Designer3. The PLC is a Q03UDECPU. The values display properly in GX Developer in D40 and D41 when I show it in Real (single precision) and I can make the Digits 13 and the Decimal Points 10 or so and the number will display on the GOT1000. I just can't figure out how to format the Numerical Display for scientific notation. Do I have to do something fancy and separate the mantissa and exponent and show it in to different Numeric controls? Any help would be greatly appreciated.