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  1. Hi, Is there a way to record/log any operator activity in FTView SE? I have been working around FTView SE to find how to log/record operator activity (such as changing setpoints, valve commands, operation modes). I used to work with Wonderware most of the time, and I could just configure to log/record a tag such that any operator activity with that tag is recorded in the alarm history/summary. So, how do we get around this in FTView SE? Thanks, Junot
  2. DDE in Archestra IDE

    Hi, I have been trying to connect RSEmulate5000 to Archestra System Platform with DDE. I have tried read the PLC Emulator data with Wonderware InTouch and it worked, so I think there is nothing wrong with the Emulator configuration. But, I cannot get the data read by the DDE Client in Archestra. It says "configuration error" in the Archestra Object Viewer. Can anyone help me on this? Here are the screenshots of what I have configured: I created an analog tag "Analog_01" in controller scope I set the topic name in RSLinx as "RSLINX_TOPIC" The DDE Client configuration in Archestra IDE: I also created an AI object to read the PLC tag This is what is shown in the Archestra Object Viewer (It says "configuration error" and the data "Analog_01" read as NaN)