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  1. GE PLC Choosing

    Hello guys. Could someone introduce me PLC/HMI lineup of GE. I need create a small system based on GE. It must contains of PLC (64 i/o),  1 remote I/O station (128 i/o) and HMI. I have exp with Mitsubishi, Siemens, Schneider. What is an analog of IQ-F FX5U or Simatic S1200 in GE? As i understand it is VersaMax Micro or PACSystems* RX3i? But i guess VersaMax Micro is too simple when Rx3i too powerful. Are there any selection tools for right configuration? What is an actual software for programming? Proficy Machine Edition  using both for HMI and PLC?  
  2. GX works 3 - new version change log

    I usually read upd's change logs on native JP site. GXW3 Change log with google translate of course, better if you use chrome with integrated function.
  3. FX5U and FX5-ENET/IP

    You need just manually install profile for this module. You can find profile in Configuration tool.
  4. FX3u-ENT Module.

    What kind of module do you have? FX3U-ENET or FX3U-ENET-ADP? FX3U-ENET Must be configured with "FX-Configurator EN" (additional software). Settings in "PLC Parameters" for FX3U-ENET-ADP.
  5. Sir, 

    IF for FX5 Cpu , M trying to execute PID instruction

    P=100%, I,D =0, Process Value Set Value.

    I am unable to calculate PID output in terms of %

    MVUL and MVLL - 0 to 2s (Unable to disable the limit)

    How to get the variable PID output with variable PV like 4LC (according to error)


  6. GX Works 3 - PID control

    In GXW3 PID have some strange difference with GXW2. 1) PID doesn't work if you place it in FB. Works only in program body (FC i didn't test) 2)Array of PID parameters must be declared global variables with preset address 3)All inputs/outputs of PID (s1,s2,s3,D) also must be declared as global variables with preset address This is that i have understood during the working with fx5u plc.  
  7. FX3U CC-Link to STL-BT1

    Yes for ME96NSR  "HeadAddress"  must be also "0" as for STLite_4xStation, it's address of 16CCL module. You need correctly set Station of CC-Link, it's depends of occupied station for st lite and ME96.
  8. SCADA for FX3U

    MAPS not so good for big task, very difficult realization of indirect addressing of tags for faceplates (i had to create manually additional internal tag for this task. i guess must be tag prefix as well, but didn't find this). Graphic object don't have transparent properties and 2 or more graphic objects can't put in on one place. Very sad then MAPS can't work with IQ work system lables. As i understand don't support structured data types from GXW3, just importing with adding '.' between header and item. Also need good knowledge in C# for scripting, spiders and etc.  Maybe i spent not so much time for MAPS, but is very uncomfortable products after using wanderware intouch with system platform (archestra IDE).
  9. Hello i have faced problem with connecting to Premium plc TSX572623. I don't have RS485 cable for AUX or TER port on that plc. Plc has ETY Port, but my attempts to connect with it was unsuccsesful. I tried use 2 software: 1) Unity Pro XL 11, in this software i found tcp/ip communication, made test connection from driver manager, plc had link. But when i trying go online unity informed that plc was busied or something. I have checked Unity PRO XL 11 don't have in hardware configuration model of this PLC. I think problem with it. 2)I found old software PL7 and owner of this plc gave me *.stx project of it. PL7 have model of this plc in hardware configuration, but i didn't find how to connect via ETY port. In menu "define plc address" i can choose only UNTLW01 driver. I had googled before writing this post and found that i need XIP driver. But i can't find this driver on Schneider electric web site. Where i can get this XIP driver and how properly set parameters for reaching connection?
  10. DL205 PLC program question

    I think those "some guys" wrote "00000000" in this window. What will happen if write "00000000"? Clear plc programm?
  11. DL205 PLC program question

    Hello . Customer  ask about help with his system based on DL205-260 PLC + weintek HMI.He said that sometimes ago hmi displayed normal value and system worked, but after that some guyes come and try to do something with plc, maybe read programm maybe something else. PLC have the password that no one know. Now HMI doen't show any adequat value, plc in run state, but no reaction on touching HMI buttons, but in case of disconnecting ethernet cable HMI wrote "PLC com error".This seems like plc is empty, when i try to connect with it, it ask password. I have 3 question: Can be plc memory was erased if someone tryed to input wrong password much times or do something else? How can i know plc have or not have program inside?Can i get access to diagnostics utility without password? Can i reset password and programm, write myself programm and download it?(I read some topics on forum and can't bilieve that no way for resetting password without contuct with automation direct.)
  12. PID Auto tuning in FX3U

  13. Yes Enet-502 provide modbus tcp, you can find libreary in mymitsubishi portal, but better spend money for Fx5u.
  14. Good afternoon, I have been suffering for a long time with this PID. At first I tried to use SimplePidFX, but I do not how to run it. No, I could run it, but it does not work exactly as I need it. I do not need an auto pid. I picked up the right settings on the manual on the metacone and now I wanted to remake the old program with a new one. Then I found this example of yours, but it does not work for me. Help me please.



  15. converting gx developer program to gx works 2

    Check your software version, mb this problem was in too old gxd and gxw2 or your CPU can be programming  only in gxd gx_gxw2.avi