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  1. converting gx developer program to gx works 2

    Check your software version, mb this problem was in too old gxd and gxw2 or your CPU can be programming  only in gxd gx_gxw2.avi
  2. modbus application

    Hello this is my test project of RS485 connection with fr-a700. There is 4 FBs and 2 programms.  1 - Modbus via ADPRW function (Using instruction step by step) 2 - Modbus via Predifined protocol CPRTCL function  (Using instruction step by step) 3 - Modbus via Predifined protocol CPRTCL function  (Using one instruction) 4 - Freqrol via Predifined protocol CPRTCL function   1,2,3 fb i have tested with one inverter online. All functionality is good, but maybe some problem with reset command (not tested with 2 and more inverters). 4 FB via freqrol i have used in real project with 4 inverters online, all worked good.  In difference communication via Predifined protocol more faster and easy, then via adprw. Don't forget change communication parameters of RS485 when you will test difference programm. FR-A700_RS485_FX5.rar
  3. edit comment directly from got

    I think he mean add some value to alarm message. somethink like this "Alarm - overpressure 4.56Bar", where 4.56 it's actual value which was when alarm occurred. It's easy make in wincc flex OP, but in GOT...
  4. network with FX3G and Modbus TCP

    Yes you can use as local port 1250, but remote port of each modbus tcp coupler must be 502.
  5. What can be this failure

    This problem was in early version of software. You need just update for newer software. GX works 3 latest version is 1.038Q and Gt works 3 1.178L
  6. FX3U CC-Link to STL-BT1

    I have wokred with stlite series, but with modbus-tcp version. Mitsubishi STL-BT1 it is WAGO 750-310. First:  - Download quick start guide for stlite series.  - Download full manual STL-BT1-CClink_UserManual_750-310.pdf Then you need know hom many I/O modules on your STL-BT1 station for correctrly choosen number of occupied stations.STL-BT1 provide cc-link v1, thats mean you configuration can be max 112 DI, 112 DO, 16 AI, 16 AO (16/16 Rx/Ry used for user area). Difference beetwen cc-link v1. and v2. you can read there - click. For better understanding of cc-link read courses (cc link) Example you can download from mymitsubishi (need registration).Search it : FX Series - GX Works2 - CC-Link, Remote I/Os - CCLinkFX_GW2_V100 If you want learn how works FB from libreary CCLinkFX_GW2_V100 download Manual for 16ccl-m.        
  7. Hi Clearmind.

    For a customer we need the confirmation of the Russian EAC approval.
    It is about iQ-R and GOT2000. Do you know this EAC? Is this supported by Mitsusbishi? Thanks already for an answer. All the best Dave

  8. FX3U and FX5U Modbus RTU comparison

    Yes, you can check sm8500 status after completation of instruction, but I have used binary output array of completation status of ADPRW or S_CPRTCL. (Head device number which turns ON when the execution of the instruction is completed and remains on for 1 scan.If the instruction is completed with an error, (d)+1 is alsoturned on.)
  9. FX5UC and TCP Modbus Communication

    Fx5 can do it with adapted LQ library. FX5ModbusTCP_GW3_V100.gx3 LQnUDEModbusTCP_GW2_V110.chm
  10. FX3U and FX5U Modbus RTU comparison

    Hello. I have tested different type of communication between by rs485 fx3u and fx5u. On fx3u side used fx3u-485-adp-mb. In case of N:N and Parallel Link fx5u is more comfortable than fx3u. But, modbus rtu not so good. I made 3 tests: 1)FX3u master with ADPRW function; ADPRW in fx3u supports wider count of modbus functions, most usefull for me is H17 (Read/Write multipleregisters). But when i send telegram to Fx5u with this function, fx5u fall in error (recieved unsupports serial com functions). i have checked instruction manual on ADPRW - FX5u doesn't support H17, only H03 and H10. For read/write from fx5u need to use 2 instructions on FX3u side. 2)FX5u master with ADPRW function; In this test ofcourse i tried use H17, but result was expected - error. 3)FX5u master with predifined protocol. In this test using H17 function on Fx5u side was successful. Conclusion: FX5u better use as master for modbus rtu communications via predifined protocols, and if it used as slave need remember that it doesn't support H17. I hope this information will usefull for sombody.
  11. how to activate output using cc-link..

    For better understanding read this courses - Learning .
  12. PLC_Temperature_control

    Time to use GX works 2. GX IEC Developer 7.04 (as i know latest verison) do not support FX3u-ENET-ADP.
  13. PLC_Temperature_control

    I didn't undersrtood why did you need swimmy67 programm. Fx3u have standard PID, if you don't famiar with automation therory and PID regulation, better read automations books or some articles like this On screen simply PID fb for backward direction with limeted output.
  14. PLC_Temperature_control

    For analog control you can download library ( ) from MyMitsubishi. This library doesn't contain your module 3a-adp, but you can open 4ad-adp function block for checking code and understanding programming. Necessary special registers and special auxiliary relays you can find in programming manual JY997D16501N on 495 and 497 pages. For pid download library ( ) and read manual JY997D16601Q page 476.
  15. PLC_Temperature_control

    hysteresis temperature control. actual<=min, set output (S) ( LE instruction) actual>=max, reset output (R) (GE instruction)