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  1. Hello. I have CPU S319-3 PN/DP which connected with Sinamics G120 by profibus. I have connect with cpu by ethernet. I made setting as explained in help, but it doesn't work. I use Simotion Scout, Version of sinamics drive 4.6. Scout can found CPU in accsessble nodes cpu ip is I also trying change slot 0,1,2, but it bring zero result. What additional setting need to do?   Setting HW Setting connection to Sinamics Sinamics Version Accsessble nodes    
  2. QJ71E71-100 communication between PLC

    As i understood you used LQnUDEEthernet_GW2_V200 library. 1)Try to exchange SP.SOCOPEN and others function for built-in ether et to ZP.OPEN and others function for interface module. Read this manual SH(NA)-081105ENG-E Chapter 12 .There is have example sequence code. From this instruction: To this instruction:  
  3. GT Simulator

    What is version of software did you use?I had same problem when trying connect GT simulator3 and GX simulator 3, i have fixed if by downloading last version GT Works 1.70 and GX Works 2 1.550Y. Last version of GX Works 2 can going with GX Works 3 (at this moment 1.032J).
  4. how can I Connect FX5U by direct RJ45 ?

    For more information download Melsec IQ-F FX5 Series User's Manual [Ethernet Communication]
  5. GT Simulator

    Are you sure that you choose GS series?On you screen it is GT27. On my screen all works good.
  6. FX5 CC-Link IEF Basic

    Can some1 give direct link?
  7. FX5 CC-Link IEF Basic

    hello. I have developed project with 3 FX3U PLCs with ENET modules for communicating between them, and one of fx3u connected by profibus with 2 fx2n-32DP-IF I/O station (developed just hardware). This project still wait when customer accept it. I'm exactly sure that it will work perfectly. But now i think about exchange old and expensive fx3u to fx5u. I search for best solution for this task on fx5. I have a doubt with I/O station. Each remote station consist of 32 inputs,16 outputs, 8 AI. So i considered as a solution CC-Link IE Basic because no need buy additional modules. Did someone use fx5 CC-Link IEF Basic? As i understand ie field basic configurations like simple rs485 cc-link with occupied station, not like full ie field. FX5U can be the master of CC-link IEF basic with embedded ethernet with 6 slaves station and can be local station with FX5-CCLIEF module. But i not sure that i can use fx5 with NZ2 CC-Link IE Field Remote I/O. I have a doubt with configuration this station, because in CC-link IEF i can add this station and see how many rx/ry rww/rwr points i need, but for CC-link IEF basic configuration i can add just CC-link IEF basic module and choose number of occupied station. Slave 1) NZ2GFCE3-32D + NZ2EX2S1-16T (32/16) and  NZ2GF2BN-60AD4 + NZ2EX2B-60AD4  (8 AI). Slave 2) NZ2GFCE3-32D + NZ2EX2S1-16T (32/16) and  NZ2GF2BN-60AD4 + NZ2EX2B-60AD4  (8 AI). So can it work if not what device can be used with CC-link IEF basic? What benefits can give cc link ie field basic network than ethernet socket connection via UDP between 3 fx5 plcs? Or easier way using ST lite series and try to connect via modbus tcp.(as i understand fx5 provide p502 and modbus tcp)  
  8. GT Designer 3

    Yes i'm using melsoft navigator and gxw2. Network No must be same for all devices in this network. Station you configure with IP address in gtd3 or melsoft navigator.In second case parametrs wich congigured by navigator will have green background. If you use eth modul need, so setup in network parameters, if use built-in eth in cpu you don't need configure network and station in gxw2, just in gtd3. Anyway try to use melsoft navigator (IQ works 2.22), you can create your system configuration and add your plc and gt project.
  9. GX IEC Developer to GXWorks2

    Tool/Device-Label Automatic-Assign Settings
  10. GT Designer 3

    You need setup CPU NO =0. Other value 1 or 2 setups for multiple CPU systems (Read manual). NW No it's network number, configures same as PLC and GOT side, Station No uniq address of stations for network. In my example if i need place bit for FX5U cpu, i will use CPU NO =0, NW No=1, Station No=16.Also you can mark as host one station.
  11. FX3GE have a built-in FX3U-ENET-ADP on communication channel 1, so you need set up in plc enet module. Also need configure got.Try this settings.
  12. You need just write conversation function like FC109 in step7. Look my fb.
  13. FX3U-485ADP-MB

    Will not work. Modbus address 40000 for program will be 0. Also you didn't check modbus communicating flags, also you can read all 8 registers by one request. Make something like this. Using a lot of continuously adprw a bad idea. Better make slave address 1,2,3,4. Why did you skip 4?
  14. Which one of channel do you use? Check communication error registers D8402/8422 depending of used channel.
  15. Hello everyone. I think about make HMI more informative and add to alarm's comments usefull informations. I mean change string message for alarm history. For example :  m1 bit generate alarm with comment "Main drive's left bearing - overheated". I want to add to this msg value of temerature when alarm was activated. "Main drive's left bearing - overheated" + "t=" + D100. D100 keep actual temperature. Also in case of changing setpoint, i usually generate alarm by scripts like this - "Main drive's left bearing HH setpoint was changed". But, i can generate message with "Main drive's left bearing HH setpoint was changed from" +GD200 +"to"+ D2000. GD200 keep old value of setpoint, D2000 keep actual value. Another example: I have alarm word from inverter. For adding what kind of alarm was occurred i need to use a lot of bits.(If alarm_word==16 then GB1=1, else 0, endif ) For GB1 use alarm comment Alarm OC1. So for adding all alarms from invertor i need about 35 bits for each inverter. Will be very easy if i can use one bit for alarm occurred and just add to alarm comment decoding value from alarm word. As i know siemens provide this functional via alarm_s and sfc52. Maybe mitsubishi and GOT2000 can do this too with some juggling?