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  1. Thank you Sergei. Changing the timeout did the trick. Was then able to clear the constant cycle time and reload.
  2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the USB driver. It shows up (and always has) under USB Controllers in Device Manager. Have always used the same USB port.
  3. Changed the constant cycle time to 500 ms. Yes, wiping would not be a problem at all.  Killed power, disconnected the battery overnight, but the settings appear to be in EEPROM.
  4. Downloaded Temple, a USB device tester, and it reported that the PLC was detected as: OMRON - OMRON-PLC - Omron Corp. [0x0590] - 0x005B - Revision 0x0100 Full Speed - USB 1.1 [12Mb/s], Type: 0x0/0x0/0x0/0x0, Power: 0mA, Address: 1, Port: 2 Disconnected the PLC and did not display that info, so it is not just looking at the driver.
  5. I can program a Maple Systems HMI with the same USB setup.
  6. Merry Christmas to all. Having a problem connecting to an Omron CP1H-XA PLC with CX-P v9.6 with the USB connection. Have been using the same setup for a year with no problems. It started when I went to change the constant cycle time in PLC settings. Selecting Work Online shows the message "Failed to connect to the PLC because the PLC type does not match". Selecting Auto Online displays "Failed to connect to the PLC". Have checked that the device, network, CPU, etc are set correctly. Started a new project, again checking settings, same story. Port and cable are good. The driver shows in Device Manager. Have a query in to Omron, was wondering if anyone here has any thoughts. Cheers, Kurt