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  1. IFix 5.5 Issues

    I am very new to Ifix being that I am just out of my first month at a new facility and never working with GE HMI products before. The plant has been having an issues prior to me arriving. We are running multiple ifix stations with the control being from a terminal sever. Every once in a while we will have clients lock up saying that the client cant start due to another name on the network. You can go into services and disconnect each duplicate user and give it a few minutes and everything comes back fine. Has anyone else run across this issue. I have attached a pic for reference, but this one doesn't show the multiple users.
  2. 1769-L33ER

    That is what I was thinking. Thank you.
  3. 1769-L33ER

    I have used several 1769-L33ER processors in the past, but I have a question. I know that the processor comes with two ethernet ports. Can you use one port for communications such as on a process control network and HMI, and use the other port for drive communications. For example port 1 would be a 172.27.31.x network and port 2 would be a 192.168.1.x network.
  4. RSLinx 3.60

    I am running RSLinx Classsic Version 3.60 on Windows 7 32 Bit edition. I have 3 networks running on the computer. One being an outside world connection for email and internet and the other two for process controls for the plants that i monitor. Everytime that IT does an upgrade on our computer or phone systems it causes Linx to crash and we have to un-install and re-install it everytime. We get an error saying that rslinx has stopped and is shutting down. Is this something that anyone else has, and if so is there something that can be done to prevent it?
  5. Point IO Status

    Thanks Ken.
  6. Point IO Status

    I'm working on my 1st project using Point IO modules. I'm using an L33ER processor to communicate to two modules over etherent. I'm still very new to using 5000, but is there a way to use a GSV to check the status of the Modules, as far as communications, faults, etc?
  7. 1762-IF4 Question

    A x79 error meesage is an expansion I/O module fault. Check the staus of the analog card in question and check documentation of the I/O card for possible remedies for your problem. If none of those work you may have to change the card.
  8. RSLINX 3.60

    I am having issues with communications every since i upgraded to RSLINX 3.60. I am running it on two different computers that i am having the same issue with. One is Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1(32 Bit) and the other is Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1(64 Bit). When ever i am browsing RS WHO I will get the attached error message and RSLINX will just shut down. The issue is not with every driver or with just RS WHO. It is always just one driver that I am having issues with. There is no certain pattern of drivers that i see this problems in. On my computer with 32 bit Windows 7 I can delete the driver and re-create it and everything is up and running again. I may go another month before i have issues again. The other computer I am running a secondary server of Factory Talk View SE on. Anyone else having this issue or know of any abnormalities with RSLINX 3.60. I have already ask my AB rep and he doesn't know of any issues.
  9. SLC 5/05 Remote IO Issue

    Thanks guys. I have the module coming tomorrow. I will replace it and see what happens.
  10. SLC 5/05 Remote IO Issue

    I can cycle the power and the fault will clear. We have gotten the fault in the past, but only like once every 3 months or so. It has become more regular, and today we got the fault three times.
  11. SLC 5/05 Remote IO Issue

    I am having an issue with a 1747-ASB showing a 333 fault code. I have never worked with troubleshooting Remote I/O issues before now, so I am kinda at a loss. This is not a new application. It has been running for several years now.
  12. I use several Micrologix 1400 in my facility. Nearly everyone one of them are communicating with a panelview. Does the Versaview communicate with the controller through Ethernet? If so you should be able to communicate with it that way if you know the IP address as you would a SLC. I do know that if you are running an older version of Software you will have to download the eds file for a Micrologix 1400 from Rockwell, because I had to
  13. Micrologix 1500 Error 187h

    I had a similar issue with a 1500 as well. I had to change out the unit because it wouldn't communicate with no other I/Os period.