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  1. kinetix6000

    hello, i whant to use a a&b kinetix6000 voor use 3 nodes (3 motors) type motor MPL-B15204-VJ42AA i can not program the kinetix. the error motion direct command - mxas:1, execution error. mso ( 16#000b ) the axis is not configured." on the laptop the error on the kinetix display is E49 display 1 = 3 display 2=E49 display 3=3 help help please
  2. problem in gx-iec developer v7.04

    hello kazah, thanks for you're avi file. this is real time looking. and i was with this problem on school. the problem is laptop together with the software it's for me to difficullt to understand. the teacher say that i must buy a other laptop. my laptop has a E7400 processor and is about 2 years old. Learning is also everything buy state of the art/Brand new. i did not know this, is this true ?
  3. problem in gx-iec developer v7.04

    Hello, i can not go futher then 1000seconds.Iindeed, he counts very strange. but the time is now about 40 seconds. The argument about the program i think you have right. I go back to school and ask or there is a other solution for this problem. Or maybe you can help me out with this ?
  4. problem in gx-iec developer v7.04

    hello, that's what i have done. when the entrance(IN) is high then he counts. only i see 1 sec then 3 sec then ends counting and Q is then high. When i try the measure it with thye stopwatch then the stopwatch goes not further then 2 a 3 seconds. it is not 5 sec. what i can do for this. i need this timer on 5 sec.
  5. problem in gx-iec developer v7.04

    hello, can you please explain me what you mean. i am a starter of this developer. I am a student and school ask for some practical commands. this is one part of the programm.
  6. problem in gx-iec developer v7.04

    hello i have some pronblem with the TON function in developer v7.04. this TON has as parameters: Q, ET, IN en PT on IN i have a switch, on Q i have a light. ET not in use. in parameter PT = T#5s. when i simulate that he count only for 2 seconds. If i change the PT to T#10s it is stil the same. what i can do about it? can someone help me?