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  1. Cannot get updated

    No I never got a email from omron but if I go on my omron account all the info for cx one and sysmac are there
  2. Cannot get updated

    Hi I have been trying to get updates for my cx one and sysmac studio. I registered the products last week but when I do the update after I put in my email and license I get a fail to authenticate. Has anyone else have this problem
  3. Sysmac download

    Thanks I will talk to my omron rep and get a trial version DVD
  4. Sysmac download

    No it's for setting up a nx-eic202 smart slice communication coupler. My omron dealer sold me the sysmac-NE001L to set it up
  5. Sysmac download

    Hi I recently purchased sysmac ne001l software but it is a download and it only has the product key with it There is no info on downloading it nor is it easy to find anything on the omron site to download. The only thing I can find is a sysmac studio and cx one removal program and a free trial version that you can't download. I am waiting for the technical services from the supplier to call me back. I was wondering if anyone had any info that would help me
  6. Old SYMAX800

    I was wrong about the model number it is a symax 400
  7. CX Programmer

    Omron has a free educational verson of CX-ONE that will work for you. Not sure if you can get offline but you can get from the omron automation rep
  8. Old SYMAX800

    I have 2 older Square D symax plc's I need to connect to. I was able to get the software, but unable to find a cable pinout for it anywhere it uses a 323 to 422 converter. I would appreaciate any help I can get with this. Thanks.