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  1. Hey all. I’m trying to message from a MicroLogix 1100 to a CompactLogix. I’ve created the SLC mapping but when I execute the message instruction I get the error: “Error code (in upper byte of MGx:y.22) was returned by Comms module or CIP device”. I’ve never seen that before and I don’t know where to go from there.
  2. Configuring a 1761-NET-ENI

    Data-Linc Group makes a device that can be used in place of the NET-ENI and is much easier to setup. It’s the NET620. They also have a radio modem that has the NET620 functionality built in so if the device is located remotely you can make the connection wirelessly and still do the Ethernet to DF1 bridging.
  3. external I/O

    There are a couple of companies that make solutions to either extend or remotely locate I/O. I like the FreeWave solutions. They are Modbus RTU devices and can be done wirelessly or via a direct serial connection and operate via RS232 (or RS485).
  4. Installing RSLogix 5000 on Windows-7 Ultimate

    Install VMWare on the PC and setup a Windows XP in VMWare. You can then install all the Rockwell software you want inside the XP machine (inside the Windows 7 machine) and it will work flawlessly.
  5. remote IO suggestions

    Freewave technologies has a wireless I/O product line that uses Modbus RTU. If you’re using the MicroLogix (anything but the 1000) it can be configured to be a Modbus RTU master (channel 0) and if you’re going to use the Compactlogix you would need the 1769-SM2 module which will give you Modbus RTU master compatibility. I’ve done it with both using the Freewave I/O and they both work well however the Micrologix (I’ve done it with the 1100) is a lot easier to setup. You can find info on the Freewave I/O here:
  6. MicroLogix and Wireless IO

    I’m not sure if it’s too late for your needs but Freewave technologies has a wireless I/O product and it’s an Encompass partner approved product line. You can find it here I’ve used them and they work very well. You will need to set up the port as a Modbus RTU port but the Micrologix 1400 (and 1100) ports will do this. They also have some write-ups on how to configure the PLC to work with the I/O radios (addressing etc…)