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  1. PF 40 Current Feedback

  2. RSView32

    Only RS VIEW works copy can act as a both runtime and works also. You can supply only development edition to client that is sufficiant.
  3. Hello, My client has different make of plc's installed on different machines within the plant. Now what our need is to communicate all these different plc's over single network i.e. ethernet. Basically we are installing new ABB make controller along with SCADA for monitoring all other installed plc data at single point. So that operator will able to control all machines from control room only. The existing plc make are OMRON, AB, SIEMENS. Each plc has a spare RS232 port. Please give me solution on this topic and also what type of RS232 to ETHERNET converter should i use
  4. RSView32

    RS view 32 has came in two versions one is works and other is runtime. With RS VIEW 32 works you are able to develop, edit and run application, while with runtime edition you can run the application but can't edit or modify the application. You can use array of tags.