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  1. Who makes a inexspensive inter face to be able to change preset values in a MicroLogix 1400?.... Like for a counter preset..... Thanks
  2. Regenerative fault.

    Yes, if it faults it does it when it gets the command to run either from the plc or in hand mode.. It does do this all the time be is a nuisance..
  3. Regenerative fault.

    I have only seen this occur when it recieves a run command .. We have several drives on the same power system and we aren't seeing these issuses only with this equipment...
  4. Regenerative fault.

    I've suggested changing the check balls, but where I work everything is an elctrical problem, never mechanical. If you know what I mean?... It's got wire going to it must be an electrical problem.. I have already put a new drive int the cabinet and it still faults.. They are still not convienced.... That the problem is leaky check valves..... I was just looking to see if someone had suggestions that I have not tried yet... Thanks..
  5. I got a couple of Allen Bradley Power Flex 40 drive that give me a F05 (Over Voltage) fault. These drive operat two 5 hp sump pumps.. I'm think that that sometime the check balls in the lines don't seal good and the pumps are spinning from a liittle back flow from the head pressure when they try to start causing this... I have the drives set for Flying start and to try to restart 3 times before faulting... but it doesn't seem to hlp with the issue.. Any other suggestions????
  6. Looking for some input on a situation with a 1791ES CompactBlock Guard I/O that keeps losing it's static IP every time we have a power outage... We have about 20 of them in this panel... One of them that goes to a specific piece of equipment is the one that loses it's IP... We have it set to static IP. We have also checked the ethernet cable and found one end made up wrong it would communicate but was slow.... Hoping that may have had something to do with it. Nope that didn't fix it.... We have also tried different modules in the same location... Still no matter which one we put in this location they will lose their IP.... None of the rest in the cabinet have this issue.. Any Ideas???? Thanks in Advance.....