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  1. Apologies about the delay I have had some time off work, just some feedback that I have tried deleting the configuration and re-setting the cards, replaced the cards, etc. The CPU serial number is SN: 21142312996 I am trying a few more things but of course any suggestions in the mean time are more than welcome. Thanks all
  2. FYI: I found out when i went out there that the site versions Vijeo Citect anyways, so all of the installers were on the Schneider site for them. However the compiling seems fine across the engineering workstations and servers with the project I was working with even with different Service Packs.
  3. Hi team, The installer i am using is an old installer. The guys on site do not wish to upgrade the Servers at this stage (I don't think they will be doing many modifications anyways). It is v7.10r1 SP2/SP3. I cannot seem find the SP2 installer on the net for Citect 7.10, at least Schneider does not seem to supply it? (screenshot attached). If I install and use SP3 on the engineering workstations, will this still be OK to deploy to the Servers running SP2. I can't really foresee any issues? Cheers.
  4. Thanks for your reply, I will try to get this tested ASAP over the weekend. We are in production at this stage, but interesting to know about the firmware. I will PM you the serial when we do test this weekend also. Regards, Rob
  5. Hi all, Currently running a Quantum 140-CPU-652-60 FW3.12 out to a remote rack over a Modbus Drop in to a 140-EHC-105-00 High Speed Counter, words are mapped OK to the program, configured at a type 7 setup (1sec frequency) etc. The card used to work when we were running the system as a ConceptXL 2.6 setup with a 140-CPU-534-14. We have just upgraded to UnityProXLv8 and it stopped. The mapping is configured by word to bit / bit to word across the %IW and %MW (previously 948 3x and 4x registers, but converted nicely, everything is aligning). Anyone stumbled across this issue before? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob