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  1. Troubles with AOI PFlex 700

    I did what you recommended and that was the solution although I had to change the data type of the tag that requested Boolean to the type of tag that is generated by the drive but I had to do it from within the internal logic of the AOI because from outside Of the AOI would not let me do it ... I really appreciate it!
  2. Troubles with AOI PFlex 700

    Hello, I have troubles with AOI PowerFlex 700. When I want to use it into the logic it says the tags "Inp_PowerFlex_700" and "Out_PowerFlex_700" are boolean tags but in the inside logic these tags should be  array tags. I attach pictures I will appreciate your help with this issue...Thanks
  3. Hi, good morning, it's my first time working on a project with Siemens, I've always worked with Rockwell and from siemens I only know the s7-200. I have to make a profibus network with master s7-1500 and Rockwell motor starter slaves in a MCC. Someone who can help me or can give me some tutorial that will help me to do this or some document would be appreciated.   Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to know how is the Ethernet communication in Micro830 PLC's. I'm about to do a communication between a micro830 and SMC actuator drive and I want to know how set Micro800 Ethernet communication. This is by explicit messages or mapping?.   Tks
  5. Hello friends, I'm trying to understand the logic of the a flowmeter pulses for obtaining the volume of a fluid but I don't know why multiplying the value 0.985/100 by counts of the HSC. I hope someone can help me. I attach the picture of the code...Thanks!!!!
  6. I attach pics about the problem
  7. Hello guys, I have a network card ehternet 1756-en2tr configured in linear mode , not ring mode. And in RS Linx I can not see the devices that are connected to this card but in the RSLogix 5000 controller tags the tags associated with these devices appear. The question is why do I not see them on the network by rslinx?
  8. Can I use a touch panel like magelis (schneider electric) or Panel View (AB) with a stand alone PLC to monitor the level of a silo in real time or would have to be a SCADA system?
  9. the carriage is moved by electric motor, and I want to monitor its position to know when the car loses its position. I don't use encoder for this application, I use laser sensor and I wanna know when the carriage lost his position because of an interruption in the laser beam or a sudden change in accounts analog signal. someone had recommended me to program a logic that monitors the position of the carriage every so often (perhaps every two seconds) and when it detects that there was a change in position from the previous scan, then generate the error bit in the laser. Go storing the position from time to time and compare it with the previous, could be something ?, but I have doubts of how to implement it
  10. Hello, anyone know how to make a logic that monitors the change in position of a carriage through some rails ?. In my application I measure the position of the carriage by means of a laser sensor and I have to detect if the laser beam is interrupted when the carriage is stationary or moving. I have implemented a logic as the adjunct file, but doesn't work.
  11. First event logic Alarm

    I'm already doing something for this problem. attached a picture of what I did, what do you think?
  12. First event logic Alarm

    Thanks for answering RussB, I refer to a "first trip out alarm". Iwould like to know how to do it.
  13. hello guys I'm working on a project that requires knowing the first event that put on alarm state to one system and because everything happens in seconds and everything shuts down almost the same time it is very hard to tell the operator what was the cause of the shut down , so I would like to know how to implement a logic to capture within milliseconds the first event that "turns off" the whole plant. Would somebody could help me with this please?
  14. Drive Speed control

    I'm using a Quantum schneider PLC and Power Flex Drive of rockwell. I'd like too to know how do a s-curve function in my PLC because in this model i didn't can find a s-curve function
  15. Hello guys, i would like to know if is possible keep always active the run command in a vf drive and for stopping the motor only send 0 reference. It´s possible??? because I want to program a ramp function in my plc for start and stop one motor. could someone tell me how to do this type of control please?.