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  1. E 1022 terminal error

    I do not use usb2serial adapter. I have rs232com port on PC. Yes,I try lower speed..9600baud. Then all speeds..
  2. E 1022 terminal error

    Backup means download project files from terminal to Edesigner. I want to make some modifications. When download starts, i can see 0 retries. It downloads all blocks of program (block0.block1.... alarms),then last thing I can see on Status is downloading "expansion ports".On the terminal I see TX Blok.. then TX DRV CON. After that terminal is rebooting thenself.I dont know why... screenshot
  3. E 1022 terminal error

    Hi. Need your help... When I try to download data (make backup) from e1022,terminal make an error. It reboot and i have a transmission error. At the start of downloading,everithing look normal. Data transmits to PC,but when terminal send DRV CONF ,it reboot thenself,and communication shut down. I use E 1022 E Designer 7 CAB 30 After that I try to send new project from PC to terminal,and it works good.. help me,please