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  1. Thanks after implementing the limiter and setting the value between &0 en &4200 to accomodate the 16 bit signal, it worked. The PID worked well with the incoming signals. Unfortuantly I was neither allowed to install an isolator on the signals or make changes to the program on the simulation PLC. So the calculation values remained incoherent, I did stay after work for a while to test it anyway, it did work then. Oh well co-workers :D
  2. But to my knowledge the DCS system also uses loop powered signals and the signal is isolated in the same way as the controller PLC, so I find it rather odd that when I connect DCS the fluctuations and the below zero value problem is no longer a problem.
  3. I dont exactly have the right to mess with the cables myself, but I will share this knowledge with the guy who has.
  4. Hi there. Im new to CX supervisor. I have made an alarm log which logs the time and the nature of the alarm. Small problem that I am having is that the alarm removes itself from the log the moment its no longer active. For example a furnace reaches above it's maximum alarm, result the furnace will get a lower set point. If the alarm is not solved this way it will go above the max safety treshold and the system will shutdown. The alarm in supervisor is removed from the list once the furnace cools down. Thanks in advance. Mr.Feddema
  5. Hi there I have a small problem with faulty signal distubance ( sorry for bad english in advance ) I have 2x CS1G-H connected to each other in the same closet. One simulates a process the other is connected to it as a controller plc ( there is also a DCS system connectable in the closet next to it ) I have used the manual to ground both plcs. Unfortuantly there is a slight disturbance still on the signal, I have no idea where it's coming from since the DCS system is connectable without any disturbance. While the DCS ground is not even connected to PLC ground. Though the signal disturbance is small the problem in the program arises when the signal gets below 4mA or above 20mA because of this error. The cards only handle 16 bit so when the signal gets below 0000(hex) or higher than 1068(hex) the signal transfers to #FFFF. For the controller PLC this will make the PID go nuts and from the simulation plc this results in really bad calculations. Since both cards use 4 times anolog in and 4 times analog out it would be to impossible ( or rather unpleasant ) to manually script all signals to stay between these 2 values so I was hoping that I lack the knowledge of some setting. Which I hope you guys could help me with. Thanks in advance. Mr.Feddema