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  1. CP1E PLC AI scaling logic requires

    Use a SCL instruction. See manual W483 for more information.
  2. OMRON CJ2M-CPU13 - SCU32- Communication

    Looks like Serial PLC Link only works with CIO. See attached from the manual. CJ2M_PC_Link.pdf
  3. stepper motor controle CP1E

    Welcome to the forum. MOV instruction will only move 4 digits.  Use MOVL to move 8 digits. Right now your target frequency is set to 0. Additionally your plc has relay outputs.  It will never be able to switch at 50000 hertz.
  4. MX2 converter real time monitoring

    MX2 does Modbus RTU comms. Looks like the Raspberry Pi can be set up for Modbus RTU. gtsuport
  5. How to connect to CQM1H-CPU51

    That is correct.
  6. SCADA to PLC tags???

    Sorry, no relationship to D2600. That shows a constant value of 2600. gtsuport
  7. How to connect to CQM1H-CPU51

    Software would be CX-Programmer which is part of CX-One. Omron serial cable would be CS1W-CN226.  This is a RS232 cable. You can get a USB version here: Please note this model was discontinued in 2012. gtsuport
  8. Check with your distributor. If they give Omron tech support the registration number (Help / Above in CX-Programmer), Omron can generate the License number. gtsuport
  9. OMRON CJ2M-CPU13 - SCU32- Communication

    No Protocol means there is no formatting to the information. Look at the RXDU and TXDU instructions in the programming manual.  The ___U is the instruction for the SCU modules. Check this download for information on the non module instruction  RXD-TXD quick start . This will required logic in your program. It should work for the 1000 meters if RS485 spec is 1000 meters, gtsuport
  10. Encoder E6CP Omron to PLC Omron

    Still have the same issue with the attachment. Failed - Network Error Thanks.
  11. Encoder E6CP Omron to PLC Omron

    Mike, Graycode.pdf is attached. Thanks! GRAYCODE.pdf
  12. Encoder E6CP Omron to PLC Omron

    Sorry Mike, Failed again.  Not sure what the issue is. Thanks!
  13. Encoder E6CP Omron to PLC Omron

    Mike, Loaded Chrome and Acrobat Reader this morning. Try to download and get a  Failed - Network Error message. Would you try to PM the Graycode.pdf please? Thanks
  14. Encoder E6CP Omron to PLC Omron

    Mike, What browser and pdf viewer are you using. I cannot get the file to download. Thanks.
  15. cx programmer

    That is a Chinese only product. I am told if you install CX-Programmer with Chinese language, you should be able to connect. Good Luck. gtsuport