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  1. Upload project from NS5-SQ10

    That is the same cable you would use to connect to the CS1 DB9 port. You would just need to go to PT / Transfer / Transfer Settings to set up the transfer method. Then PT / Transfer / Transfer from PT.
  2. Upload from CS1H PLC?

  3. Upload project from NS5-SQ10

    1.  See attached cable diagram. Software is CX-Designer.  3.  You should not need to change DIP switches. GTC99CC.pdf
  4. Upload from CS1H PLC?

    The PLC should not go to Stop / Program mode when you Transfer From the PLC.   Hope this will help.
  5. PC send data to PLC

    The receive complete bit will energize based on the Settings for the End Code for the serial port. In your Settings, you have the End Code configured as CR + LF. The receive complete bit will only turn on when the CR + LF (0D0A hex) string is received. The other option is to specify a different End Code, or specify the number of bytes to be received. If data is being received (regardless of the indicator led) there should be a value in A393.  A393 will reset to zero when the RXD instruction is executed. I hope this will help.
  6. Compare data RS232

    Use the FVAL instruction. Please refer to manual W483.
  7. Compare data RS232

    There are no ASCII string instructions in the CP1E. Looks like you will need to convert the ASCII string to a Floating Point value (FVAL) then perform a Floating Point Comparison. Hope this helps.
  8. Connect Masterflex Peristaltic Pump with CP1L -EM

    I apologize. I did not properly read your plc logic when I reviewed it. Your values are correct.
  9. Connect Masterflex Peristaltic Pump with CP1L -EM

    It looks to me like your range data is not properly set for the outputs. Please review Manual W462-E1-08 pages 468 and 469. Hope this will help.
  10. Pid ans tpo program help

    See my response on
  11. help.. output issue cpm1a-40cdr-a-v1

    Does the output LED turn on? The CPM1A was introduced in 1997 and discontinued in 2014. It is quite possible the output relay has failed.  You can check by removing power and testing resistance between the appropriate COM terminal and the output terminal. Hope this will help.
  12. CJ2M to Watlow EZ Zone EIP Connection

    RogerSloan, Welcome to the forum.  ahbest brings up a good point. Many of the parameters in the Watlow PM limit controller are REAL (Floating Point) numbers.  Each value will require two Omron channels. See Chapter 9: Appendix  CIP Implicit Assembly Structures in the linked manual below.   Hope this will help.
  13. According to the datasheet, the NX1W-CIF01 does support Host Link. See attached. Hope this helps.
  14. CP1L-M with IHM Sakoon SK-70HE

    Welcome tonton2, You will need to short pins 4 and 5 on the CP1L end of the cable. Also make sure the communication protocol and baud rate, data bits, stop bits and parity are set correctly on the CP1L. Hope this will help.
  15. cpm1a and ns5

    LD_M This is just a serial (RS-232) connection.  No specific driver is required. If you new computer does not have a built in RS-232 serial port you will need a USB to RS232 converter. Although it is pricey, I would suggest the Omron CS1W-CIF31 unit.  It has always worked with anything I have tried to connect to. Hope this will help.