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  1. CP1W-CIF01 Power-supply terminal

    I am pretty sure it is 80 mA. It was designed to power Omron's RS232 - RS485 converter. gtsuport
  2. Rs232 PLC Settings

    This looks to be correct. Your load cell, does it append a CR+LF at the end of string? Right now you are set to read 10 characters from the load cell.  If you change the bottom node from D100 to A394, you will read all data in the serial buffer. gtsuport
  3. Connecting CPM1 to KEPServerEX5

    Glad you got it to work.
  4. Connecting CPM1 to KEPServerEX5

    Check to see if there is a Host Link or Sysmac Way driver? Other option would be to try the C200 version of the FINS Driver. C200 would be pretty close to the CPM1. gtsuport
  5. Drive ABB via eternet only in CX-Programmer

    You can get the eds file from ABB. They are on the ABB website.  Just look for FENA11. gtsuport
  6. Drive ABB via eternet only in CX-Programmer

    Excellent point Mike!! I had forgotten about that.
  7. Drive ABB via eternet only in CX-Programmer

    You will need the eds file for the ABB drive. This appears to be Ethernet/IP. Use Omron Network Configurator to set up the communications. gtsuport
  8. Drive ABB via eternet only in CX-Programmer

    The ABB drive, is this Ethernet (UDP or TCP) or Ethernet/IP? The CP1W-EIP61 is an Ethernet/IP module.  You would need Network Configurator for Ethernet/IP to set this up.
  9. Drive ABB via eternet only in CX-Programmer

    Please let your Omron hardware. Thanks, gtsuport
  10. Back up problem

    M.K You need a cable between the USB adapter and the CS1W-CN118. See attached. GTC99CC.pdf
  11. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    Yep, HDM and RDM instructions, and handheld programmers. The good old days! You know your showing your age Garry.
  12. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    Jay is one of the few on this forum that understands the S6. It was discontinued by Omron in 1993, over 25 years ago!
  13. Back up problem

    Please see the attached document. CF card is read if Dip Switch 7 is ON. CJ_EasyBackup.pdf
  14. NT31C Upload Problem

    You will need to use the cable diagram referred to in my previous post . You will need to jumper pins 4 and 6 as well as pins 7 and 8 on the computer side of the cable. Unless these pins are connected, the software will not be able to communicate. Hope this helps.
  15. CPU State and CPU Type with OmronEIP Protocol

    Welcome to the forum. Check the W342 manual. Omron W342 manual Hope this will help.