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  1. Send data memory from PLC to other PLC with CX Programmer

    Use MOV instructions.  See below.  
  2. Desperation

    Watch the addressing, did this is CX-Programmer and some of the addresses don't work. LD 0.03 OR 0.04 OR 0.05 LDNOT 0.10 ORNOT 0.08 ANDLD AND 0.09 LD 0.03 AND 0.00 AND 0.01 ANDNOT 0.09 ANDNOT 0.06 LDNOT 0.03 AND 0.04 ORLD LD 0.12 AND 0.13 ORLD ANDLD LD 0.08 ANDNOT 0.07 ANDNOT 0.11 ANDNOT CNT001 OR 0.03 ANDLD ANDNOT 0.11 ANDNOT 0.09 OUT 0.12 OUT 0.13 gtsuport
  3. Desperation

    See attached.
  4. Send data memory from PLC to other PLC with CX Programmer

    You just need to you the SEND and RECV instruction, NOT the function block. Let's assume the FINS node numbers are the same as your plc numbers. Network number is 1.  See attached.
  5. Send data memory from PLC to other PLC with CX Programmer

    Review the FINS commands SEND and RECV. You do not tell us what plc you are using or the network type. gtsuport
  6. CP1H Communication HElp

    In CX-Programmer in the left most window, there should be Settings. Click Settings, then choose the appropriate port.  See attached. You should be able to configure the port as needed. You will need to cycle plc power after you save the settings. gtsuport
  7. If the Host Link port is set for RS232C, you should just make sure the baud rate and comm parameters are set the same for the plc and the computer. gtsuport
  8. You need to go to Settings on the left, then Host Link port tab. Change the communications type to RS232C.  That will allow the port to send raw data. Right now you are trying to send Host Link commands. You will need to change  the source (top) register in the TXD to DM200. Thanks, gtsuport
  9. What data do you want to transmit? Are you using the RS232 port on the processor? gtsuport
  10. Cx- Programer Elapsed time

    What is the model number of the plc you are using?
  11. How to Add Rack in PLC Omron CP1h

    Yes, your original post is correct. Thanks, gtsuport
  12. How to Add Rack in PLC Omron CP1h

    We need to understand your configuration. Do you have two CP1W-MAD42 modules? Or are they CJ1W-MAD42? Thanks, gtsuport
  13. Moving Data Memory

    Normally that would be true. You will need to verify how the DRM21 was configured. With Auto Allocation you are correct.  However, it can be manually configured to most any CIO area.  
  14. Moving Data Memory

    Not that is helps, but I am unable to see why you cannot MOV data to D9200. None of the IO modules should be using that area, unless thinks were modified from default. I am not sure how the DRM21 was configured, but it should not be using D memory. Be careful using 3000 words, they could be allocated to the DRM21. Sorry I cannot be of more assistance. Thanks!
  15. Moving Data Memory

    In your initial post, is the problem with moving data in the CJ2H or CJ2M or both?