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  1. How to set MX2 so it starts ("RUN") automatically after power on

    Look at parameters b001. Also C001, for Start options, 2 wire or 3 wire.
  2. Cp1h-y - encoder issues.

    Wiring  W450 manual  
  3. Cannot get Online - CPM2C

    Dip switches are only for DeviceNet speed, reference manual W377. What USB to serial converter are you using?  Not all are created equal. gtsuport  
  4. Omron CQM1H PLC Online

    You will need to contact the OEM or original programmer to get the password.
  5. Omron CQM1H PLC Online

    Yes, the CS1W-CN226 should work. USB to RS232, not all adapters works correctly.  You can try to see if you adapter works. If not, I would suggest the USB CN226 cable from Jeff
  6. Omron CQM1H PLC Online

    CQM1H dip switch information is attached.
  7. OMRON CJ2M PLC via Ethernet Issue

    Try connecting Ethernet FINS. Port can run both simultaneously. gtsuport
  8. Trimjohan, Check the plc start up settings. The controller may be seeing the terminal as a programming device and starting up in Program mode. You should be able to set start up mode to Monitor. gtsuport
  9. Cannot Connect to CP1L-E

    I get lucky once in a while...
  10. Cannot Connect to CP1L-E

    According to the brochure, you should be able to add a comm module. Is that not correct? Just setup and tested.  This will work. Default on the CP1W-CIF01 is Sysmac Way 9600, 7, even, 2.
  11. Cannot Connect to CP1L-E

    Maybe try a serial comm unit? CP1W-CIF01 (RS232).  Make sure you use the right cable  C200HS-CN220-EU. Here is the pinout.   GTC99CC.pdf
  12. Omron PLC's with Syswin3.4

    C200H-CN222 will only work with the PRO27 programming console. The CPM1-CIF01 works with Omron Cable C200HS-CN220-EU. gtsuport
  13. Change CPM1A mode in code to allow saving flash DM

    The plc sees anything plugged into the peripheral port as a programming device, including the NT2S. Just set the plc to start up in Monitor mode. Otherwise it will start in Program mode.  The NT2S cannot change the operating mode. gtsuport  
  14. Omron PLC's with Syswin3.4

    Just checked Ebay, they have a lot of CPM1A units. You can purchase a usb cable for the CPM1A from here: Cable May not be the cheapest cable, but I know this one works.  Chinese cables sometimes do not. gtsuport
  15. Omron PLC's with Syswin3.4

    What is the part number of the peripheral cable? Omron USB to RS232 adapter is part number CS1W-CIF31, expensive but it works. Alternate that I have had good luck with is Keyspan USA-19HS.  You should be able to get this from Amazon or Ebay.