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  1. HMI and PC connecting

    MOURAD, Welcome to the forum. Here is a link to the cable pin out you need to communicate to the NT series. Omron Semi-Universal Cable Hope this will help.
  2. Puls train.

    I had not really thought about that option. I just checked: CJ2M-CPU13 + CJ2M-MD21x  $ 1100.00 CJ1W-NC213  $ 1140.00 So it would be less expensive.  From experience I do know the pulse output rate on the MD21x is much lower than the NC213, but don't think that is an issue in this case.
  3. Puls train.

    Please keep in mind TPO instruction is only supported with version 2 or later processors. Based on the initial post, I would strongly consider a CJ1W-NC213 module.  This would allow for programming ACC / DEC and position for two axis. Just my two cents.
  4. Puls train.

    Please provide the complete part number of the CJ1M cpu. Per the W340 manual (Instruction Reference Manual) it appears CJ1M-CPU21/22/23 only support pulse output instructions.
  5. CJ1m RS-232 output to printer

    Glad I was able to help.
  6. CJ1m RS-232 output to printer

    Hello Darrin, Welcome to the forum. Best guess is the cable.  Omron DB9 pin out is not a standard pin out. Please see the attached document for a cable from Omron port to computer. You will also need to setup the port for RS232 protocol.  Default would be either Toolbus or Sysmac Way (aka Host Link). Hope this will help.   GTC99CC.pdf
  7. CJ1M CPU11: C-Command

    Rizwan, Welcome to the forum. Guessing the issue is the dip switch setting.  Please see the attached information on correct setting. CJ1_DipSwitch.pdf

    Please see the attached information. The complete specification and additional information can be located in the W393 manual.
  9. Omron IO adress

    I just responded to your post on the other website with this information. Here is a link to the information, see section 8-1 in the manual below.
  10. CX-Thermo program

    Segment 0 would need to be a RAMP segment to your desired setpoint. Next segment would be a SOAK segment. Enable the Wait function and set a Wait band.  The program will not move on to the next segment until the temperature is within the set point +/- the Wait band. Do you have the H185 manual?  This is the manual for the E5_C-T controller and explains all the parameters. Hope this will help.
  11. Do you have the plc code that was used with the NT21? They may have used the current screen number (PLC Notify area) along with the bit address in the plc logic for control. This is absolutely just a guess.
  12. From PM this morning

    You could plug a CJ1W-CIF11 into the CJ2M-CPU13 RS-232 port. Plugs into an Omron DB9 RS232 port and converts to RS422/485 terminal strip. Just a thought.
  13. E5CC-T program editing using CP1L-EM PLC

    If the function blocks IO_Rack mentioned do not do what you need there is a separate manual for communications.  Manual number is H186 provides the Modbus addresses for all of the controller parameters. The CP1L does support the EZ Modbus communications. Hope this will help.
  14. Omron C200H - CPU01 Error

    If the power supply capacitors are dead, the power will be inconsistent and guessing errors will continue. What memory module is in the C200H?  It may be the memory module is failing, based on the No End instruction error. You may want to check ebay for a processor and memory module for the short term.
  15. Garry, not sure CX-P V2 has the Auto Online tool. Bruha,  Open your CX-Programmer file.  In the project workspace on the left of the screen, double click the PLC at the top of the list. You should see a Change PLC dialog box.  Check the PLC type to make sure it is correct.  Now check the Network Type, it should be Sysmac Way.  Click the Settings button on the right, then the Driver tab on the dialog that opens.  Please send a screen shot of that dialog box. Also, I do agree with IO_Rack.  V2 would have been released about 15 years ago.  It would be well worth it to invest in an upgrade.