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  1. The Omron 9 pin pinout is NOT standard. See the attachment.  You will need build or purchase a cable from Beijer
  2. C200HW-MC402-E help

    Welcome to the forum. You will need to use CX-Motion to program the MC402. Motion Perfect I believe is for the Trajexia motion controller.  

    Check your local Omron website for manual number W345. This manual will have the information you are looking for. You will find examples in that manual.
  4. Half Screen when app is opened.

    I believe the current version of CX-P is 9.65. I would suggest using the Automated Update Tool to update your software.
  5. CX Thermo support software

    Welcome to the forum. Please contact your local Omron distributor for CX-Thermo software. You will also need a cable to connect between the temperature controller and your computer. Hope this helps.

    Each plc will require a separate serial to Ethernet adapter with a unique IP address. CPM1-CIF11 is a peripheral port to RS485 adapter.  The Digi One SP can be configured for RS232 or RS485.

    Welcome to the forum. The CP1L-M can connect to Ethernet using the CP1W-CIF41 communication module that plugs into the front of the unit. The CPM2A units will require a bit more.  If the on board RS-232 connector is not being used you could connect a serial to Ethernet converter. If that port is being used, you could connect a CPM1-CIF01 to the peripheral port then connect the serial to Ethernet converter. You must understand the Omron 9 pin port is NOT a standard pin out, so you will need to create your own cables. Omron at one time had used the Digi One SP converter, but I don't think that relationship is still in place. Software, most SCADA/HMI software will support Omron FINS protocol.  Omron is partnered with InduSoft. Hope this will help.
  8. how to program steper use cpm2c-32cdtc-d?

    Please review the CPM2C Operation Manual, Section 3-4-8. Wiring information can be located in that manual. Programming infomation is in this manual:
  9. How to change Comm Settings in NTST

    Steve, Welcome to the forum. Most likely you need to change the port setting in the NT30.  Below is a link to the manual. See manual pages 77 and 75 (pdf pages 88 and 86) for information on accessing the System Menu and the Menu map. Manual page 84 (pdf page 95) shows the port setting information. Hope this will help.
  10. Help understanding old Sysmac C20

    Thanks Jay! That was what I thought I remembered,  just been too long.
  11. Dpatel43, How did you try to contact tech support? Email would be  This may take up to a week to get a response, usually about 2 days. Phone would be 1-800-556-6766.  You may be on hold for a while, but should be able to talk to someone.  You may need to be escalated to Level 2 support. Hope this will help.  
  12. C200HG-CPU43 vs C200HG-CPU43E

    From memory ( and that is not always to be trusted), the "E" would have been for an English language unit. There should be a dip switch on the unit to change the C200H-PRO27 handheld between Japanese and English display. "E" units had that switch set to English when shipped, otherwise they are the same. Hope this will help.
  13. CIP betwen CJ2M and NS8 HMI

    Try this manual W342 Communications Command Reference Communication type will depend on how you setup the Network Type in CX-Programmer. I do not know for certain, but Ethernet/IP setting MAY be FINS commands in an E/IP message. Good Luck.
  14. cp1l-e and HBM rs485 load cells

    Welcome to the forum. Here is a link to a quick start for TXD / RXD instructions. Fairly straight forward instructions to use.  Just remember the transmitted and received data will be in HEX. I have NO experience with the HBM load cell.  I would think they should have documentation for the comms sequence. Hope this will help.
  15. Fatal Error?

    Great job!! Thanks for letting us know you were able to get this working.