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  1. According to the datasheet, the NX1W-CIF01 does support Host Link. See attached. Hope this helps.
  2. CP1L-M with IHM Sakoon SK-70HE

    Welcome tonton2, You will need to short pins 4 and 5 on the CP1L end of the cable. Also make sure the communication protocol and baud rate, data bits, stop bits and parity are set correctly on the CP1L. Hope this will help.
  3. cpm1a and ns5

    LD_M This is just a serial (RS-232) connection.  No specific driver is required. If you new computer does not have a built in RS-232 serial port you will need a USB to RS232 converter. Although it is pricey, I would suggest the Omron CS1W-CIF31 unit.  It has always worked with anything I have tried to connect to. Hope this will help.
  4. Retain Memory CJ2m-CPU31

    Years. Please see the attached graph from the W472 manual.
  5. Retain Memory CJ2m-CPU31

    If the processor has a good battery, it will last as long as the battery. If no battery, it should last as long as the power supply capacitors hold a charge, typically about 5 minutes.
  6. CP1H-EX ?

    Thanks innoaloe, I will have the customer give it a try.
  7. CP1H-EX ?

    Customer has a CP1H-EX40, yes -EX40. Not finding any mention of this on the Omron website. Apparently it came on a machine from China. No USB port, built in Ethernet port, similar to a CP1L-E series.  No option in CX-Programmer to connect to this model. Anyone have any experience with this model.  Need to connect to it to make programming changes. Any assistance will be appreciated.
  8. Retain Memory CJ2m-CPU31

    The memory card is a compact flash card. You would need to transfer information to the card to save it. The CJ2M has a battery for program retention and certain memory areas are retained when the power is off. Battery life mostly depends on the ambient temperature. Hope this helps.
  9. CP1E - Hanyoung NX4 Temp Controller

    Have you looked at the Communication Summary document? Appears to be all ASCII codes.
  10. NX_SerialSend

    Use the Omron Automation Software AutoUpdate tool to update your software to the newest version. You will find the tool in the Omron / Sysmac Studio Program group in the Start menu. Hope this will help.
  11. Allocation I/O

    CQM1H has 16 built in digital inputs 0.00 - 0.15, next input module would be 1.00 - 1.15. Digital outputs start with channel 100, 100.00 - 100.15, next output module would be 101.00 - 101.15. The CQM1H is obsolete hardware.  This product was discontinued in 2012.  Replacement parts will not be available from Omron.
  12. SCU42 - Communication Cable Type

    Leo, Please see the attached. Have had this for some time, but think it should still be good. Hope this helps. Belden Cables for Communications.pdf
  13. The Omron 9 pin pinout is NOT standard. See the attachment.  You will need build or purchase a cable from Beijer
  14. C200HW-MC402-E help

    Welcome to the forum. You will need to use CX-Motion to program the MC402. Motion Perfect I believe is for the Trajexia motion controller.  

    Check your local Omron website for manual number W345. This manual will have the information you are looking for. You will find examples in that manual.