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  1. Configuring HSC in CJ1W - CT021

    Please refer to manual W401. That is the manual for the CT021. Addressing will depend on the Machine or Unit Number of the module.
  2. Unable to connect CS1G

    See post on
  3. Omron PLC SYSMAC C60H

    I do not think so. That was a program that Omron sold. It has been discontinued for quite some time.
  4. Omron PLC SYSMAC C60H

    For the Mini H processors, pretty sure you need Syswin or LSS. Syswin will run on Windows XP. LSS was a DOS program.
  5. NT20M HMI prog. terminal

    Look in the Omron Download section on this site. NTM 4.2 should work. Pretty sure this was a DOS program.
  6. Unable to connect CS1G

    Sounds like the I/O Table is missing.
  7. CP1H Upload

    Section 6-5 for the W450 manual.
  8. NT25H touchscreen

    See post at
  9. CJ2M HSC input

    Based on your pulse speed of 80 Hz, I would look at a CP1L series. Or, if you want to use the CJ2M, add a CJ2M-MD21x. gtsuport
  10. CJ2M HSC input

    Speed is 600 rotations / minute. How many pulses per rotation?
  11. CJ2M HSC input

    How fast do you need to count?
  12. Control Panel

    Open a Watch Window. View pull down/ Windows / Watch. It will open a spreadsheet type window at the bottom of the screen. You can insert addresses and the value will show in the chart. gtsuport
  13. It does not need to be the Omron converter. However, not all USB to serial converters are created equal. We have found the units with the FTDI chipset are best.
  14. Have you used the USB to serial converter to connect to other Omron controllers? CS1W-CIF31 is the Omron converter.  It is not inexpensive, but it works.
  15. CP1H with servo motor

    Complete model number of the CP1H ?