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  1. RS232 Communication With ET200S SI Module

    also, make sure your module is set to ASCII, not 3694(R)
  2. RS232 Communication With ET200S SI Module

    How do you have your End detection of a received frame parameters set?  If the lights are blinking, and you're getting the data in your terminal program, it probably means you don't have the module delimiters set correctly.  try setting it for After character delay time elapses set to 100ms.
  3. Logix5000 alias information

    I think it just means it's a controller scoped tag.  I made a new local tag and an alias for it and it didn't have the (C). just a guess.
  4. Virtual Machines

    I haven't.  I do a lot of remote work over vpn, so I just launch the vm.  If I need to use something on my host, I either minimize the VM or hook up my external monitor.
  5. Cleco to PLC Communication

    I've done it a few times, the EIP works well, great for getting back torque/angle results without decoding a serial string.    
  6. Virtual Machines

    I run multiple VM's, no major problems so far.  VMWorkstation 14, windows 10 pro host (32gb ram/16gb dedicated graphics),  all vm's set to 8gb memory, 4 processors, 256gb disks, Full screen. If Studio5K starts acting weird or crashy, i just reboot the vm.    
  7. How to read/write drive parameters?

    Sorry man, I have no idea.  You'll have to find the communication manual from Invertek or maybe someone else on this site has some experience with this drive.   Good Luck.
  8. CompactLogix PLC Family 5370 Data Byte Order

    I usually just use trial and error with the byte order.  if the data doesn't look right, swap the endian. I don't think Logix has an unsigned integer tag type.
  9. How to read/write drive parameters?

    What drive are you using?  You'll need to setup a MSG instruction. You can get the comms manual from the AB literature library for whatever drive you're using. I believe there is a limit on the number of writes you can do to a drive, I would make sure you're not writing the parameters every scan.  
  10. Can I upgrade a project in Version 11 to Version 14

    I remember going through that, i don't remember it taking as long as they said it would.   Good Luck.
  11. Siemems Set Reset with singal input

    This is what I use.
  12. Can I upgrade a project in Version 11 to Version 14

    I'm running v11-14 on a V14 license.  You should be able to download and install V13 SP1 from the siemens website.
  13. Can I upgrade a project in Version 11 to Version 14
  14. Can I upgrade a project in Version 11 to Version 14

    You have to convert the project to V13 SP1 first.  V14 can't open anything earlier than that.
  15. If i understand correctly, the PLC Flash card has the program stored on it.  So it wouldn't matter if the battery died during the 7 year power off.  As soon as it powers up, it will load the program that was stored on the card.