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  1. Hello everyone. I downlaod project Cx'Supervisor Master Modbus JPV - http://Support-Omron.fr. I tested and receive the right data from my transmitter load cells in the editor. Everything works well to read and write registers. Can someone help me in the script (RcvTimer) to separate data received in 4 word variables, for example Reg_0, Reg_1, Reg_2, Reg_3 thanks in advance Modbus_RTU.zip
  2. Two-wire connection CJ1W-AD041

    Thanks Tiffy I already have CJ1W - AD041 module but it is useful to everyone experience
  3. Two-wire connection CJ1W-AD041

    Thank Sleepy If anyone has a manual for connecting two-wire connection with the CJ1W-AD041 (omron) sensor 24V and 4-20 mA signal
  4. Two-wire connection CJ1W-AD041

    Hi, can somebody please help How to connect two wires meter level to the CJ1W-AD041 I could not find the manufacturer's instructions. Is my solution correct for the external power supply 24V DC in the attached thank in advance CJ1W-AD041.pdf
  5. Floating point on NT21 panel

    OK. I know that the older display, I found another variant of displaying data. Many thanks for help
  6. Floating point on NT21 panel

    thank you PDL Can I use ASC (86) Instructions to convert a floating-point and then displayed on the NT21
  7. Can someone help me? How to floating point CQM1H introduce the panel to NT21 thank in advance
  8. Upgrade Cx-Supervisor v3.0

    Thanks PDL
  9. Upgrade Cx-Supervisor v3.0

    Can someone tell me how to Cx-S v3.0 upgrade to v3.1 thanks in advance
  10. CQM1H-CPU21 connection to PC 100 meters distance

    Thank Bobb I got a connection with two converter RS232/485 and RS232 crossed cable on the peripheral port side CQM1H-CPU21 I used the converter that I have done a serve me for programming Siemens S7 200 PLC, can be used and other RS232/485 converters. If anyone has similar problems as I continue with a scheme that was making my tested and works Omron_RS232_485 _peripheral_port.pdf
  11. CQM1H-CPU21 connection to PC 100 meters distance

    Thank Bobb Can I use CPM2-CIF11 side CQM1H-CPU21 PLC (peripheral port) NT-AL001 at PC side, the HOST LINK to communications.. Is this the correct option. If anyone has experience I prayed for help. thank in advance
  12. Hello to everyone. Can someone help me? How to connecting peripheral port Omron PLC CQM1H-CPU21 with a PC at a distance of 100 meters. Now I have a cable connection CS1W-226 but it's a small distance. Host Link Port is busy with my NT21 panel Thank in advance.