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  1. Discrete Input Module Issue on DL06 PLC

    Sounds like a dropped common.
  2. Unclear on OTE OTU instructions used together

    OTU and OTL should not be mixed with OTE
  3. Anybus And 1768 L43C PLC

    .eds file?  
  4. Wire Color Requirements

    White because the potential has been consumed.
  5. SLC 5/03, 1747-KE & 1747-OA16

    FOr what it's worth, I'd use an L33 and avoid the conversion utility as it won't handle pid, msg, scl, scp, and pretty much any function involving math.
  6. Which RSLinx License?

    Lix Classic is 32bit and often will not communicate with 64bit software. Not sure if this applies.
  7. Industrial router recommendations

  8. UL 508A Sizing feeder Circuit

    Spec the wire at 125% of maximum possible load. Spec the breaker at 90% of the wires load rating. In most locales this should exceed the code requirements.
  9. [2]PLC No Response:00-00-1 problem

    Fix the invalid I/O address that it's trying to read.
  10. Another Dumb newb question

    FBD has one
  11. Citech V5.2

    Find the server!
  12. simulate device is checked
  13. My Model Train Project

    I would have used the Click branded power supply, there are only two models, one of which is only strong enough to power the plc, but the  C0-01AC 1.3A is a whopping $39.50 and much smaller and looks nicer.    
  14. Communication PLC Modicon M221 to Kepware

    Zero based addressing
  15. Direct Logic 05 Ethernet

    The Micrologix 1100 will not do modbus TCP but the 1400 will.