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  1. Why "RMS" Analog Input?

    Just don't run AC through that analog card input.
  2. Advice on choosing a PLC for a project

    And your ethernet switch is too close to the PLC for proper heat dissipation. 
  3. Sounds like someone wrote a custom block for a feed forward PID loop. Is this a wastewater plant?  
  4. Wonderware is pretty much bloatware at this point. Unless you're project cover an entire state or country.
  5. Connecting Generic I/O module to Micrologix 1100

    You're not going to get anywhere with this approach. The Phoenix Device is not connected to the micrologix bus.
  6. Network Number Problem

    Just to think in this day and age neither device had a Auto MDI-X port.
  7. Hmi screen for controllogix

    Maple systems has IP and NEMA ratings  
  8. PowerFlex 40 - F081 Plc Resoulution

    WHat comm cable are you using? If it's ethernet I've seen alot of noise problems and switched to using ToughCable pro from ubiquiti in any 3ph environment. Cut it right out.
  9. Modbus Addressing In Hmi Weintek

    uh huh, and what sensor? Have you gotten anywhere on wiring it up to the HMI? which model? 
  10. How to replace an Ethernet ip communication module( 1756 en2t)

    Set the Network Address The module ships with the rotary switches set to 999 and BOOTP enabled. You can set the network Internet Protocol (IP) address three ways. • Use the rotary switches on the top of the module. • Use a BOOTP server or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, such as Rockwell Automation BOOTP/DHCP. • Use the Rockwell Automation RSLinx or RSLogix 5000 software.
  11. Hmi screen for controllogix

    Maple systems  
  12. PLC Not fast enough?

    Zelio's are really only good for temporary pump control.
  13. Do-More Designer

    I'm not up on the Do-More PLC's. Used one once, Liked the Click's better. Heck, I like them better than the micrologix. Other than that give me some compactlogix love. But check with these guys,
  14. PanelView plus 1250 slow response on the HMI screen

    Dude, slow that rate down, your updates are almost faster than the human eye can see a light strobe! Do you really need 20 updates a second for display?  

    well that's not good. Looks like the original programmer locked the PLC so it won't let you retrieve the program. Usually, the type of programmer that does this keeps really good records so as long as he's alive and reachable he's probably just sitting around waiting for a cash windfall. Call him up!