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  1. Another Dumb newb question

    FBD has one
  2. Citech V5.2

    Find the server!
  3. simulate device is checked
  4. My Model Train Project

    I would have used the Click branded power supply, there are only two models, one of which is only strong enough to power the plc, but the  C0-01AC 1.3A is a whopping $39.50 and much smaller and looks nicer.    
  5. Communication PLC Modicon M221 to Kepware

    Zero based addressing
  6. Direct Logic 05 Ethernet

    The Micrologix 1100 will not do modbus TCP but the 1400 will.
  7. PLC 5 to Compact Logix with a Message?

    -->Logic -->Map PLC/SLC Messages    
  8. Need helo communicating to compactlogix by ethernet

    THe Micrologix 1400 (latest models only) are the only AB PLC's to support MudbusTCP. The Compactlogix uses CIP protocol over ethernet.  I expect you will not be able to do this without using a device in between, like a Red Lion DSP or the aforementioned Micrologix 1400 [which could do the whole lob itself].
  9. FT View SE Client Display Freeze for 40 Seconds

    Malware or a bad ethernet switch. Check the browser history is there is any I'd check for malware.
  10. Cincinnati Electrosystems 7050-ST

    WHat HMI is that?
  11. Win 7-64 does not recognize cable 1747-UIC

    We bought one of those from Tim, the telephone support was great. I wish I'd known we were in the same town, I could have finished that job two days quicker. Stupid Post Office closing our p&dc and sending all our mail through greensboro.
  12. I hate that tool, I'd rather copy and paste the rungs by hand. I end up with a better product that way. Also, you old word bit packers. I gots plenty of words for you.
  13. Run a ram test on that pc.
  14. Micro850 Registers reading/Writing

    ^ that guy spot on!