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  1. Can i send an email with 1756-L71S GuardLogix ?

    I've never heard of the Logix5000 platform sending email but would dearly love for it to do so.
  2. Powerflex to Micrologix 1100 CIP Messaging error

    The "L" data file [known as Long] is 32 bits. Try creating one of those to send your 4 bytes to.
  3. VTScada

    relevant help page.
  4. Powerflex to Micrologix 1100 CIP Messaging error

    The correct data type is DINT.  One Byte is INT Two Bytes is DINT Four Bytes is LINT
  5. VTScada

    First I'd suggest that in your question you include better details, such as the driver and tag type you're using. and I'd try posting it here
  6. *.RSS file convert to PDF

    The person that provided that should have included electrical drawings if you're supposed to make any sense of it. I got it opened and then I got the "this is the vtscada system" call.
  7. EIP Commuincation

    I've always wonder why people run straight for produce/consume. You guys need a snickers.
  8. Click PLC and Keyence SR1000 barcode reader

    Nobody let's me play with barcode readers anymore. The rj-12 port is rs232.  From what I remember most barcode readers end the TX with <CR> THere's a couple guys over on the AutomationDirect forum that have done barcode stuff.
  9. PLC and Unity 3D Communication via Ethernet/IP

    Well, it's a micrologix which uses PCCC through CIP. It's not exactly Ether/IP but you can use the MSG instruction to read and write the assemblies. There's an android app called Suppanel that works well with Micrologix and is rather affordable.
  10. Uhh, He's asking about Micrologix not controllogix.  You can read and write assemblies from the MSG block under CIP Generic with service read assembly or write assembly. There's no built in scanner in RSlogix500 like there is in RSlogix5000 I believe the Powerflex has a bunch of N registers you can read write to but that's there for SLC's and other forms of archaic voodoo.   Actually it looks like he's trying to follow "Publication 750COM-AT001A-EN-P - August 2012" In which case the answer is in it.
  11. There's an error bit on the MSG instruction.

    You probably don't I'd suggest a OPC server.
  13. Absolute addressing on AB PLC

  14. function generator or polynomial block in PLC5

    With any margin of error that's a linear graph.
  15. The fear of FOR TO loops

    There's a reason QuickBASIC wasn't ported to windows.