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  1. You'll have to use a scada/hmi solution.
  2. CompactLogix L35E

    The L35e has  Auto-MDI/MDI-X ports that eliminate the need for crossover cables.
  3. Rosemount Radar Level Transmitters

    Does it foam up ever?
  4. Micrologix 1500 Error Problem

    Watchdog problems are almost always either power issues [low voltage, short to ground, etc.] or bad processors.
  5. Fuel tank level automatic report

    If you have a Clear line of sight between the locations I'd suggest Ubiquity radios.
  6. SubRoutines in Direct Soft 6

    Yes, but it's been 5 years since anyone made me use DirectLogic PLCs. I found it in the user manual on the CD. If I remember correctly they did not call them subroutines but that's the way it worked.
  7. As known to work on ATV 61/71 You have to sequence the command word [CMD] to start it.  CMD = 6 then CMD = 7 lastly CMD = 15    
  8. That's got a Digi Xbee in it. Runaway....
  9. message between L43-compactlogix and L71-Guardlogix

    1,1,2, [ip] isn't valid try 2,[ip] or 1,2,[ip]
  10. AB MicroLogix 1200 Backup

    I've had great results with cables from TWcontrols. The cables you need. Nice phone support as well, 
  11. CompactLogix

    You can set the IP once you're online with the processor.
  12. CompactLogix Communication

    Pull the battery, that'll blank it.
  13. Not able to select parameter

    Sounds like a powerflex or an emerson commander. If it's the Emerson you'll need the data cable and to download the configuration software.
  14. Training

    Learning on the DirectLogic PLC will teach you methods that will never work on the CompactLogix PLCs.
  15. Problems opening a file in studio5000

    You need to download and install RSLogix 5000 your license should cover it. If not the Rockwell Download center will not let you have it.