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  1. FT View SE Client Display Freeze for 40 Seconds

    Malware or a bad ethernet switch. Check the browser history is there is any I'd check for malware.
  2. Cincinnati Electrosystems 7050-ST

    WHat HMI is that?
  3. Win 7-64 does not recognize cable 1747-UIC

    We bought one of those from Tim, the telephone support was great. I wish I'd known we were in the same town, I could have finished that job two days quicker. Stupid Post Office closing our p&dc and sending all our mail through greensboro.
  4. I hate that tool, I'd rather copy and paste the rungs by hand. I end up with a better product that way. Also, you old word bit packers. I gots plenty of words for you.
  5. Run a ram test on that pc.
  6. Micro850 Registers reading/Writing

    ^ that guy spot on!
  7. WIFI Communication to RIO

    Nano Beam units. Yes pine trees kill 900 mhz rather efficiently. Found that out when I put a 900 mhz radio link in with snow on the trees. Just tell them to pray for climate change.
  8. 1791ES CompactBlock Guard I/O

    Sounds like a power quality issue. If you have any APC 1500's laying about run the power through it first and see if that helps. Actually one way or another that would solve the problem. 
  9. ProfiBus Noise

    Profibus over rs-??? or ethernet?
  10. WIFI Communication to RIO  
  11. Dynamic destination IP - RsLogix 500

    I believe so
  12. plc5 conversion

    First scan is easy ons first ote first_scan  
  13. Universal Analog Input Card

    There is usually something it doesn't do. It's a good practice to read the specs before you put it in the submittals.
  14. How do you make panel door cutouts?

    Nibbler works fine Right up to rated gauge where it becomes fussy about the angle of attack.
  15. Analog Wiring NO NO

    We use gray for negative and blue for positive, OK I do and sometimes my boss remembers. Also when we use shielded pair cable the black is always negative [like it is in your car].  Are those spades on there or are those some really BIG ferrules? I prefer to have the top of my wire duct at least a half inch higher than the termination points on the cards. We tend to use mostly allen bradley or modicon. Both of which have covers that snap over the wires until they pass the bottom of the cards.