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  1. Communicatiom between Siemens and B&R PLC on Ethernet

    You can communicate between SIEMENS and B&R via PROFIBUS, PROFINET or MODBUS TCP/IP. PROFIBUS and PROFINET needs a dedicated interface on the B&R Power Panel, MODBUS TCP/IP can be implemented on the standard Ethernet port available on the B&R Power Panel.
  2. B & R Automation - What's the big secret?

    === Who is using B&R? You can find some OEMs worldwide references directly on B&R homepage My link or on B&R You Tube channel My link B&R is well accepted and utilized not only from OEMs but also from Global End Users in their plants, this is an example of Nestlè (the biggest Food Company in the world) that specify B&R as Packaging Strategy Partner: My link === B&R Company growth In 2006 B&R turnover was a bit more than 200 Million Euro as correctly reported, in 2010 was 360 Million Euro (+80% in 4 years with also 2009 global crisis). B&R is constantly gaining market shares in Automation, this can only happen if you are able to provide outstanding technology to the market.