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  1. Sysmac Studio 1.29.1 crashing

    Further update. My default printer was printing to a CUPS print server. This server was offline. I changed my default printer to a local printer now everything is working again. I can reproduce the problem by changing the default printer back to my print server ( that is currently offline )  
  2. Sysmac Studio 1.29.1 crashing

    Yes this was my initial thought, i completely removed my AV software "AVIRA" but the issue was not resolved. OK so i have found out what is causing the problem but i'm not sure  how to fix it. I manually started stopping services in the windows task manager, when i stop the "spooler" service everything works perfect. Start it again and the problem returns. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers
  3. Sysmac Studio 1.29.1 crashing

    Hi Crossbow, On this particular PC I'm running win7 Pro automatic updates for windows is on.  I'll look into .NET and see what versions are installed  Everything else is behaving normally. Cheers  
  4. Sysmac Studio 1.29.1 crashing

    Ok, so after a complete uninstall, reinstall, upgrade i get the same results. I know i'm on an older pc with only 4gb RAM but to go from the EDIT menu to the FILE menu takes 1:40 (1 Minute 40 Sec). Prior to the update it was instantaneous.  
  5. Has anyone had any problems with the latest update to SS 1.29.1 ? Since the latest auto update I cannot use the file menu on the top left of the screen. Screenshot attached. All the other menus work just "File" I can scroll from HELP across all the menus until FILE then Sysmac studio stops responding. I have tried creating a new project or opening existing projects. I'm guessing my Sunday will be spent Un-installing - Re-installing updating.    
  6. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    My frustration is handing over project files to clients it would be nice to be able to select these projects from my list and export to *.smc2.  
  7. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Thank you. Not ideal but it's better than 1 project at a time
  8. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    The ability to import/export multiple projects at once. 

    for floating point control word bit 09 needs to be set. So: Control word: D651 = &512 D652/3  X0 = 3000.00 D654/5 Y0 = 80.45 D656/7 X1= 4000.00 D658/9 Y1 = 82.00

    which PLC?  Floating point in APR only available on : Single-precision floating-point data (CJ2/CS1-H/CJ1-H/CJ1M/CS1D Only) According to APR help.
  11. My Model Train Project

    They say life is to short for QRP 
  12. I wonder if other NX I/O cards either side of counter could interfere? 
  13. @CX_Luigi what is the maximum frequency you could reliably measure?
  14.   So for accuracy using NJ/NX controllers is it safer to stick with a CJ1W-CT021? i have a dosing system coming up that I was planning on using NX I/O