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  1. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    The ability to import/export multiple projects at once. 

    for floating point control word bit 09 needs to be set. So: Control word: D651 = &512 D652/3  X0 = 3000.00 D654/5 Y0 = 80.45 D656/7 X1= 4000.00 D658/9 Y1 = 82.00

    which PLC?  Floating point in APR only available on : Single-precision floating-point data (CJ2/CS1-H/CJ1-H/CJ1M/CS1D Only) According to APR help.
  4. My Model Train Project

    They say life is to short for QRP 
  5. I wonder if other NX I/O cards either side of counter could interfere? 
  6. @CX_Luigi what is the maximum frequency you could reliably measure?
  7.   So for accuracy using NJ/NX controllers is it safer to stick with a CJ1W-CT021? i have a dosing system coming up that I was planning on using NX I/O
  8. Mask Move in Sysmac Studio

    ST version of masked move.
  9. Mask Move in Sysmac Studio

    Yes you are correct my mistake. another approach would be source  XOR destination = result result AND mask = result 2 result 2 XOR destination = destination.
  10. Mask Move in Sysmac Studio

    I would have thought the destination after the masked move would be  1001 0011 1000 All the masked move instruction does is a binary AND the source with the mask
  11. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    1.19 only lasted till I restarted.  1.20 now.  
  12. Help: Basic Program Question

    Counter would need to be reset parallel with latch/unlatch also 
  13. Help: Basic Program Question

    Search the forum for flip flop. The flip flop will control the output counter done will toggle flip flop
  14. Help: Basic Program Question

    Another approach counter preset = 10 think about count accumulated in binary what bits are on when count = 5  turn on output and hold in counter dn can reset and break hold in for output