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  1. I wonder if other NX I/O cards either side of counter could interfere? 
  2. @CX_Luigi what is the maximum frequency you could reliably measure?
  3.   So for accuracy using NJ/NX controllers is it safer to stick with a CJ1W-CT021? i have a dosing system coming up that I was planning on using NX I/O
  4. Mask Move in Sysmac Studio

    ST version of masked move.
  5. Mask Move in Sysmac Studio

    Yes you are correct my mistake. another approach would be source  XOR destination = result result AND mask = result 2 result 2 XOR destination = destination.
  6. Mask Move in Sysmac Studio

    I would have thought the destination after the masked move would be  1001 0011 1000 All the masked move instruction does is a binary AND the source with the mask
  7. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    1.19 only lasted till I restarted.  1.20 now.  
  8. Help: Basic Program Question

    Counter would need to be reset parallel with latch/unlatch also 
  9. Help: Basic Program Question

    Search the forum for flip flop. The flip flop will control the output counter done will toggle flip flop
  10. Help: Basic Program Question

    Another approach counter preset = 10 think about count accumulated in binary what bits are on when count = 5  turn on output and hold in counter dn can reset and break hold in for output    
  11. Application Failed to Open

    Gday Bob, are you using NJ's now? Or do you only have sysmac for the NX I/O
  12. Application Failed to Open

    Is this after an auto update? my last update wouldn't install with a similar error. I had to start windows in a clean boot environment i think my antivirus was conflicting with the .net hotfix that was trying to install.
  13. my recipe control is usually on a popup, so when when i open page the page displayed event calls my ListBox_Update sub; Sub ListBox_Update     Dim List_obj As Object      Dim array(100) As String     Dim x As Integer     For x = 0 To 99         array(x) = ListItems(x)     Next x     List_Obj = array     listbox0.SetItems(List_Obj) End Sub Haven't tried with a larger array though.
  14.   What is calling the array.copy sub? Can you copy the array in the background before calling the list box?