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  1. exact function of contact "N".

    thanks Sparky
  2. exact function of contact "N".

    hello I would like to understand the exact function of contact "N".(microwin) in this example (see drawing). if I0.0 = "1" and I0.1 = "1" = 0 QO.0 if I0.0 = "1" and I0.1 = "0" = 0 Q0.0 If I0.0 changes from "1" to "0" and I0.1 = "0" Q0.0 = 0 if I0.0 is a "1" and it returns "0" if I0.1 = 1, in this case only Q0.0 goes to "1"? E0.1 contact has no effect on contact "N"? "N" or "P" is active at each PLC cycle or only once ? thank you
  3. register with a S7200 ?

    thanks Sparky .
  4. register with a S7200 ?

    thank you sparky, my question is an example of programming (ladder) with the module SHRB. the manual does not explain very well the use of SHRB. (I do not understand)
  5. register with a S7200 ?

    hi how to program a shift register with a S7200 ? is what it looks like (contact) thank you [je le post en francais au cas ou il y'aurait ici des francophones. comment se programme un registre a décalage sur un s7200 ? a quoi cela ressemble (en langage contact) merci]
  6. s7200 bitim/citim ?

    Thanks you, Sparky .
  7. s7200 bitim/citim ?

    hello somebody is what can explain the "interval timer" Bitim citim ? if I board understood (after the site Siemens), an input that is activated (output.. M..) it "captures" that moment (Bitim) and recorded , for example, and we put it in "out"of bitim. and "in" CITIM this entry when it returns to zero disables another box of operation is "CITIM" result out of CITIM question how to use this output citim ? it can be used like any byte ? .. or is it a decimal value ? what is the maximum speed of this reading ? (Bitim /on --> citim /off) equivalent to the cycle time ? thanks