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  1. First of all I must say that I'm pretty new to PLC's. But I really do want to learn all that I can about them. So saying that, here's my task. My equipment is as follows: A Micrologix 1400, a PanelView C600, and a Chromalox 2104 TC., and a thermocouple. Now, my mission is to monitor the temperature and gas levels inside a containment locker and be able to input the temperature and gas level setpoints from the PanelView HMI. I must also be able to monitor a fire suppression system and initiate an audible alarm (a discrete output to be sent to the customers computer) if it should happen to go off. Not to mention that the heating unit inside this container must shutdown whenever the door opens, and that whenever the vents are open, the time and duration of this event must be recorded. I'm not sure at all how to begin. Can someone please help me?