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  1. Variable size array

    Hello , It's been a long time since I last wrote here . Now I'm using NJ 501-1300 I would like to know if is it possible to have an array with a variable size and how to use it. Better I explain my problem so maybe you can suggest me a good way. I have several cam tables that I have to use depending on the format required , my idea is to have just a MC_CamIn   function and , depending format required, change the cam table. Es.    VAR_CamTableInFun (the variable that i want to use in the   MC_CamIn    function)   CAM_Data1 (ARRAY[0..2500] of _sMC_CAM_REF)  , CAM_Data2 (ARRAY[0..8500] of _sMC_CAM_REF), CAM_Data3 (ARRAY[0..800] of _sMC_CAM_REF)  PAR_CamAxDivSrtMod          :=_mcAbsolutePosition; VAR_CamAxDivSrtPos           :=LREAL#0.0; VAR_CamAxDivMstSrtDis     :=LREAL#0.0; VAR_CamAxDivMstScl          :=LREAL#0.0; VAR_CamAxDivSlvScl            :=LREAL#0.0; VAR_CamAxDivMstOfst        :=LREAL#0.0; VAR_CamAxDivSlvOfst          :=LREAL#0.0; PAR_CamAxDivRefTyp          :=_mcFeedback; PAR_CamAxDivDir                  :=_mcPositiveDirection; PAR_CamAxDivBufMod        :=_mcAborting; MC_CamIN_1                 (                 Master                              :=AxRac,                 Slave                                 :=AxDiv,                 CamTable                        :=VAR_CamTableInFun,                         Execute                            :=CMD_AxDivCamIN                 Periodic                           :=True,                                                                                                                                 StartMode                       :=PAR_CamAxDivSrtMod,                  StartPosition                 :=VAR_CamAxDivSrtPos,                 MasterStartDistance    :=VAR_CamAxDivMstSrtDis,                 MasterScaling                :=VAR_CamAxDivMstScl,                  SlaveScaling                  :=VAR_CamAxDivSlvScl,                  MasterOffset                 :=VAR_CamAxDivMstOfst,                  SlaveOffset                    :=VAR_CamAxDivSlvOfst,                  ReferenceType              :=PAR_CamAxDivRefTyp,                  Direction                         :=PAR_CamAxDivDir,                  BufferMode                    :=PAR_CamAxDivBufMod                 );                 VAR_AxDivCamIN_InCam             :=Y_CamIN_1.InCam;                 VAR_AxDivCamIN_InSync             :=Y_CamIN_1.InSync;                 VAR_AxDivCamIN_EndOfProf      :=Y_CamIN_1.EndOfProfile;                 VAR_AxDivCamIN_Indx                 :=Y_CamIN_1.Index;                 VAR_AxDivCamIN_Busy                :=Y_CamIN_1.Busy;                 VAR_AxDivCamIN_Active              :=Y_CamIN_1.Active;                 VAR_AxDivCamIN_CmdAb            :=Y_CamIN_1.CommandAborted;                 VAR_AxDivCamIN_Err                    :=Y_CamIN_1.Error;                 VAR_AxDivCamIN_ErrID                :=Y_CamIN_1.ErrorID; If Format=1 then     VAR_CamTableInFun := CAM_Data1  ; elsif Format=2 then    VAR_CamTableInFun := CAM_Data2  ; elsif Format=3 then   VAR_CamTableInFun := CAM_Data3  ; end_if; So you think is it possible? Of course VAR_CamTableInFun  must be an array with variable size, otherwise error size data do not match. Best regards Yuri        
  2. CJ2M connected by ethernet to Yaskawa A1000 Inverters

    I solved, I read better the manual and found the solution, I need to write the parameter that i want change (in hex , you can find hex value for the parameter in the inverter manual Ex. Acceleration = C1-01 = 200) in parameter F7-23 and then, I write the value that I want in the exchange data area corresponding to parameter F7-23.
  3. CJ2M connected by ethernet to Yaskawa A1000 Inverters

    I can handle the inverter by ethernet/ip run,stop change reference frequency and read alerms, but I did not understand how change a parameter like acceleration or deceleration. Nobody does that?
  4. CJ2M connected by ethernet to Yaskawa A1000 Inverters

    Hi , no one have experience on it or I have to better read the manual? Regards
  5. Yaskawa MP2300siec program upload

    Hi, I think is too late for answer, no? Anyway, first you need to know if programmer have download also the source file into the controller otherwise you cannot upload it. Regards
  6. Hi everybody, I have an A1000 inveter Yaskawa connected in ethernet with a CJ2M. I need to know if is it possible to change parameters ,for example acceleration, by PLC. Reading the manual I find some parameters F7-23 to F7-32 configurables, but I do not understand how use them. Thanks.
  7. RS485 CX-Protocol Ezi-Servo

    Hi everybody, I would like to know if I can drive a stepper motor in RS 485, with a PLC CJ2M + SCU41 - V1. I can connect via a PC Directly, using an RS 485-RS232 converter (see pictures attached). Also, I attach some screenshots of the strings that i need to send, for give servo-on command and for move it in incremental. I suppose that I need to use Cx-Protocol, so I printed the manual yesterday and Monday I will begin to study it but being a beginner with this program, I ask you some advices. Looking at the strings, someone can give me some pointers on how to start creating the protocols? Thanks in advace Best Regards Yuri
  8. Change Inverter's parameter by Device net

    Hi, unfortunately no suggestions. After installing device net I removed an inverter, can be the problem? I must remove the red circled from the table? I can not test it immediatly because the machine is working to a customer and i need to organize an intervention for make some test. Best regards Yuri
  9. Hi everybody, I need to change a parameter on an Inverter connected by Device net to a Cj1M . On the inverter is a Yaskawa FZ7 and there is the ELS software inside I need to change the parameter P1-03 (Ratio Numerator). I tried to use the FB "INVDRT401_WriteParameter" but seems not working, the error goes on but without any error code appear, looking inside the FB seems like no response by the inveter, the remote I/O are working and i can read the speed of the motor. The inveter is setted like standard remote I/O . On the PLC there is also a ETN21 card and is connected with ethernet to another device, can be the problem? In the configurator the net of device-net is numberd 2. I have find on a french site a FB for write a parameter that ask for a net number unfortunatly i do not know Instance and attribute of the parameter that i need to change (P1-03 = #602) Can anyone help me? Best regards Yuri
  10. V1000 driven by CJ2M through Ethernet / IP

    Hi everybody, this morning I received the updated CPU (EIP2.1) I upgraded CX-One as suggested from David and...... YES YES YES. Everything it's OK i can drive my V1000 and also can comunicate with MP2300Siec. I followed the suggestions of create the eds uploading the informations from the device(V1000) and paste the rest from the american eds. Thank you everyone, hope this topic can be useful for other people. Best regards Yuri
  11. V1000 driven by CJ2M through Ethernet / IP

    Hi, I sent my CJ2M CPU 31 to the headquarters of Italy Omron for firmware upgrade, EIP 2.0 to EIP 2.1 I do not Know if will solve the problem, now I'm waiting. Regards
  12. V1000 driven by CJ2M through Ethernet / IP

    Hi , attached you can find the error that Network configurator fo ethernet/IP show me. I can connect directly through Exploer at the Inverter. The only difference is that in the picture the invarter is named CIMR-VU4A0005 but here I have a CIMR-VC4A0005. Can be a problem of EDS? Regards
  13. V1000 driven by CJ2M through Ethernet / IP

    Thank you very much PMCR. This morning I got the same result, now I have the EIP Ver 2.0 waiting for a new firmware (hope that will be enough) i will use a smaller assemblies. Thank you again for your confirmation. Now I find that you have already wrote about it, Is my fault no good search in the forum. Regards
  14. V1000 driven by CJ2M through Ethernet / IP

    Here is the .zip with all V1000 models. The model that I'm using is CIMR-VC4A0005BAA but in the EDS all, have U instead of C . I tried with VU4A0005-UTC000280- v1.01.eds and the instances #116 and #166. This is the link to Yaskawa.com (hope that I can put it) http://www.yaskawa.com/site/products.nsf/ProductDetailPages/Industrial%20AC%20Drives~V1000%20Drive~drvv1000netcomoptions.html!OpenDocument&Click= Regards EDS_V1000_UTC000280_ENET_V1_01.zip
  15. V1000 driven by CJ2M through Ethernet / IP

    Hi everybody, more then 60 views and no suggestions . I can think of two things: 1) I wrote the question and the answer. 2) I must read better the manual. This week I had not time, next week I will take again the manual. Regards