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  1. Cj2m cpu33 No comms after downloading

    Double-click the "IO table and unit setup" in the project tree and transfer the IO table from the PLC. There is such icon there.
  2. Cj2m cpu33 No comms after downloading

    See this thread. Probably, it will help you at least with the USB communication.
  3. Cj2m cpu33 No comms after downloading

    The error HE is tag datalink communication timeout, and IP 07 (not 1P)  is the last octet of the erroneous node IP address. Did you download only the program, or data memory as well? The latter might change the communication settings, as well as "Set defaults" in the Ethernet port configuration.
  4. Minimizing OR function

    The complete instruction would be: <> K4M801 H0
  5. Omron Servo Encoder

    Because the PRV2 works only with HSC0. The PRV may be used to measure the speed programmatically, with certain limitations in resolution and update period.
  6. Sysmac Studio 1.22

    All posters: Mentioning the OS would make big sense in such cases!
  7. Half Screen when app is opened.

    Tried it. No result.
  8. Half Screen when app is opened.

    Same problem, but no such menu option in the v9.45. No matter the Information Window being On or Off.
  9. What is the Use of Number data type for CJ2 Omron PLC?

    In other words, a Number type data is a named constant.
  10. From my experience, the mentioned error will appear if there is another session of the CX-Programmer running, with transfer-related dialog box active. Even if the transfer (upload or download) is already finished, and the dialog box is only waiting for OK. Or, when the CX server stops working. In such case, the CX-Programmer restart helps.
  11. I want to install and run the Rockwell software on new Win10 PC in the Oracle Virtualbox VM. However, my Factory Talk activations are tied to the hard disk serial number. Tried to change the VM hard disk serial, with couple utilities, but no success. Any suggestions?
  12. Motor Offset or Controller Offset?

    So many unnecessary technical details, and still absolutely unclear when and why use the controller offset or the motor offset.
  13. Motor Offset or Controller Offset?

    CompactLogix with integrated motion. Hyperphase absolute encoders. There are the Motor Offset and Controller Offset options in the Axis properties/Motor feedback. The manual says "in the most cases it would be the controller offset", however does not explain when and why. Could anybody explain the difference and the preferences.
  14. CP1H-XA "Failed to connect to the PLC" with USB

    500ms?! What may be such an application? I've tried this on a live CP1H, and it indeed falls into communication error. But, after changing the USB Respone Timeout from the default 2s to 20s, I was able to communicate and revert everything back. However, the responses were SLOW. Expect almost a minute delay between every mouse click and its result.
  15. CP1H-XA "Failed to connect to the PLC" with USB

    What did you change the constant cycle time to? And can you afford wiping off the entire controller content?