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  1. Logix5000 alias information

    What is this (C) on the attached picture, in the Alias line?
  2. Dear Sergey,


    I've got your name from Inntele.

    I have a question about a weekly timer. Inntele wrote me that you make one in the past for the Mitsubishi Q series.

    For 2 weeks ago I put a message on this forum

    Maybe you can help me?

    Thanks a lot for reading this message

  3. OMRON PLC with Modbus TCP/IP

    I've used couple times the CP1W-MODTCP adapter board with CP1H. It can be a master or a slave, and supports read and write commands, but not the combined read/write command.
  4. Detect wire break on omron absolute encoder

    Then, the most straightforward way is to utilize the major property of the Gray code: any transition may be in a single bit only. Compare every new value with the previous one for changed bits. If more than one bit changed simultaneously, the  sequence is abnormal, and may indicate wiring problem. However, the method assumes reading of every change. If the lower bits are too fast, use interrupt, or simply exclude them, and verify at least the  rest. The lower bits can be verified by some other method.
  5. Omron's syswin software

    Probably, it's a matter of opening existing project files, not the supported PLC models.
  6. Detect wire break on omron absolute encoder

    Milosh, is it important to detect a broken wire as soon as possible, that is after one full turn, or you can afford several full turns before it is detected?
  7. Detect wire break on omron absolute encoder

    Does the encode make full turn during operation?
  8. CP1L CNTR Function, Increment is reseting the count

    The preset is the word CIO4 and its value is 0bcd, which is monitored under the address.  In Omron, the CIO prefix is omitted for the CIO addresses, and they look like numbers, which is confusing the beginners.
  9. CP1L CNTR Function, Increment is reseting the count

    Manual W451 Basic Operation of CNTR(012)/CNTRX(548): The counter PV is reset to 0 by turning the reset input (CIO 0.02) ON and OFF. The PV is incremented by 1 each time that the increment input (CIO 0.00) goes from OFF to ON. When the PV is incremented from the SV (3), it is automatically reset to 0 and the Completion Flag is turned ON. Likewise, the PV is decremented by 1 each time that the decrement input (CIO 0.01) goes from OFF to ON. When the PV is decremented from 0, it is automatically set to the SV (3) and the Completion Flag is turned ON. And by the way: do you realize that your set value "4" is not a value but an address?
  10. Program help

    It's unclear, why you mention repeatedly function blocks. For me, there is no need in them. And formulate the task completely. In which order the remaining pumps should start, after the first one? Also in descending order of their usage?
  11. Updating NA OS version wipes retained data.

    I also remember it being unavoidable.
  12. Medoc Keystrokes

    The Medoc keystrokes are the same for any supported PLC. F7- Edit rung/Accept edit, 1- N.O. contact, 2-N.C. contact, 7-coil, etc. The F1/F2 syntax, however, is totally different, and all the instructions and their arguments are F coils.
  13. Analog input scalling load cell

    Even assuming a load cell being a proper signal source for 0..5VDC input (which is not true): 0.01g is 0.00033% of 3kg. The CP1W-AD042 accuracy at 25°C is 0.2% full scale, and becomes 0.5% in 0..55°C range. Make the conclusion yourself.
  14. PWM 891

    In CX-Programmer, this is done in the PLC Settings, under the Pulse Output tab. The "Use define origin operation" to be unchecked, which is its default state. Cycle the PLC power after changing any of the PLC settings.
  15. Indirect Addressing NA Terminal

    Indirect addressing of array element index? Directly in screen objects- No. In page code- yes. Indirect addressing by tag name- No. does not allow this.