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  1. Negative RLO bit

    Inline instruction "NOT" inverts the rung preceding logic result.
  2. Can i use peripheral port to transmit data ?

    Does the TXD instruction help mention that port as destination? This will be the answer. By the way, specifying the PLC model along with the question is a good practice.
  3. I am trying the Fins Color Coded Messaging Tool While successful with CJ2M, never could make it work with CP1W-ETN61 on CP1H. What should be the network, node and unit numbers in such case? The unit number is the most unclear. 
  4. ZCP Instruction

    Two inline comparisons in series give the same result, but execute 20 times faster (in CP1H).
  5. Conversion

    DBLL converts a 32-bit signed binary value to double-precision (64-bit) floating-point data. Not UDINT.
  6. Bits on Contactor

    The CP series does not support addressing individual bits of data registers. The CJ series does, but only for D registers, not C or T present values. If you need to monitor a bit in the counter present value, copy the value to W or CIO word, and use the bit from there.
  7. Why (U) an OTE?

    The OP never said the OTUs are interleaving with non-OTU coils of the same bit, but all are after the initial and only OTE. Therefore, not '"the last unlatch wins", but the bit is unlatched locally wherever required, and supposedly used after the last OTU. I often (though not extensively) use such technique, which I call a "collector bit". The example may be resetting a machine error bit with OTU or always Off OTE in the beginning of the program, and setting it locally anywhere it is decided. At the end of the program, the bit is used for beacon light control. Any technique has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of this one is seamless adding or removal of standard pieces of code (the addresses of the collectors have to be standardized first, of course).
  8. Cj2m cpu33 No comms after downloading

    Double-click the "IO table and unit setup" in the project tree and transfer the IO table from the PLC. There is such icon there.
  9. Cj2m cpu33 No comms after downloading

    See this thread. Probably, it will help you at least with the USB communication.
  10. Cj2m cpu33 No comms after downloading

    The error HE is tag datalink communication timeout, and IP 07 (not 1P)  is the last octet of the erroneous node IP address. Did you download only the program, or data memory as well? The latter might change the communication settings, as well as "Set defaults" in the Ethernet port configuration.
  11. Minimizing OR function

    The complete instruction would be: <> K4M801 H0
  12. Omron Servo Encoder

    Because the PRV2 works only with HSC0. The PRV may be used to measure the speed programmatically, with certain limitations in resolution and update period.
  13. Sysmac Studio 1.22

    All posters: Mentioning the OS would make big sense in such cases!
  14. Half Screen when app is opened.

    Tried it. No result.
  15. Half Screen when app is opened.

    Same problem, but no such menu option in the v9.45. No matter the Information Window being On or Off.