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  1. Updating NA OS version wipes retained data.

    I also remember it being unavoidable.
  2. Medoc Keystrokes

    The Medoc keystrokes are the same for any supported PLC. F7- Edit rung/Accept edit, 1- N.O. contact, 2-N.C. contact, 7-coil, etc. The F1/F2 syntax, however, is totally different, and all the instructions and their arguments are F coils.
  3. Analog input scalling load cell

    Even assuming a load cell being a proper signal source for 0..5VDC input (which is not true): 0.01g is 0.00033% of 3kg. The CP1W-AD042 accuracy at 25°C is 0.2% full scale, and becomes 0.5% in 0..55°C range. Make the conclusion yourself.
  4. PWM 891

    In CX-Programmer, this is done in the PLC Settings, under the Pulse Output tab. The "Use define origin operation" to be unchecked, which is its default state. Cycle the PLC power after changing any of the PLC settings.
  5. Indirect Addressing NA Terminal

    Indirect addressing of array element index? Directly in screen objects- No. In page code- yes. Indirect addressing by tag name- No. does not allow this.
  6. Faced another problem with NA. Whenever a boolean variable is set by a screen toggle switch, but immediately reset in the NJ (by interlock logic), the variable status in the controller is false, but the screen switch indicates the true state. The variable is  properly mapped in the NA and has the update rate assigned. In lack of interlock condition, the switch operates normally. Am I doing something wrong or this is another bug of the NA?
  7. Sergei,

    I have an application with and NJ via EIP to a Fanuc robot.  I see you posted you had a working EDS file.  can you send that to me so i can try it?



  8. Maintanace tech

    1. You did not specify the drive model. We cannot read your mind. 2. Why would not you get the drive manual and find the explanation of this error? 3. This may be not an error, but a specific mode of the drive display. (F may stand for function).
  9. How to read serial or lot number from a NJ CPU

    Every unit MAC address is unique by definition. Unfortunately, no example. Do not work with NJ presently and never tried to read the MAC address in the past.
  10. How to read serial or lot number from a NJ CPU

    How about the MAC address instead of the serial#? It may be read via CIP message.
  11. NA VNC

    There is no access to them via VNC. If you need such, they must be duplicated on the screen. I've done this, making them as small as possible, as they are not intended for operator, just for the VNC cursor.
  12. Move to NJ series worth it?

    Move this from advantages to disadvantages, as you are not able anymore to see both PLC and HMI projects simultaneously.
  13. Move to NJ series worth it?

    Those  "CJ-style addresses on your variables in the NJ" are not addresses, but only variable aliases, and must be created manually. People overlapping double word data or real number data learn on their errors and develop expertise. I am ready to pay such cost to be able to move long integer into regular integer if I want so, or compare values of different representation. PC doing things for you is great, but not if it starts cutting your own abilities. With CX symbols, programmer is a master, with tags he is a slave.
  14. Move to NJ series worth it?

    With CX symbols, when I have no need to know location of data, I use symbol name and address auto allocation. If, however, I need/want to use physical addresses for some reason, why should anybody deprive me of this possibility? Let ME decide!
  15. what is different between fxon 64MT and f1N 64MT

    The FX1N supports all instructions and devices of the FX0N, except: - The set of timers is different in both controllers. In FX0N driving a special auxiliary coil redefines approximately half of the 100 msec timers as 10 msec resolution timers. Driving M8028 ON, timers T32 to 62 are changed to 10 msec resolution. While in FX1N a timer number strictly defines its resolution. If the M8028 is ON in the FX0N program, the mentioned timers must be renumbered in FX1N using T200-T245 area. - There is the T63 1msec timer in FX0N. There are only retentive 1 msec timers T246-T249 in FX1N. - In FX0N, counters C16-C31 are latched (retain when power is off), while in FX1N these counters are not latched. To be such, they must be renumbered using C100-C199 area. - In FX0N the onboard rotary potentiometer adjusts the value in D8013, while the FX1N has two potentiometers with addresses D8030, D8031. And remember: unless equipped with optional battery cassette, the FX1N requires at least 30min power up weekly, in order to recharge the data backup super-capacitor and maintain data.