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  1. ASCII Data Transfer Help..

    Can someone please confirm/deny the following: The attached photo has the command     [$MOV           "tring Part Number"      D4156"]   Now does that throw in whatever is in the "   ", as a block starting with D4156, or is it just a comment that is ignored as it's in "  "? I am changing a laser mark print from Part Number to Part No to give myself a larger marking area for longer customer part numbers. The ASCII data transfer has me head scratching. Thanks in advance,  
  2. MX sheet V2

    Also, not to hijack.... I've been told that MX Sheet is old tech. What is the modern day software which would mimic MX Sheet
  3. Inactivity logout.

    I'd be interested in this aswell. The e-screens this was in the e-designer/HMI software. Examples we've had delivered to site have been in the PLC program. Which I've had to change in one occasion as it didn't work.  
  4. Can Someone Explain This Code Please...

    Thank you
  5. How would you solve this problem in ladder?

    haha 100% a college question right here.
  6. Can Someone Explain This Code Please...

    Hi Gambit, what do you mean by C24 module?
  7. See photo, I've used the help feature but it's not helping much..... Especially the ">SFLD 3" command? Code is linked to a 12 character ASCII input from HMI (which I am extending length to 16 characters), and then sent to a laser controller to mark a part.
  8. Using Ethernet as I/O

    Thanks mate. I am on there Thursday to test the triggers etc.
  9. Using Ethernet as I/O

    Hi Mate, Can you get me an image of your PLC address mapping on the Keyance software? I've understood your PLC program, and it's a massive help, but a few things will be confirmed if I see what you have set your plc registers to in the Keyance set up page.
  10. Resistance Testing

    Sorry, it'll be using a Mitsi Q Series PLC.
  11. What is the benefit of using Structured programming?

    The courses are very good, I can't comment on 15/20 years ago.. but all support is free (24 hours) as long as you have a licenced bit of software. Also, once you complete all courses, or fancy your chances, you have the option for £85 one off payment to do a 'Certified Engineer Exam' which by the sounds of it, is a 1 off payment. I wasn't made away of any yearly packages after that, however certified engineer status isn't really a benefit for me.  
  12. What is the benefit of using Structured programming?

    We completed the Mitsubishi training last week, and it was VERY much worthwhile. Me and my colleague both came away with the full intent to use it in the future. There are loads of little extras to standard ladder, especially when drawing lines etc. And then the function blocks are handy for mass repeat of certain sections of ladder. It's very user friendly, but has subtle differences which we wouldn't have known without doing the course. I have no doubt someone could sit and learn structured from ladder, but you'll need to apply a lot of time and manual reading - that is a luxury we don't have where I work.   Anyone UK based, I FULL recommend the 2 day structured course which is based in the Mitsi Electrics Euro Headquarters in Hatfield.
  13. Resistance Testing

    What's the best method to retro fit a test that will detect the presence of a 31 to 35 ohm (range) resistor and then fail a 0.4ohm variant at 13.4v D/C. Thanks.
  14. Soheil

    The answer is not obvious, or he wouldn't be asking for help, would he? Try and be a bit more friendly to those who're asking as this forum has helped me loads recently! To original poster, have you got back ups of the HMI program? Have you got the ability to link to it using GT Designer software? When you power up, it should load to whatever base screen was set by whoever designed the program for it. Usually a main menu screen, yes.
  15. What is the benefit of using Structured programming?

    We've been forced into structured due to one of our machine builders losing/gaining a PLC programmer. The way we describe it to our management is we know English, this is in French. It's that different; in my opinion. We are doing the Mitsi training course on structured in November in Hatfield, so looking forward to that. At the moment, simple changes are taking hours....