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  1. Re-Naming Program Files...

    Got you! So sequence should be: 1. Re-name (offline) 2. Clear PLC memory 3. Load in new files renamed in '1.'
  2. Re-Naming Program Files...

    Sorry boys, I am not grasping this. So if I re-name all offline, then write to PLC, are you saying I'll have the above list and then the re-named list all in the same tree?? So if I re-named 'main0' to 'station1' would my tree then read: ACTIVATE ALARM LLS_ASSY MAIN STATION1 MAIN1 MAIN2   or ACTIVATE ALARM LLS_ASSY MAIN MAIN0                        (So MAIN0 stays in tree???) STATION1 MAIN1 MAIN2  
  3. Re-Naming Program Files...

    Sorry, can you explain this for me?
  4. Re-Naming Program Files...

    ...quick and easy question. Can I re-name my program tree's in 'monitor write' mode, or will I have to change them, and then 'write to PLC'    
  5. Using Ethernet as I/O

    hahahaha I hear you mate! No doubt i'll ask something else in the near future. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.
  6. Using Ethernet as I/O

    Awesome! Thanks!!
  7. Using Ethernet as I/O

    I've found one now mate. Thanks. Previously, you sent me a demo program, how many different camera programs were you changing though, and where is that in the software please??
  8. Siemens Basic Panels (DP)

    Hi mate, jump over to the dedicated Siemens forum on here. There'll be more help over there
  9. Using Ethernet as I/O

    Hi Mate, the CV-X MELSEC document is a serial connection. Is there one for Ethernet?
  10. Using Ethernet as I/O

    Can anyone push me in the direction of a melsec manual for this so I can have a read up. (I never seem to be able to navigate through their website!!!) Thanks in advance. Application is 85 odd programs from a q-series to a keyance vision system via Ethernet.
  11. GX works 2 - Special Relay (SM_ _ _) for a 0.5sec Pulse

    Hmmmm, thanks for the replies (as always) but I'm sure there was another way to both suggestions and will try and dig it out haha. Both make perfect sense though.
  12. All, I remember using a special relay in GX developer many moons ago for a 0.5sec pulse where I copied the SM4xx number from earlier in the program. I forgot the number and can't recall the plc program... so does anyone know if off hand. Using the manual, I've imported the comments but can't see one for 0.5sec; even though I'm confident it's there! Thanks in advance    
  13. HMI Protection

    No mate, you've got the point. I was hoping that maybe someone had used one and there was something off the shelf. I'm going to have to get creative with a pillow and a sewing kit haha
  14. HMI Protection

    A new site layout suggestion is to physically move machines in and out of position on wheels. One concern raised is transport protection of HMI's are they're on small hinged electrical boxes off the machines and will be prone to the odd ping when moved around. Has anyone had experience of a 'transport hood' or something similar which could protect our GOT screens when being pushed in and out of position??
  15. GX Works 2 - Can You Compare 2 x Offline Programs??

    Thanks. Found it and it worked. Appreciated.