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  1. Converting a programme ....

    Colin, I haven't used the Mitsubishi Q02 PLC but, I have converted alot of other plc programs. If the Mitsubishi Q02 PLC can import tag data base from excel I would convert the logic using the "word and bit" addressing system , then translate a tag data base in excel then import it into this project. Ernie,
  2. Converting a programme ....

  3. controlview builder software

    Thanks Ken, My suppiler is working on getting the software for me. Cheer,
  4. I have an application that was done using controlview builder ver. 3.11 Look to convert this application to rsview32. The tech note says my control view application has to be ver. 4 or later. My question does anyone have control view builder ver. 4 or later lying around. If so contact me