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  1. SLC500 - resetting the time

    Might be a script in PV
  2. Ethernet IP Nodes

    MOXA makes good switches too. Din rail mount, fiber / copper mixed, just copper, or just fiber. I know of one panel where the electrician stuck a UPS... a big UPS... like 10" wide x 24" tall x 18" deep inside a stainless steel panel, with the PLC (think heat, sucked back into the cooling fan, which increases the heat). The panel was in full sun for most of the day. It was in south TX, near the border with Mexico, summer so ambient temp was over 100° F. I drove out to check why the PLC was faulted (which is a full day drive round trip) and when I touched the panel face with the back of my hand (to make sure there wasn't an AC short that might make me dead) it burned the back of my fingers. The ML1100 inside was unhappy about that and it had faulted. The MOXA switch was happily blinking away. The electrician that put the UPS inside an enclosed panel was not happy with me on that day.
  3. SLC500 - resetting the time

    Beat me to it. I'd have left off "chances are" :)  
  4. Soruce PRotection is RSLogix5000

    Yup. Most of the time people (including me but only once) forget to install it.  If you're trying to view a protected source without the sk.dat file then you're probably out of luck. 
  5. Compact Logix

    I see. We have 50+ sites separated by as much as 300 miles and we used cell modems and ethernet. That said, I don't see why you can't use serial between the two PLC's. You're probably aware of this but the software is different for the Compact Logix.
  6. Compact Logix

    The 1100 has an Ethernet port. You can use the L32E's Ethernet port to send / receive messages to / from the 1100 or vice versa. Ie you don't need a serial radio for any of it 
  7. Can i wire 3 Prox. Sensor in Series to 1 input?

    For me a "proximity sensor" can also be a vibration probe (Solar turbine or turbo expander for instance) and the answer to that would be NO. :) if it's a discrete then the answer is above this.
  8. i need help

    Read the value of the output that your are turning on and use that to "light" the display indicator
  9. Fast Fourier transform on PLC

    Old post but I have a similar need. Did you get this to work?
  10. FFT in a CLX

    None of the PLC's that are sensing vibration have an XM-124 module and in most cases I'd have a hard time selling the idea of putting one in
  11. System security

    We are scattered from TX, Louisiana, Ohio, Wyoming, and Alaska. Some places keep things close and don't allow integrators and some do. We are primarily an oil company and what we do is pretty simple though. Regulated... but simple. When I was an integrator I gave the customer the "keys to the car" so to speak because once I was done they owned it. Except the AOI's because I didn't want some integrator pulling the program, ripping my work off, and SELLING it to someone else. Ironically I give them away often My AOI's aren't real complicated (not counting the AGA7 gas flow calc and it's not complicated, just big. I ported it over from S7 years ago). They are things like rate of change, gas flow through an orifice, liquid flow through an orifice, horizontal tank with 2:1 elliptical heads volume (think product tank, lube oil tank, etc), vertical tank volume, expander or centrifugal compressor surge margin... things like that. I also wrote one that I use for analog alarms. It's not as cluttered as the one that comes with AB and it fits our HMI (ClearSCADA) pretty well. 
  12. System security

     I've never been that lucky. I like their system. It seems to work well and besides that, they won't work on the turbine unless their system (old or new) is installed. These days that's been real important to me. We have a C40 and T4500 at the plant I'm at now. It has my AOI in a program that someone else wrote. We are having some mechanical issues with both turbines and Solar won't walk in the gate unless we spend $1.5m to upgrade the control system and adopt their safety plan (which is no different than ours but in principle the contractor has no business defining the customers anything). But I sure wouldn't mind having their help. Oh well... It's a long story but basically when the original programmer calculated surge margin in the control system he sold us he sent the result to an integer. Guess what happens when you write 0.8851 or any number less than 1 and greater than 0 to an integer  She no worky... I was contracted to the people that I now work for to find out why their compressor ate itself. I still remember where the problem was, rung 12. ASC didn't work, surge valve recirculated hot discharge gas to suction. RTD didn't work either. Melted stuff... crashed compressor. I had to join in the conference call and tell the other contractor what happened. Like I would have been, he was skeptical that there was a problem so I walked him through it. "See anything wrong with rung 12?" "Nope" then "OH Sh...!!!". After that I was asked to leave the room. It was an easy fix and his calc perfectly matched my AOI  once the format error was corrected. But that's why I like AOI's for some things. Once they are built error free they are always error free...
  13. easy question, I think...

    That's not a latch, that's an output coil that is energized A latch would say OTL. Unlatch would say OTU
  14. easy question, I think...

    If the latch / unlatch output logic is preceded by a one shot, positive edge trigger, whatever you want to call it then you can probably make it work BUT... I agree with Joe E. Multiple latch / unlatch rungs for the same output sounds like a kludge.
  15. System security

    It's easy to do. Don't lose the password because it's not easy to recover. I don't know how to remove it without a password and I've tried for years. I don't have Logix in front of me but the following document will tell you how to configure source protection. It's extremely easy to do: http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/pm/1756-pm016_-en-p.pdf Once you configure source protection you can share the src file with the people that you want to be able to open the source file. You can source protect but have the ability to view the routine and you can source protect and not be able to view the routine I've built a few AOI's that were source protected in the past and now aren't. I shared them with competitors when I was a contractor. Solar source protects their surge control logic but anyone with a basic understanding of the fan law, what surge is, how to prevent surge, and the mechanics of how their ASC system works can create a system that works as well (I did). Whether source protection is all that valuable or not depends on the industry you work in, I guess... PS- If I contacted you to do work for me and you source protected your program, I would give your program back to you and tell you no thank you.