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  1. Look at using a user defined data type
  2. The company I work for builds mirror testing machines all of the time. We are working on several at this time. PM me if you want more info. Bob
  3. Factory Talk SE Client

    Sorry for the delay in answering back. To set the client window size to be large enough to span two or more monitors you need to add this VB script to your start up screen Private Sub Display_AnimationStart () Application.Height = 700 Application.Width = 1000 Application.Top = 0 Application.Left = 0 End Sub This will expand your client window container to the size needed to cover all monitors. Set the Application height the the resolution of your biggest monitor and set Application Width to the total horizontal width of all monitors combined. This will allow you to place windows on other monitors. Using macros in your start up screen you will open your windows in there proper position with the macro command Display. There are switches for the Display command to place the windows where you want. Hope this helps
  4. Factory Talk SE Client

    Are you using Windows 7 or Windows XP ? They require different methods.Yes it can be done.
  5. Paper and binding manuals?

    I purchased an Android tablet just for this use. A 10 inch pad is perfect for storing and reading manuals. The text size on a 7 inch screen is just to small for my old eyes. It sure beats having to carry around dozens on paper manuals. I loaded up all of the many PDF manuals I have loaded on my laptop. Another benefit is you do not have to keep switching screens while reading a software manual and working with the software. You just keep the tablet beside you like a paper manual.
  6. I get this error when I do not install the help files for every version of RS5000 I am installing. If I install help for all versions I do not get this error. I thought I could save on hard drive space so I would only install the help files for the latest ver.
  7. One year without smoking.

    Congrats to all quitters!!! I quit on April 1 2009. I quit as a tax protest more than a health issue. Ohio raised its tax 50 cents a pack that day and I decided I had had enough. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. As far a cravings go I have them ta random times, but I just ignore them and go about my day. The one thing I did notice is that my wallet is a lot fatter from all of the money I save
  8. ABB robots

    Thanks much! I found a bit torrent with all of the manuals.
  9. ABB robots

    Can anyone point me to a good source of manuals for ABB robots. We will be getting a used one in our plant in late Oct and I would like to read up on them a bit. I have looked on the ABB site but it was not much help. I have been using beam robots for years, mainly Wittmann, Sepros and Yushins. I worked for Wittmann for 8 years as a service engineer. This will be my first 6 axis articulating robot.
  10. drive manager 32

    Check with your local Rockwell distributor I am sure they will help you in purchasing the software.
  11. Ethernet coms

    Yes here is how I am going to do it, ECOM card connected to a linksys wireless access point with a cat 5 cable. PC with wireless card in a near by office. No internet connection or connection to plant network. Our plant has no wireless network, so that will not be a problem. I am using static IP addresses on all devices. This is only a temporary setup The OEM of the machine needs a week of data to help resolve some issues Thanks for the quick reply Bob.
  12. Ethernet coms

    I am doing some data collection with a DL205 with a ECOM card installed. I am using Dataworx software. At this time I am using a wired ethernet connecton. I would like to go to a wireless set up. I am wondering if this will work? I want to attach a wireless access point to the ECOM card and transmit to a wireless card on my PC. Has anyone out there ever done this succesfully? Is this the proper way to do this? If is is are there any issues I need to be aware of.
  13. Wire terminating

    I use ferrules on all sizes of wire. Fast, neat and no stray strands. It also keeps the wire out of the wrong part of the terminal block when inserting. OH and did I say neat!!
  14. OverTime Pay Questions for everyone

    Old deal salary for 40 hours. any OT 75 $ a day week ends 350$per day. NewDealhourly for 40 hours OT is time and a half. New deal sucks Anyone looking for help Robotic Engineer Doing field service in the eastern US. Based in Toledo OH Hey RHINO412 I think we worked together on a project is South Bend once