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  1. OMRON PLC with Modbus TCP/IP

    I have a CS1H that I recently had to get modbus TCP/IP comms to. Omron has some ready made function blocks and without too much effort they worked. I had to ask the Omron help line guys for them though. Specifically .. An MTCP_ETN_Connect Block (To set the Connection Adress) an MTCP_ETN_Fn06 Block (To Write) and an MTCP_ETN_Fn03 Block (To Read)
  2. Expansion Rack BI103

    Gents, Im having some real issues trying to get my expansion racks to work. I have a CPU on a 5 slot rack and have OMRON cables connecting this to 10 slot 3 expansion racks (BI103s). Should be easy, I should just have to go into the IO table and "Create" the racks to read up the IO right? Well it only works on the first one so I hesitate to assume that OMRON QA has let me down so i ask, is there a dipswitch setting or something similar I may have missed? Question 2. The 4 bases have there own 240v power but If i have the expansion cable connected to a base and turn off the power on the expansion base I lose all leds on my CPU and my Ethernet cards (which is everything on the CPU base) but my CPU rack power supply LED is still good! Does the expansion cable handle power??? I thought it would be just comms. also, my expansion rack IO leds do not illuminate until I have my Expansion cable connected to my main base, although all the 240v supplies are on and the 24v io signals are good. and before you ask, the cables are connected into the correct IN and OUT plugs on the racks, and I assume the cables can connect any end into these plugs Can someone from OMRON tell me whats going on here, its very urgent, there havent been any hardware recalls have their? FYI we are using a CS1H CPU.   Much apreciated  
  3. Remote NX IO via NXEIP202 card

    Thanks For the input guys.
  4. Remote NX IO via NXEIP202 card

    All, Im programming a CS1 CPU and it has remote IO on an NXIO rack connected to the main base via ethernet to an EIP202 ethernet ip card. I havent been able to find an EDS file for the NXIO rack and any feedback on how I actually go about doing this would be apreciated. The OMRON europe doco says The following is required: OMRON NX-EIC202 EDS file      (although it doesnt say where I get it) Rockwell Automation RSLogix5000 tool       (what with this??? Its an OMRON unit on Omron Software? Do I have to buy?/load? a third party software? and where do I get it from?) OMRON Sysmac Studio NX-I/O edition    (again, I have bought the CX One suite but dont see it in there, is this another purchase?) makes me wonder what other pitfalls await me. Any input by soeone with previouse experience settin up this remote iO would be apreciated. Steve D