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  1. ControlLogix DLL File

    ControlLogix is not supported. Only Softlogix.
  2. Dear MrAutomation, thanks for your reminder & help. I finally find below description from manual of P_ValveMP. "– Use the P_ValveMO instruction for a motor-operated valve, or for a dual solenoid valve (separate open and close outputs)." So P_ValveMO is what I need in my application. It's really a small challenge to find the appropriate instruction in PlantPax library just by looking at the object name.
  3. I dig a little into P_ValveSO add-on instruction recently with latest version 3.1-04. It seems the instruction only support one coil solenoid valve.Obviously in most application the solenoid valve has two coils for open and close position respectively.Is there any instruction other than P_ValveSO support two coil solenoid valve or I missed somtething in the parameter configuration?
  4. KB 53287 Required

    Thanks Bob. It seems I don't know the rules here. Actually I was trying to deploy SE v6.10 on service platform CPR SR5. I think it's a compatibility issue for this kind of problem. Manully remove relative folders is necessary and it works.
  5. KB 53287 Required

    Is there anybody willing to paste the article KB53287 (Error "Fail to configure FTLocal directory ...HResulit 0x8004204A" ) for me? I do not have permission to access this topic. Thanks in advance.
  6. DIR VS Switch ring

    Does anybody know the daisy chain type device level ring introduced by RA is hardware based or software based? I mean is their any ASIC chip involved to implement this kind of technology? The RA rep claimed DLR is more faster in fault recovery compared to tranditional switch type ring. I need some detailed comparation between DLR and traditional switch ring from performance point of view. I don't care about the cost. Appreciate any comments on this point.
  7. Multicast versus Unicast

    From V18 Rockwell introduced unicast mode for Ethernet/IP communication. But unicast mode seems not effective compared to multicast transmission even with taffic contorl ability. For the same data produced by controller will send multiple times to each consumer due to the point to point transmission mode. Enable IGMP protocol within managed switch will effectively limit the multicast traffic on Ethernet/IP communication. So which is the best practice for Ethernet/IP, apply default multicast transmission with IGMP enabled managed swith for traffic control or just configure both producer & consumer to work on unicast mode?
  8. Newly released Rslogix500 v8.4 natively support win7 os .
  9. Logix5000 acd file size sometimes will grow rapidly if you often change your controller type in RSLogix5000 software.After doing this kind of change from emulator controller to L6x controller my acd file has growed into 40M.Actually my cpu ram usage only 70 percent of 2M.Finally I had to save the 40M acd file as L5x file and reimport the L5x file then save as acd file again the size will go back to normal size about 4M.Does any body know anything about acd file structure and why this kind of problem occurs? Thanks a lot for any comment on this issue.
  10. Integer stuff in SE trend object

    OK,you are right. Sharing is essential for living .Really appreciate for your kindly reminder. Values should be configured with decimal places otherwise everything in dispaly will be integer,which has nothing to do with what kind of data type you have. Data type does not dominate the display.
  11. Integer stuff in SE trend object

    Have found ways to get rid of integer stuff. Qestion closed.
  12. In SE trend object why tag's value is always integer type? Min,Max,Present value and value bar upon the trend curve are totally the same integer type values. Every value displayed in trend object is integer type stuff in despite of all data source being float type. Trend object could not display decimal type value. Does anybody know where and how to change the configuration to get rid of this kind of integer stuff ? BTW, my trend data soure is ODBC database model in which all the data are float type. Thanks for any advice or comment on this issue.
  13. Dear Ken, thanks again for your kindly reply. Without dead band configuration is one bad things for data server, which could not efficiently utilize bandwidth and optimize its performance.Although we're able to select the polling mode for data model or trend object,but only the polling rate we could approach. Without dead band tune "On Change" polling mode is limited and feeble for rapid changed float type data, which will extremely consume server's bandwith.
  14. In Factorytalk View SE scada system is it possible to config data sampling parameters such as sampling time ,tag sampling dead band and others in opc data server (for example Rslinx Enterprise data server). I mean control data collecting behavior to optimize data server performance. I know this kind of function could be done in IFIX or other SCADA system. Does rockwell scada system support this kind of feature and if supported where I could enter into this in se scada system. Thanks for any comment or advice on this issue.
  15. Dear Steve, thanks a lot for your reply. I just worry about small spare ram will lead redundant system to be unstable or crash when switchover occurs. Also it maybe out of ram if there are lot of changes in the site. Processor replacement is impossible now because the project T&C will come soon. It is a taking over project and I got a passive position now.