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  1. SD Card Extension cable?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a panel mounted micro SD card extension cable about 6”. Or even a full SD card extension cable. This is to work with a PLC & HMI combination unit that has an integral Micro or full blown SD card depending on the model and it would be good to access the card from the panel front. I’m guessing that the device will always think a card is present as the extension is plugged into the device? Thanks
  2. Mitsubishi Electric FX1S-30MR-ES/UL PLC Purchased for a project that never went ahead this FX1S-30MR-ES/UL PLC is brand new and comes with a 12 month warranty. The price of £200 inc VAT shows a saving of £126.65 against the current UK list price of this item which is £278 +VAT. Only 4 left. RS Part No 383-0191 VAT registered company. Please contact us for shipping outside of the UK. http://innovativeautomation.co.uk/CablePrices.aspx
  3. A1SD75-P

    I’m looking for a good reliable programming cable to configure the positioning card. I’ve tried several SC09 replacements and they work in most areas (programming the PLC’s) but not for the A1SD75. I have a USB to serial that I can use with the SC09 but I’m looking for a single cable to go from USB to 25pin D connector that I can then connect to the Positioning card (via cable adaptor) or to PLC and don’t want to pay top dollar! Any suggestions?