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  1. Medoc Keys to GX works 2

    If you register your software with mitsubishi, you can update to the latest version free of charge.   Steve
  2. I not sure with that particular HMI but, usually unless you have the original source code or the source code was downloaded with the run time file I don't think you will be able to upload to modify (I may be wrong) Steve  
  3. Siemens S7 STL Basics

    Your STL would equate to this in ladder   Steve  
  4. Siemens S7 STL Basics

    The starting of the timer (SD T0) is an output function, this effectivley terminates the logic network (rung), the A     M      0.1 =     Q      0.0 Is then deemed a new network (rung). Try drawing it out in ladder to visualise.   Steve
  5. FX3U PID Ladder Parameter Setting

    Search and download the Mitsubishi analogue manual (JY997D16701) its a mine of information with practical examples.   Steve
  6. PV900 Firmware

    What version Panelbuilder do you have? My version 3.83.01 has support for this display. Steve
  7. Issue Reading AD card buffer memory GX works2

    I think you may be getting your analogues mixed up, The FX3U-4AD & DA are add on units that attach to the right hand side of the processor, these use and are addressed via the buffer memories 'BFM' The FX3U-4AD-ADP & 4DA-ADP are add on analogue units that attach to the left hand side of the processor, these are addressed via the special relay memories ie D8280, you can only use one of these analogue units to the left of the processor due to the built in onboard analogue channels. I would suggest you download the analogue users manual (Manual number JY997D16701). This is an excellent manual to explain all manner of analogues with FX PlC's   Steve  
  8. Simple programming cable for Mitsubishi FX

    For goodness sake save yourself time and heartache and buy a lead at only $6.00 it's a no brainer. SC-09 cable   Steve
  9. Display digital counter on OP320 HMI

    These HMI's appear to be a chinese ripoff of the old siemens OP panels, if you google you can find a manual as to the connections and protocols to use the Mitsubishi FX range of PLC's with it, you will also need the correct software to program both, there are numorous manuals available for programming in mitsubishi.   Steve
  10. MX sheet V2

    Try running the install using 'Run as Administrator' to start it Steve
  11. Celsius to Fahrenheit

    Which HMI are you using? Steve
  12. Conection FX2N-1PG & MR-J2S

    This manual is quite descriptive there is a troubleshoot section toward the end. Manual Steve
  13. Oops I didn't make it very clear that the 110v would be derived from an isolating transformer 230v primary / 110v secondary centre tapped to earth.   Steve
  14. Remote Password issue

    try changing the GOT communication port to 5556 Steve
  15. Personally, I would go for 230v to 110v centre tapped to earth, this would reduce the touch voltage to 55v (unless of course you are dull enough to touch the two legs at the same time ), this is a much safer option.   Steve
  16. Temperature control on Mitsubishi FX PLC

    This manual would be a good place to start, Analogue manual (if possible could you upload the program here so we can advise?) Steve
  17. Select Edit on top toolbar, Scroll down to ladder Edit Mode and select Write mode. (This can be set up to display on a dockable tool bar)   Steve
  18. FX-64MR

    You can switch the view to 'instruction list' (alt +F1) from ladder, this should allow you to see if any odd or strange instruction or characters have been uploaded and corrupt the file. Any odd characters appearing or instructions missing can be modified here and the reverted back to ladder by alt +F1 again, just make a note of additions or removals so they can be put back if unexpected program modifications occur. Just a thought! Steve    
  19. FX3U CPU comparing floats

    Something like this?      ( instuction  LDD)     Steve
  20. HoneyWell PLC

    Zombie thread alert! this thread is 10 years old.   Steve
  21. Is there A Command....

    The 'K' + number before the M500 (or in your case M800) indicates the number of 4bit groups or 'nybbles' to action. Example -  K4M800 would action M800 through to M815 inclusive, where as K2M800 would action M800 through M807 inc.
  22. Is there A Command....

    This is the best I can suggest at the moment, if i'm reading your post correctly. There maybe more efficient ways of achieving the required outcome, there are some pretty good mitsi programmers here.   Steve  
  23. Maintanace tech

    Generally the F28 is fieldbus timeout (this may be caused by a momentary loss in the fieldbus comms), to reset this type of fault a power cycle of the drive is required. this is assuming you are using a movidrive inverter   Steve
  24. convert am to fm

    The 'AM' signal out from the VFD is an analogue signal which is selectable between voltage out at 0-10 volt or current out at 4-20mA. The 'FM' signal out is primarily for use with a frequency meter for remote speed indication this output gives a linear 24 pulses a second, the default setting is 1440pps at 60Hz it has a very low current out capability of around 1mA (I think) so this has to be taken into account if driving something else.   Steve
  25. convert am to fm

    If i'm reading this correctly you could try a google search for 4-20mA to PWM converter (Pulse width modulation), Or 0-10Volt to PWM converter.   Steve