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  1. GX Developer

    I believe GxDeveloper is an outdated software for Mitsubishi PLC's, though it will run a large majority of the older processors, the current software would be GXWorks, this is what is required for your processor.   Steve
  2. you can generate your own oneshots, something like these,     Steve  
  3. Problems opening a file in studio5000

    RSlogix5000 and studio5000 are revision specific, it depends on what the program revision is as to what revision of studio5000 you need installed on your PC For example if the program is written in version 20 then you need version 20 installed on your PC to open it, even if you have a later version installed, say version30 it still won't open it, it has to be version 20 Steve
  4. 1747-SN relates programming question

    You could try posting in, The guy's on there are far more AB Savvy, there are ex (or current) AB employees amongst the moderators. Steve
  5. Not able to select parameter

    Welcome, To save us trying to second guess your problem, could you give more info ie what piece of equipment are these parameters relating to? Steve
  6. 1747-SN relates programming question

    I'm not sure about the *QMS part but the S:15 is split into low byte and high byte where the low byte contains the NODE number of the Processor and the high byte contains the baud rate of the com port, is the QMS a symbol for a memory store? Steve
  7. Controlling Cylinder Stroke Length

    Welcome, You will find it almost impossible to control a driven rod cylinder, you would require a rodless cylinder which can be controlled, with feedback given by simple reed switches mounted at the controlled stop positions. Rodless cylinder Steve
  8. Why (U) an OTE?

    This sometimes is intentional, a quick example would be when a HMI or SCADA system writes directly to a PLC's data table (eg turning on an output), then the PLC turns this output off by unlatching (U) the output when a particular condition is met, this could be multiple conditions, hence the multiple (U)'s. Maybe a little untidy but sometimes unavoidable for the sake of clarity. Steve
  9. Error Clearing FX2n48MT

    its been a while since I used a FX2N but I think the error led is actually two leds side by side if the righthand one is lit then its a program error, if both lit its a CPU error. Either way the special registers D8060 to D8069 should indicate an error code, with the corresponding M registers M8060 to M8069 set to indicate the D register. To clear the PLC completely remove any memory cassette, remove the battery turn off the PLC and leave for 30 secs, Replace the battery, turn on the  PLC and switch to run. As I said its been a long time . Steve  
  10. whoops, I'm a bit slow typing
  11.   Hi, I would like to transfer the F940GOT-SWD-E program to a PC. in the photo the screen has become illegible. Do you have another solution to offer me? I am a novice and I would like help step by step. I ordered a new F940GOT-SWD-E and I receive it in 3 days. Thank you guys for your help. cordially  
  12. Medoc Keys to GX works 2

    If you register your software with mitsubishi, you can update to the latest version free of charge.   Steve
  13. I not sure with that particular HMI but, usually unless you have the original source code or the source code was downloaded with the run time file I don't think you will be able to upload to modify (I may be wrong) Steve  
  14. Siemens S7 STL Basics

    Your STL would equate to this in ladder   Steve  
  15. Siemens S7 STL Basics

    The starting of the timer (SD T0) is an output function, this effectivley terminates the logic network (rung), the A     M      0.1 =     Q      0.0 Is then deemed a new network (rung). Try drawing it out in ladder to visualise.   Steve