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  1. The terminal is a Memco or Menco brand. I could use the round port if i had an extention cable with a 9 pin female plug on the other end. Is this item available?
  2. i am saving the serial port for future printer app. but what i am trying to to do connect to the three pin connecter on channel 1. I am already connecting to he 8 pin round unit of channel 1, but to use that one i have have the panel door open. Termial i mentioned has a 9 pin, a RJ45, and and outlet in it. I wish to connect the 5/04 to the terminal (mounted on the outside of panel) so then i can connect to the plc from outside the panel. Also trying to do this without purchasing any special cables.
  3. So i need to connect to my PLC through a remote terminal on my main panel. This terminal has both RJ45 and 9 pin connector. I wish to use the three pin plug of channel 0 of the 5/04 (Allen Bradley) to do this. I need some wiring info or perhaps a pre-made cable to connect on either of the fore mentioned ports.