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  1. Hi Can anyone help me with ho I can make a button that when its pushed the cx-s. closes and the computer shutdown? Did find you what was wrong in my script, had do do it this way to get it to work RunApplication("ShutDown.exe /s /t 0")
  2. Toggel switch / Toggel bottons

    Thanks for the tips, but have try it, and it still gives me the flashes, if you press the botton on the wrong time... The CIP-TCP went down down by 10-15%
  3. Toggel switch / Toggel bottons

    The figurs are from the performace monitor, but on the on the ethernet bandwidth is at max 25%, but on the CIP-TCP is in use from 116%-> Have redused the aktive tags that are in communications with the plc, but it do not help me. Have a look on the movie to see the toggel problem. Regards, TAA Showtoggel.avi
  4. Toggel switch / Toggel bottons

    The OPC was there before we started to use CX-superviser, but have disconected the OPC and still the comunications are CIP - TCP:2\\BACKPLANE\0> have a overload status in use from 116% up to 180%. The main problem is the toggel switches, since we did not have that on the NS-screens. Any idee who to av avoid thes?
  5. I have problem when using togel bottons/Push bottons, when the botton is pushed the indications light light up and it go's off (Status from plc, showing off) then on after next updating. The point is set up I/O put with an updating when on screen and 5 sec( if i set it to 100msec it works ok for 3-4 but not when I have all 50. Problem with to much communications) The bottons have to be I/O do to that they can be switched off from the plc. The system have about 60-70 bottons and totaly 900 tags(To plc), and under normal use about 340 active. Need a solotion to avoide the indication not to flash. System set up: CX-superviser V2.11 Plus Running on WinXP PLC; CJ2H-CPU64-EIP OPC Server from Omron. When running the runtime file in the monitor I can see that the <CIP - TCP:2\\BACKPLANE\0> have a overload status in use from 116% up to 180%. Is there someone that have the same problem or have an good idee to do this??