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  1. HMI With Function Keys For Q Series

    Thank you I'll check them out.  
  2. HMI With Function Keys For Q Series

    Hi, I'd rather not, there are quite a lot of functions and also numeric entry.  I was thinking that there must be someone out there making HMIs with buttons like the old E1100s?  
  3. HMI With Function Keys For Q Series

    Hi, Thanks for the answer but no I that's not going to work for us. they really just need a HMI with buttons on . the issue is the operators wear gloves, these get covered in ink and they don't take them off when they operate the equipment. That's why the touch screens are no good and a keyboard is not going to work. the old E1100 was perfect as it had control keys all over and they didn't have to touch the screen.
  4. Hi,I don’t usually do much work with Mitsubishi equipment but I have a project for a customer who wants to use Mitsubishi Q series PLCs but need a HMI with function keys as touch screens are not suitable for the environment. In the past they have used Beijer E1100s but I notice these are now marked for EOL so although I could still get one it doesn't seem a sensible option.Looking at the Mitsubishi GOT range I think they are all touch screen and the new Beijer range also seem to have gone the same way, can anyone recommend a good HMI with function keys which will work well with the Q series PLCs?
  5. CompactLogix Ethernet Problem

    Thanks, yes you are right and it was the problem. When I realised that it seemed to be the gateway I had a closer look and realised that they must have given me a bad address as it was outside the subnet range. But the nature of the fault was odd as It let me put the new settings in while running and it was communicating fine with the hmi until the next power cycle. Then it lost all connections even those on the local subnet, not just connections over the gateway. And the duplicate IP address led was on which threw me for a while.
  6. CompactLogix Ethernet Problem

    Hi, they were on a private network PLC subnet HMI subnet From what I've just been going through on the technical help files, it looks like the PLC is not happy that the gateway is a valid address. which I believe can cause it to have comms problems even though it worked happily until it was powered down.
  7. Hi, I had an issue with a compactlogix PLC last night and I could use a little advice if anybody has seen this before. I was asked to change the IP address of a 1769-l32e and local HMI which were set for a private network to settings which would allow connection to the factory network. The settings I was given to put in were IP sunbet mask gateway After getting these settings in via linx and establishing comms ok with the HMI everything looked good, however after powercycling the machine the PLC lost it's CIP connection to the HMI and linx. I could still ping the IP address ok but could not connect and the NS light was solid red indicating a duplicate ip which was not the case. (even disconnecting the PLC from the network and rebooting it would cause the same conditions. The only way I could reconnect to the PLC was to run bootp and reset the IP address to what it was already set to. I was quite surprised to be able to see the boot p request because bootp and DHCP were both switched off in the PLC configuration. I eventually managed to stop this happening by removing the gateway address completely. Any suggestions guys?
  8. Ok thanks, I had already done that to get around it initially. I have since contacted Rockwell support and found out that’s it’s a known issue solved by installing the latest patch roll up for FactoryTalk. However having now installed the patches I guess my .apa files are not going to open on anybody elses PCs without them having the patch too!
  9. Hi, Has anybody had a similar problem to this? I have worked a fair bit on factory talk view ME but have not had this problem before. I modified a project in ME version 6.10 using my laptop and made an archive. Somebody else then contacted me to say that they were unable to open the archive because of the “invalid file” error. So I attempted to open the archive on my desktop and got the same error message. I then tried to open the file on my original laptop and it worked fine. I made another backup of another project and got the same results, the archive files will only open on my laptop. Both my desktop and laptop are running the same version of Studio ME installed from the same SI toolkit drive. Both are V6.10.00 (CPR9 SR4) build 09. Any ideas?