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  1. Hello! im here again! please y only need this tricks for finish the project, but i dont find anything... i have read the FAQ what helps u to get in wincc flexible to use it like HMI or PC station with IE General but i dont know if it runs... i want to use the notebook i have for program the simotion d410 with scout as PG and when i have to run the process use this notebook as wincc Flexible Runtime i have done this: activate scout hmi options insert hmi project in netpro: doble click to device_1 (HMI) and add, configure the IE general with the same IP as the windows IP and connect it to the ethernet what is simotion assignament tab: in ISO i have typed "dummy" text or something else and TCP/IP i have written S7ONLINE, then my Device_1(HMI) is connected to same industrial ethernet as simotion and then save and compile then i have activated connection in wincc flexible connection tab... have done some screens with func buttons now if i load to target device it will run?? if i use HMI IE and loaded to target device, it compile well without errors but when in the debug window shown me something like Connectig to Device_1... it returns me an Error and not load to simotion the HMI configuration... u think if i use the IE general it will run'?? thx too much!!
  2. wincc flexible+combine values

    Is only for bit data with no important things... thx jesper!! :D
  3. wincc flexible+simotion d410

    i have resolved somethings... but i only need help at one thing... connect simatic with simotion via i-device (Profinet RT) anybody can help me to configure and use it? i have the faq of support buy i dont understand how it works i only need to exchange bits for indicate to simotion when need to move to the next position of a plataform via s7-300 with some sensors thx for advance
  4. wincc flexible+combine values

    i need to comunicate omron cj1m with siemens s7300, i have a wincc project... if there any posibility where in siemens is active a bit, via wincc flexible activate a bit on omron? thx
  5. wincc flexible+combine values

    Hello guys i need help to configure wincc flexible for combine values of simatic s7300 with an opc server... how i can do it? i only want combine bits thx!
  6. help with program structure

    Hello friends i need help to structure a omron program: im doing a final school project... i have omron cj1m-etn21 and e5zn (temperature controller), SCADA WINCC FLEXIBLE with CX-OPC Server (i have in the same process simotion and et200s cpu and I/O units) i control cj1m by ethernet and e5zn by cj1m with their rs232 port configured as serial gateway for use own omron e5zn Fb's... the process consist: i have 3 containers 2 of them with liquid controller by 2 independent E5AK and the other is the drying process, controlled by E5ZN, you enter a piece with a bar code of 4 bits (2 ^ 3 number sequences) this code is readed by 4 sensors (we dont have real bar reader and we have do it with 4 CNY70(5V)+BD148 NPN: When CNY70 detects black = 1 when detects white=0,with 5V signal we polarize Transistor's base (BD148), a power supply 24V connected in collector-emitter for generate plc imput signal ) and their signals go to 4 digital imputs of cj1m... i dont know how to determine in table: where they go first (container 1 or container 2), how many time piece need to be into first 2 containers, and then in drying process what dry temperature and time for example: in one moment of the process the production have 3 diferent type of pieces: CODE BAR (0001): need to go first container, wait 30 secs into, go to drying process at 50ºC and wait 40 secs, go out of process CODE BAR (0101): need to go fsecond container, wait 10 secs into, go to drying process at 60ºC and wait 20 secs, go out of process etc etc... times and temperatures will be inserted first with changes posibility any idea? only need starting ideas for begin work thx thx! regards!
  7. wincc flexible+simotion d410

    Thx Man!! i have solved it creating I-device: Create a new project in SIMOTION scout and create a SIMOTION D410 PN. When you create the cpu then you can set the IP-Adress for the SIMOTION CPU an the PG/PC Interface which ist connected to the D410. In HWConfig open the properties of the PN-Interface and select the tab "I-Device". select the checkbox "I-Device Mode" an create the input/output-slots you need. Save and compile the station and create the GSDML file for the i-Device and install it (Menu Options -> Create GSD for I-Device). Create a new Station in HWconfig (Type SIMATIC 300 Station) an add the IM151-8 from the HWcatalog(PROFINET-IO -> I/O -> ET200S). Create a new subnet for the ET200. Add the created I-Device GSDML to the Profinet System of the IM (Profinet IO -> preconfigured Stations -> D410). Open the properties of the GSDML and set the IP-Adress which is Assigned to the D410 with click on the Button "Ethernet". Disable the checkbox "Assign IP address via IO Controller". regards
  8. wincc flexible+simotion d410

    Hello i have ethernet/ip network with one im151-8 pn oe im151-3 hf as profinet IO device of im151-8 PN and simotion D410, and cj1m with e5zn via serial gateway i want to use winCC flexible with this system like PC hmi. i have some questions of how to configure simotion d410 like a independent CPU but with posibility to get position and alarms in wincc flexible...?? can i have in the same network with the same siwitch cj1m and siemens systems? i have Cx-OPC server for comunicate via ethernet with cj1m is ther any posibility to comunicate cj1m with im151-8 PN, i only need some bits what indicates if one process has finished... or can i do this via wincc flexible doing relationship of different tags? u know any good tutorial for setting up simotion d410? regards