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  1. HMI Password Reset

    Never heard of that HMI.  But keep in mind asking on this website how to bypass passwords is against the rules.  You agreed to the rules when you made your account.
  2. Migrating to Siemens

    It will be a manual process, there is no way to convert.  Best of luck with that... Might also get some useful responses if you said which Mitsubishi and which Siemens and what softwares you are using.  We're not going to guess...
  3. Connections from PLC/HMI to a PCB

    PLCs and HMIs are not really meant to talk to PCBs.  Do you know what protocols you can use on the PCB?  The USB ports are for connection to the programming software, not for communication.
  4. An absolute beginner needs help with a PLC!

    BTW that's definitely not a Mitsubishi FX3U.  Some knockoff product.  Mitsubishi PLCs come in a plastic case with screw terminals, not as an exposed circuit board with Phoenix Contact terminal blocks.
  5. FX2N - 48MR (MELSEC)

    If you mean the EEPROM plug in memory module on the front of the unit, only insert or remove with power off. If you mean circuit boards, I am with Inntele, why would you do that?
  6. fx2U write option grayed out in GX Developer

    First, no such thing as FX Developer.  Second, no such thing as FX2U. Are you using GX-Developer?  Full version?  Because the downloadable demo version can't go online with a real PLC. How are you connecting?  More detail on your setup might get you a good answer.  Serial?  USB to Serial adapter?  Cable?  Version of GX-Developer?  Version of Windows? Unless you want us to guess, you have to completely explain your problem.
  7. What's the device which is trying to talk to the NJ?  How are you programming it? I've done Class 3 many times, but used the PLC and its function blocks to open and close the connection, not from another device.
  8. TrendGraph (Data Logging)

    Trend graphs work fine on the NA, used them numerous times.  But as mentioned, the manuals even state they are not displayed on simulator. When you say it disappears from the screen, can you be more specific?  Like immediately?  After a time?  There's nothing other than the visibility setting that should make it show/hide.
  9. Communication between STEP7 and PL7 PRO via WINCC

    PL7 Pro isn't Siemens.  Only one I know was Modicon Telemecanique. I thought WinCC was to read and write data to a controller, not to the programming software.
  10. Did you set anything in servo parameters?  Did you wire end of travel limits and immediate stop switch?  Because end of travel and stop are default normally closed, if you didn't wire or change settings the servo is in error. Servo display an error or 00?   Safety jumper plugged in or safety circuit wired?
  11. NX102 Ethernet IP

    I have done this from one PLC to another using the CIPREAD and CIPWRITE function blocks.
  12. If a variable is both retained and has initial value, the retained value is maintained unless battery dies, or unless the 'clear variables with retain attribute' check box is selected on the transfer to controller screen.
  13. NX102 Ethernet IP

    Most devices could ask for them by variable name and not need class, instance, attribute.
  14. Data Logging

    Since you have no idea what data type the variable is going to be, you're really limited.  My recommendation would be to turn all the data into strings and add those strings together, then save that into an array of strings.
  15. Graphic Operational Controller

    Check with your Mitsubishi rep in India.  Those products are not sold in other regions.
  16. how to program motion controller A172SHCPUN

    You need to contact Mitsubishi to get the software.  I believe it communicates through the main CPU across the backplane, but been well over a decade since I've worked on old A-Series...

    FX memory card may have a write protect switch turned on.  Look under the cover and see if a memory module is present.
  18. installing AL-PCS/WIN

    Never seen it work on Windows 10.
  19. NTST software.
  20. NA HMI Listbox

    Used a listbox many times, but never tried loading the list anything other than manually.  My applications have not required me to get into the script code.
  21. Square D PLC Software

    Old DOS based software, long discontinued.  They did briefly release a Windows version. Don't know if they ever made it publicly available, so you should contact Schneider Electric to find out.  Can't share the software if it's not public domain... Don't have info on the cable anymore, haven't seen one since I replaced one in 2003.
  22. You need to read the manual for the drive and see how it wants to be controlled.  If it's a simple digital input, you control it with one of the PLC's digital outputs.  Never seen that servo so can't really provide more details than that.
  23. Depends on the version of the CPU firmware.  I don't recall when the change was made, but some earlier versions would clear the array.
  24. The OS on the HMI doesn't need to be changed, but it makes sense to match it to the project version.  All required files are in Studio, it's an automatic question each time you go online, so why not make them match?  And newer firmwares add new and improved features.  1.11 has a lot of new items... All units out of the box are still version 1.0.
  25. Analog I/O on EIC202

    You need to look at the I/O allocation of the EIC202 coupler and know what words of the input and output data contain the analog info.  It's sent as a INT.