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  1. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    The auto update list shows the version you have currently  installed.  Click the + next to it to see the version number which will be installed.
  2. error 189h in MicroLogix 1500

    Probably get more responses if you put this in the Allen Bradley forum instead of general topics.  I can move it if you'd like.
  3. LINK Download GT softGOT and GT Works

    GT-Designer3 Next time, create a new topic, don't post on something completely unrelated from over a decade ago.
  4. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Downloaded updated Friday and installed this morning, I am at But I see the update in the auto-update tool.  1.20 only came out 10/2, a patch on 10/12 seems like a bug fix.
  5. sysmac studio 1.17

    We don't deal in illegal software here.  You read the terms of service when you signed up for your account?  Then you know this will get you banned.  Don't ask again or don't come back.
  6. And we answered that multiple times.  You write recipe to controller.
  7. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    I upgraded and have had no issues yet.  1.19 lasted the standard 3 months, 1.20 wasn't a bug fix.  1.20 has many new features like being able to open tabs from all devices in a project at once, so you can see HMI and PLC side by side, which we have been begging for.  Also, you can drag and drop contact and coil from ladder into HMI page and it makes buttons and lamps.  Haven't tried with numeric data yet.
  8. My understanding was that the firmware upgrade message will appear whenever the Sysmac Studio version has a newer OS, whether or not you select it in your program.  And it offers to upgrade the OS.  But you can say NO and leave it with the old OS as long as the version of the project remains matched to the old OS.
  9. Sounded to me like he wants to write recipes in the HMI from the PLC code.  That can't be done.  Maybe the original poster can clear up the confusion.
  10. Re-Naming Program Files...

    It's OK if extra programs exist, until you try to add new code and find out the CPU is full, even though it shouldn't be.  It's a real headache when you have a program that according to the software will fit but then you get errors trying to download it.  Had to help a customer through that years ago, the error messages didn't help. Better to just take out the trash...
  11. Last time I was online with one it asked if you wanted to update, and there was a NO button.  I've never used it, but there was a NO button.
  12. You cannot read it from the PLC.  The recipe is in the HMI, and from the HMI, you can write it to the PLC or read it from the PLC.  You can't control the recipe from the controller side, that's not what recipes are for.
  13. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    I know personally I have submitted some feedback via technical support and local rep and there have been changes in the software.  Doubt it was directly my comments, but it seems they are listening to the voice of the customer.
  14. You use the functions in the HMI to write the values of a recipe record to the PLC.  There's a function called WriteRecipeToController you can use in script, or the factory created Standard IAG library has buttons you can add to your screen to do it.  
  15. Interfacing of Arduino Sensors with FATEK PLC

    Some PLCs offer PWM inputs.  Don't know a thing about FATEK ones...
  16. Password crack for Fuji Electric UG330H-SS4

    Discussion of hacking or bypassing passwords is against the terms of service here, and can get you banned from the site.  Doesn't matter if you own the hardware or not, someone put a password in to protect intellectual property.

    surya:  Contact PILZ directly I bet they can help. fath:  That's illegal, you need to buy it.  We don't allow piracy or the discussion of software piracy here, it will get you banned.
  18. Re-Naming Program Files...

    If you rename a bunch after downloading them once, the old ones get left behind.   Clear the CPU before downloading the new names.  It won't automatically delete the old ones or rename them.  It will add new ones with the new names.
  19. cpm1a and ns5

    Do you have the proper cable?  What are the connections in the cable you are using?
  20. From PM this morning

    As many have stated, the USB port is for programming, NOT data access.  You CANNOT use it with VBA to read controller data.
  21. Controled Valve

    Don't understand the question.  What ladder tools?  Describe how?
  22. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Nobody submits this to Omron, but many Omron people do read these threads. As for the first point, that is the entire purpose of an IAG. I agree on the second one...
  23. You can always say no to upgrading the OS on the terminal.  
  24. You write recipe data from the HMI to the PLC using a script or the factory created library of toolbar buttons on the HMI.   As for editing recipes, you can do that right in the HMI project in Studio.
  25. The new trend or what is that?

    What does this have to do with PLCs?  If you are advertising a product, we have a forum for that.