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  1. Senha CQM1H

    We do not discuss cracking of passwords here.
  2. Beijers home page

    Saw the same many years ago where an automation page was let go by its owner and a porn site took over... Bet that shocked a few others...
  3. Controls system - what to choose

    Analog and temperature inputs and analog outputs are the reason your price is so high.  Those are not cheap, on any PLC.  You're talking about 30 analog inputs (including the temperature ones) and 5 outputs.  That's a lot for most small PLCs.
  4. Omron G5 Servo Drive Rotary Mode

    You can't make an absolute move to 360, because it's also 0.  Move to zero.  Your move function block will have an input called Direction where you can tell it which direction to rotate. Or do an incremental move of 360 degrees to move one full revolution.  
  5. Control Panel Builder

    Might want to add a post in the For Sale section advertising your services when you have photos and details to share.
  6. G9SP Configurator

    There were some promos in the past where software was given out with the PLC, those customers were given a serial number.  I haven't seen that promo in several years. If you purchase the software, I would suspect that technical support (800-55-OMRON) could give you a number to activate it with proof of purchase.  That would at least remove the days of waiting and get you operational.
  7. This is not a Sysmac Studio question, I can move it to the Other Omron Software group. CJ2M programs in CX-Programmer, and CX-Simulator is part of the package, so yes, it can be simulated.  I have never seen an NQ, can't help with that.
  8. Most converters simply swap data between two networks, not truly share network messages. There was a PCI version of the SA85 released they called it PCI-85.  Many PCs would not have ISA slots anymore for the older cards.  
  9. Must have mixed up with safety editor, that one is always decimal and very annoying for safety error codes.
  10. And you will get the same answer.  It always shows decimal.
  11. Sysmac Studio 1.22

    I know, that is on the list.  In the past, the software itself didn't work well without admin rights.  Now it's a much shorter list.
  12. CX-Remover

    You can't.  The remover takes off both packages. If you only want to uninstall one, you do that using Windows and the Control Panel.
  13. B&R SWPIC-3 PROSYS programming

    If it's a B&R device, try and see if they have a download, or contact their technical support.    
  14. Sysmac Studio 1.22

    Like most automation software, it is designed to run as the PC administrator.  If your IT guys do not give you admin rights, you will have issues.  This is not Omron specific, it affects nearly every automation supplier.  With the new versions, you can run most features without admin rights, but some still require it.  I believe there's a list in the software manual.
  15. EtherCAT Configuration

    What happened is the connection between two module must have been loose.  Make sure you put end stops on the assembly to prevent them from vibrating or shifting. When Compare and Merge says a module was removed, it's a sure sign of a loose connection because it can't see it.  And all downstream modules will also be missing, as your image shows. Your loose connection was between the second and third SID800, as the third is showing removed.  
  16. Values in ladder page all default to decimal.  There is no way to view in hex on the ladder window.
  17. UINT is an unsigned integer, it's meant to be read as a numeric value 0-65,535. WORD is a 16-bit value, typically used in HEXADECIMAL.
  18. NJ to CJ CIP messaging

    You need to know what you are asking the CJ for, so yes, you need to know the CJ memory map. The commands are actually quite simple as long as you make the proper route path.
  19. What is OSCAT library?
  20. How to set MC_HomeWithParameter instruction

    Each item you configure in the Homing Settings can be set as an item in that structure.  That way, they can be changed within your program with simple MOVE commands. If you only need one method of homing, stick to settings it in Homing Settings and using MC_Home.
  21. Unknown runtime password for application

    Discussions of bypassing passwords are not allowed here.  You agreed to this when you agreed to the terms of service and created an account.  Nobody will answer this.
  22. What is SCADA Software?

    The software package that makes the interface.
  23. Converting Modsoft program into Unity Pro XL

    This type of thing should be in a forum for Schneider, not website updates.
  24. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Can't do that.  Unions are only for the bit string data types like BIT, BYTE, WORD, DWORD, LWORD.