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  1. CX-Spervisor Dev V3 WANTED TO BUY

    Replied to your post in For Sale. You can look up an authorized distributor there.  
  2. You should contact Omron and find a local distributor. or will get you local support in North and South America.
  3. B&R Automation Studio 4.3 DLL error

    Have you searched to make sure that DLL file is on the PC? Can you check a PC where it works and see if the size or file date are the same or different? Quick Internet search led me to this: The mfc140.dll file is part of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 RC package.To resolve the issue: Download the package from Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 RC. Install the package by running the downloaded .exe file.
  4. simulator for S7-200 Siemens Simatic PLC

    The programming software for that unit had simulation.  Check with Siemens.
  5. NEXGENIE 1000 Communication

    Sorry that product isn't sold outside India, you won't find much help on it here...
  6. timer question

    Could be a limitation of that CPU, those J CPUs are really basic.

    PX Developer was for process CPUs, not the one you have.  You need GX Works2 or GX Works3.

    No special procedure, mount the ISO file as a drive letter and run setup. When you say you can't install it, how about some details on the error message?  What does it say?  What version of Windows?  Some info on your PC? Nothing can be debugged with 'it didn't work'...
  9. gp pro ex proface

    Can't be certain, no experience with ProFace, but with some I have worked with it means the controller and the HMI are not communicating, so it won't draw them and not be able to show controller data.
  10. serial number C-more 6.21

    Glad to hear they helped you out!
  11. Remote IO

    Provide the part number on the I/O card.  with the door open i can't see what type of module you are using.  Can't tell what network it is. But as far as what the switches are set for, that's pretty obvious, they are labeled.  It's setting a network node number in binary.  Since 2 and 4 are on, that's node 6.
  12. I don't think it will cause a problem.  I recall you said the LinMot acted strangely.  I'm curious what the results will be, but can't imagine it would hurt anything.  With the immediate stop, try using the immediate stop and servo off, that should prevent any motion once it decels to a stop.
  13. serial number C-more 6.21

    Sharing serial numbers is software piracy.  The terms of service you agreed to when you signed onto this site forbid it, and typically accounts will be banned for such discussions.  Contact tech support to see what they can do about your upgrade.
  14. MC_Stop includes deceleration, and is your normal method to stop an axis.  I have never seen a case where that function block creates and error. MC_ImmediateStop does not include deceleration.  It's an instant hard stop.  And MC_ImmediateStop will always place the axis in error when done, to prevent further operation until MC_Reset is issued.  It can also be configured to turn the servo off or reset following error when it completes.   That's all in the programming manual details for the function blocks. I can't think of a single reason to have the output from the stop block trigger the immediate stop block.  That example seems fairly stupid.  Keep in mind too that when an axis shows an error, it likely is already stopped or being stopped.  They don't run with a minor fault, but can with an observation.
  15. No Online Edits?

    kannappan, please make your own posts in the future.  This topic has nothing to do with GX Works3 and simulation, and it's over 3 years old.
  16. Redundancy

    Redundant PLCs are designed to switch from one to the other automatically when there is a failure.  All inputs and outputs are connected via a network so that network control can be switched from one master to another.  Any thing you connect locally to one of two PLCs cannot be switched to another, that is why the network is used. I am not aware of a redundant CPU solution in the CompactLogix range.
  17. Problem in PLC system

    As I told the last person to reply, please keep advertising in the For Sale section.  Neither of you has done anything to answer the question, you both simply promote a website.  That is advertising, not assisting.  It goes in the For Sale section.
  18. Sending alarms with NA panel

    No phone or email support on the HMI.  I do not recall ever seeing email capability on the PLC either.
  19. Never touched it, never heard of it.
  20. Fx3g plc with fx3ge-CNV-ADP and fx3u-4ad-adp

    Are you looking at the correct addresses in the PLC memory?  Are your analog signals wired properly?  Are they 0-10V or 4-20mA?  if you don't provide details, we can't provide help.
  21. Are you certain your USB drivers are installed correctly?  Omron PLCs will appear in Device Manager as a modem when properly installed drivers are present. Also keep in mind that if you plug into a different USB port you will have to set up the driver again, as Windows defines each port as a new connection.
  22. Typically watchdog timer in PLC is to catch an infinite cycle, like getting stuck in a loop. Which PLCs have you used that allow a software reset of this condition?  I do not know of any from my experience. There is a RUN contact in the power supply, which is only closed when the CPU is in RUN mode.  Could you potentially use that to trigger ax external timer and cut power from the PLC for a few seconds??
  23. NA-series password change

    Just got mine ;)
  24. The watchdog timer is set on the Task Settings screen when the tasks are assigned their cycle time.  But as innoaloe said, it's not something that can be reset from software.  it requires a power cycle.
  25. NA-series password change

    He said he already knew the login and logout, wanted user management.  That's only in the utility menu.