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  1. iQ Works Q & A

    Rather than continue to pound on the old GX Developer improvements thread, I thought it best to create a new thread specific to GX Works2. Post any questions or feedback here.
  2. Q series basic motion control of 3 axes

    You didn't give us anything to go on.  Control it to do what?  Control it how? QD75MH is very easy to program.
  3. Mitsubishi HMI (F940GOT-LWD-E)

    Then you should contact KINCO for their software.  This isn't a Mitsubishi product I have ever heard of.
  4. NA screen acknowledge alarms on reset?

    Acknowledge is designed to make the user confirm they saw the error.  If you don't need that, then uncheck the acknowledge on the alarm.
  5. Synchronize time of Proface's HMI and PC

    Might get more answers in the HMI forum.  But in order for anyone to help, you have to tell us what PLC its connected to.  
  6. Connect for what?  Data collection?  Pass/fail results?  Measurement data?  Trigger? More information about your application can help people provide better answers. The FH can provide information over EtherNet.  I've seen it done with EtherCAT or EtherNet/IP.  Not sure about Siemens Ethernet protocols though...
  7. Connecting to NS8

    Is your CX-One completely up to date?  Did you do the automatic updates to get the latest version?  If it's older, the USB drivers may not be right for Windows 10. Version number of CX-Designer?
  8. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Yeah, since about HMI firmware 1.05 or so.
  9. Accessing USB from VB on NA screen

    The drives have names, like SDCARD or USB.  That's in place of drive letters you would see on a PC.  Perhaps that will help.
  10. how to download new program (step 7)

    There's nothing on this question about HMI. 
  11. Ask the OEM to send you a copy of the program so you can erase the PLC and download it again.  That's about your only option at this point.  If they can't provide the password and they can't provide the original project, your more or less have to start over and have an integrator write a new program.  And hopefully in a more modern PLC.  There is no magic back door to let you bypass the intellectual property protection.
  12. EtherCat Configuration

    There's no reason Compare and Merge would report anything other than the module's configuration, I would double check your switch settings.
  13. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Why not create different resources lists?  You can make a bunch of them.
  14. Sysmac HMI

    Typically displayed as a numeric value using a Data Display or can also be displayed using the slider bar or some graph options. Sysmac is an Omron product, you may want to post in the Omron forum to get more responses. You never said which PLC or which HMI model you are using.  Or what format the data is in.
  15. plc taian

    Contact the vendor.
  16. Mitsubishi PLC Backup

    Worked for Mitsubishi for many years (long ago) and never heard of SC11 or FXTool.
  17. Main Program of CPU Q-Series memory

    Never used SCL.  But the only way to get more program memory is get the right size CPU. If you create function blocks from your repetitive code sections, then they can be called multiple times like subroutines but do not take up as much memory.  Or as someone else said, try to use some FOR/NEXT loops to create sections of code. Never size a PLC by the number of inputs and outputs it can control.
  18. Direct Online Problem

    Toolbus is the programming port.  That's how I program these devices, not via the RS232.
  19. EtherCat Configuration

    innoaloe hit the mark... JC03 MUST have its node number software set.  There are no switches to set the node number, and it does occupy one node number.
  20. PLC download problem

    Never seen such...  What software?  What PLC?
  21. Mitsubishi PLC Backup

    GX-Developer or GX-Work2 or GX-Works3.  SC09 cable or FX-USB-AW cable.
  22. Bits on Contactor

    Why would you want to look at one bit in the numeric value of the counter? If you want to know the value, use a compare.
  23. 1734-IT2I

    More answers may be found if you post in the Allen Bradley forums...
  24. Never seen that... and I've done a bit of ST.
  25. Bits on Contactor

    Counters have a completion indicator which is a bit of the same name as the counter.  That is typically coded as a contact.