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  1. qj71mb91

    It doesn't matter what rack it's in, you have one CPU and one program.  The card doesn't have RAM to save, it's told what to do by the controller.
  2. Mitsubishi HMI (F940GOT-LWD-E)

    Your screen is blank.  You need to create a project using GTWorks2 and download it to the terminal.
  3. Add Fonts to Sysmac Studio

    NA screens are based on Windows Embedded Compact 7, so anything Microsoft built into Windows 7 is available.  There is no access to the operating system through the screen, so you cannot install Windows drivers or fonts.
  4. Loading screen on NA

    Threads?  Exactly what do you mean?  You can display a screen based on a string variable or a numeric variable.
  5. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Nope, that's a feature of EtherCAT.  Different revisions of devices may have different capabilities and I/O signals.  But if you go online, right click on the Master, and select 'Compare and Merge' the differences can be quickly fixed.  Since they are servos, doing Compare and Merge may disconnect them from the motion axes, so that would need to be checked. And the software improvement recommendations thread is not the place to be asking questions.  Create a topic when you have a question.
  6. Need Support panasonic Servo

    Not going to get much help on Panasonic if you post in the Automation Direct forum.   And without more information about the application and the controller I doubt you can get any worthwhile answers.  You never said what is controlling it, are the motors properly sized for your application, what error messages you are getting, etc.
  7. Variable size array

    We now have variable size arrays, but you must use them as input or output to a user-defined function block.
  8. How about open two copies of Studio and copy and paste between them?
  9. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    No, a structure has to be defined in advance, so you know exactly how many members are in it when you define it. It's possible now to create arrays with an unknown number of entries, and there are functions to return the number of the lowest and highest used.
  10. Mitsubishi FX3U Trasfer memory cassette to plc

    Software can't access the memory card.  Only when it's in a PLC.  If you go online with a PLC that powered up with a memory card installed, you are reading the program in the memory card. If you go online with a PLC without a memory card, you are reading the internal memory of the controller. The cards should never be installed or removed under power in the FX families.
  11. Declare an Alarme

    There is no 'zone' you need to use.  Select the memory area in the drop down and then type an address using the box to the right.
  12. CP1E Allocation I/O

    Need a whole part number to tell you anything...
  13. NSJ-Holding Bit from HMI on after power cycle

    More detail on your configuration would really help us to provide relevant answers.
  14. eMB-60R Not Detected

    An IP address beginning with 169 is typically used when your computer is set for DHCP and was not assigned an IP address by a server properly.  Keep in mind IPCONFIG is going to show ALL of the IP addresses on your PC, and one is likely the wireless connection. It sounds like your computer is not on the same subnet as the robot.
  15. Where can i find driver for master k120s? (LG)

    Might be more helpful if you said what you mean by a driver?  For what purpose?
  16. User Name DB LOOKUP HELP.

    You know this is a PLC forum right?  VLOOKUP is an Excel function.
  17. E1061 - Beijer Electronics

    You can't print from the screen to a PDF.  The print function in the HMI is for a printer.  It's not a PC, it can't make PDFs. As Ron_S said, you can print a screen from E-Designer.
  18. The manual for your software will explain how to set PLC passwords.  
  19. The original program is empty.  Is it this way on all programs or only one? Was there an error shown in the Synchronize window?  Look at the bottom of the Synchronize window for result messages.
  20. Fuji Wsz plc

    Found it in 10 seconds on Google... looks like an older obsolete PLC.
  21. Nexgenie 1000plc

    Only sold in India, need to contact for local support.
  22. Network Config

    Contact technical support or your distributor.  I do not believe downloads of this product are public.
  23. When you are on the NX configuration screen, click on the module and there is a button to the right (or right click) for 'Edit Unit Operation Settings'.  All configuration of the card is done there. NX-EC0222 can count 500KHz.
  24. ST Language

    R_TRIG and F_TRIG function blocks can be used in ST.  They are edge triggers in the Sysmac platform.  You didn't state what PLC.
  25. Sysmac Studio 1.22

    There was an issue with one of the releases of 1.20 I think which prevented it from showing automatic updates.  Check with tech support they may need to give you a link to download a different installer which will fix the auto-update utility.