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  1. Ladder program save in PDF file

    Simple way is install CutePDF.  It makes a printer that writes to PDF.   Then just open your programming software and print your project.
  2. KINCO HMI MTT4414T Password

    Yes.  Talking about bypassing passwords here is against the terms of service you agreed to when you made your account.  
  3. converting gx developer program to gx works 2

    The A-Q conversion software used to be a free download on their website, but I haven't looked in several years.
  4. Elipse scada

    Remember that we ban users for discussions of hacking or bypassing passwords.  You agreed to this when you made your account.  We are not here to assist you in stealing someone else's work.
  5. Overriding user in gx works 2

    I've never heard of a way either.
  6. Amazing how few people actually read the terms of service when they sign up on this site.  It clearly states this type of conversation will get you banned.  Don't ask again.
  7. You create your function blocks in their own programs in the Functions and Function Blocks folder in the Multiview Explorer.  You don't declare them inside a program, they are their own programs.
  8. String to Real

    All commands are in the toolbox.  No exceptions.
  9. Pop up login screen editing

    Does the terminal have some kind of setup menu where you may select a language?  Seems like if it was a built in thing there would be a built in change capability. Sorry don't know these terminals, as I mentioned before...
  10. What is the benefit of using Structured programming?

    Weeding out the rookies huh?  Or scaring them off?
  11. Change title bar of pop-up screen

    Not that I have seen.
  12. String to Real

    There are commands in the CPU to convert a string to REAL or LREAL.   STRING_TO_REAL STRING_TO_LREAL
  13. Pop up login screen editing

    Don't know Siemens, but i suspect if it's like other HMIs that I work on the login screen is a system function and can't be edited.
  14. edit comment directly from got

    I would put the name in as a text string.  Then add an ASCII display or ASCII edit object on the HMI. Pretty sure the comments in the GOT can't be accessed via the program.
  15. SoftGOT is a package to run the HMI on a PC.  That makes the PC the HMI.  It's not for use to communicate with an actual GOT terminal. GT Designer3 is the programming software.