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  1. Likely an issue with your USB to RS232 adapter.  Many of them just don't function well with automation and controls.  Which one are you using? Are you 100% certain it installed as COM1?
  2. PLC Mitsubishi Q3UDE connect PLC micro800

    Mitsubishi did offer an EtherNet/IP module for the Q Series, not sure if it's still a product or not, haven't worked with one in many years.
  3. cx and sysmac link help

    Link between Sysmac what and CX-Programmer?  Sysmac Studio?  Sysmac Gateway? The manual for CX-Designer has a quick step by step guide on how to get tags from CX-Programming.  Getting them from Sysmac Studio is pretty simple as well.  It's an import function, not a direct link, so each time you change variables you must export and import again.
  4. What I mean is not what I want to see, it's can you edit those fields...
  5. I understand that but I bet I can find at least 75 posts where the comment was made about IEC programming and variables sucks... it gets old, time for some new material...
  6. q03ude and shifting lots of bits

    How many is a huge block, that would help...
  7. There are multiple software packages, PL7-2 and User Interface.  One cannot run without the other.
  8. PLC Mitsubishi Q3UDE connect PLC micro800

    Q03UDE doesn't speak EtherNet/IP.  Not directly anyways.

    That's the place it should be.  If it's not installing, perhaps files are missing?  Reinstall your software?  
  10. Output a page as an image file

    File menu... Image File Output.
  11. Sysmac Studio 1.22

    I upgraded a bunch of machines and didn't have that issue.
  12. Recover machine after power up

    Check the list of system variables.  There may be one that suits your needs. Also, you can set a bit on the first scan flag to know its powered on, then don't make it retentive so you can see it is off after a power cycle.
  13. NA5 Uploading

    The bottom of the synchronize screen has transfer to and transfer from buttons. It's possible the person who downloaded the screen did not include the source code, in which case upload is not possible.
  14. Recipe Save issue again

    The recipe functions are in the HMI, and that's where the card needs to be.  The HMI can't access the card in the PLC.
  15. Store Recipes on my NJ SD Card

    Your post said NJ SD card, but it sounds like you are talking about the SD card in the NA screen.