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  1. FX3U configuration

    Next time start your own post, this topic has been inactive since 2011. Other than an error in the module, there is nothing that would make them stop communicating after a couple hours.  Are you certain you are not losing power and all connections are tight? Check your code to ensure the FROM instructions are still being executed.
  2. FX3U configuration

    Nope, will work fine on FX3U. 
  3. Shihlin Electric Model SEPLC PLC

    You're going to need to hire a programmer to rewrite the code, you have likely lost the battery and the program.
  4. NX1P i/o wiring

    In most cases I've seen them installed, they use one power supply for both.  Exception being safety I/O, where they will use both a PF0630 and PD1000 to restart both power buses with the safety power supply.
  5. High speed countet

    The manual has example code.
  6. what's the advantage of installing genuine software?

    You need to buy software.  Anyone who shares illegal copies can be sharing a virus, malware, ransomware, or other bad stuff along with the software. If you can't afford the software, you don't buy the hardware. There are no upsides to stealing other people's intellectual property.
  7. If you download, their change will be erased.
  8. Concept 2.1xl

    If Schneider won't provide it, you have very little option.  We are not here to illegally distribute copies of software.  And it's against the terms of service you agreed to when making your account.
  9. For 984 I would use ProWORX not Concept. But regardless, get online with a processor, upload the project, and save a copy for each CPU.  What do you mean export?
  10. usb-sc09 Driver

    Mitsubishi does not make a cable with that number.  Likely a knockoff product.  Their USB cable is FX-USB-AW.  And it comes with the drivers on CD.
  11. Edit Omron NB Screen Remotely

    Modem?  Not that I am aware of.  Who still uses modems?  But most of the screens have Ethernet, and if you can get on the network with it, you can edit it.
  12. Servos syncronization

    No way the virtual axis is going out based on the slave going to error.  You must be getting an error on the master axis.  The axes all have variables where you can see the error codes, and also can be seen in the Troubleshooting screen in Studio. Provide more detail on your error codes and axes and we may be able to make suggestions.  But a slave axis in gearing going to error is only going to stop that one slave axis.
  13. Bitwords

    Never heard of wordbits... another solution besides a union is the commands to read/write a bit in a word, those are TestABit, OutABit, SetABit, ResetABit. For my control of MX2, i created a structure and named each of the bits... so for example to make the drive run forward, I have a Boolean called Drive1.Forward.  
  14. Your question is unclear... what variable?  There is no variable where passwords are stored in either device.
  15. Buttons with images in NA

    You can also create buttons with off and on images... change the display type from rectangle to Image and load the images...