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  1. S7-200 (Step7 Micro/win) - How to change language

    PLC software doesn't typically translate languages.  If the items are labeled in Chinese, then likely you will have to rename them into English. Can't really say much more, haven't touched one of these since 2005.
  2. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    I always sort the C:\OMRON\Data\Solution in descending date order to match the list in Studio, then pick the ones I want.
  3. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    Well if you're using GX-Developer, there's about a 100% chance the PLC is Mitsubishi.  Which one?  They make quite a few. Are there files and subdirectories in the Resource project folder? Are these files not marked as read only?  

    Right, but a converter to GOT, that never existed that I know of.
  5. LOGO! 8 TIA portal WinCC

    I know Logo has changed many times, I used up to version 4, but back then there was no SCADA that could talk to it.  Those are not PLCs, they are programmable relays.  They were not originally designed for communication, just for simple logic and timers and counters.  Used one to run my pool pump, and used some for customers for basic sequencing.  I know they have grown up a bit, but I am not aware of any SCADA that can talk to them. Might want to check the Siemens website for Logo and see what they say.
  6. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    Version 8 doesn't tell us enough.  What is the full version number?  There's been over 115 releases of version 8. The project may be from a newer version.  It may have files missing.  It may be tagged read only in Windows.  There's a hundred different things that it could be. Please provide more detail on the version and PLC type.

    Never saw a converter tool for the E series while I worked there...
  8. FX-EEPROM-16

    Do not ever remove the memory card while the PLC is powered up. When the unit powers up, if the memory card is present, it is used, and any download or upload will be to the memory card.  The memory card program will run. If the unit powers up without a memory card, it uses its internal program, and any download or upload is to the internal memory. It's EEPROM, so it should be able to be rewritten if the protect switch is off.
  9. HMI Password Reset

    Never heard of that HMI.  But keep in mind asking on this website how to bypass passwords is against the rules.  You agreed to the rules when you made your account.
  10. Migrating to Siemens

    It will be a manual process, there is no way to convert.  Best of luck with that... Might also get some useful responses if you said which Mitsubishi and which Siemens and what softwares you are using.  We're not going to guess...
  11. Connections from PLC/HMI to a PCB

    PLCs and HMIs are not really meant to talk to PCBs.  Do you know what protocols you can use on the PCB?  The USB ports are for connection to the programming software, not for communication.
  12. An absolute beginner needs help with a PLC!

    BTW that's definitely not a Mitsubishi FX3U.  Some knockoff product.  Mitsubishi PLCs come in a plastic case with screw terminals, not as an exposed circuit board with Phoenix Contact terminal blocks.
  13. FX2N - 48MR (MELSEC)

    If you mean the EEPROM plug in memory module on the front of the unit, only insert or remove with power off. If you mean circuit boards, I am with Inntele, why would you do that?
  14. fx2U write option grayed out in GX Developer

    First, no such thing as FX Developer.  Second, no such thing as FX2U. Are you using GX-Developer?  Full version?  Because the downloadable demo version can't go online with a real PLC. How are you connecting?  More detail on your setup might get you a good answer.  Serial?  USB to Serial adapter?  Cable?  Version of GX-Developer?  Version of Windows? Unless you want us to guess, you have to completely explain your problem.
  15. What's the device which is trying to talk to the NJ?  How are you programming it? I've done Class 3 many times, but used the PLC and its function blocks to open and close the connection, not from another device.