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  1. Siemens plc system

    The company for which I have worked for the last 10 years is a platform independent software/engineering firm. We do not sell any hardware, so we can be relatively unbiased when recommending PLC's. We have worked extensively with all of the major PLC brands. In my opinion Siemens is the most complicated, yet the most powerful and capable. It took me much longer to become an expert at Siemens, but now the benefits are easily quantifiable. We have found that we can complete most projects on a Siemens platform in about 50-75% of the time it would take on an AB platform. We heavily rely on the use of reusable Function Blocks thus allowing us to program PLC's in an object-oriented manner. Siemens supports reusable function blocks in a way that is superior to AB. For this reason alone, I prefer Siemens over AB. Here is a blog I wrote about the advantages of reusable Function Blocks: IEC-61131-3-Function-Blocks--Unleash-the-Power