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  1. 90/30 Addressing

    Thanks. I thought that was the case if they were sequentially addressed. I just wanted to make sure before I got in too far.
  2. 90/30 Addressing

    I have been using mostly AB PLCs for the past 20 years. I have started a new job where everything is GE. I have used them some in the past so I'm not totally blind. I am starting an equipment refurb/upgrade project where I will possibly need some more IO (the rack is full). I plan to swap the current three 16 bit input cards out with three 32 bit cards. The 3 cards are all side by side. As far as addressing and the current program, nothing throws a red flag up to me. As I see it, swap the 3 cards and setup the hardware. The existing inputs shouldn't change address since they are sequential?? I guess the questions is will the addressing change when I combine the original three 16 bit cards to one and a half 32 bit cards? It will still be %I1 to %I48 now with an extra 48 bits free. Correct?
  3. Micrologix 1400 Web server

    Thanks for the replies. I was using the sample code from the AB manuals mostly. I was afraid this couldn't be done.
  4. Micrologix 1400 Web server

    Been a while since I have been on. I am currently working on a project for some stand alone machines that will need remote access for the customer. I am using a Micrologix 1400 that will be connected to a cellular modem via the ethernet port. I have seen some information and sample code about building the user web pages that will display most anything in the data tables. Most of it seems somewhat straight forward for a non web page programmer like me. What I haven't seen is how to manipulate anything from the user web page. I want to be able to change one bit through the web page to be used as a machine enable or disable. I can do it through supplied default pages on the 1400 web server but the customer doesn't need this much control. All I need is to display some counter values, possibly reset them, and the control of the one bit I mentioned. Has anyone attempted this or have some code examples I could look at. As I said earlier, I am not a web page programmer. Thanks for the help in advance.
  5. Wire mesh panels I don't know if this link will work from here. The company is MSC Industrial Supply. ( I use this place alot. At most locations in the US, items will ship that day if you order by a certain time. I did a keyword search at the top for wire mesh then used the filters that came up for 12 gauge. If you have a way yo cut it, a larger panel may be cheaper. Hope this helps. Tim Dang dislexic fingers. Edited for spelling. lol

    I agree with b_carlton. I had the same issue during our last shutdown when I did a processor upgrade. The integrator could connect and upload/download just fine but I could not. I had an older version of logix than he did. When I updated my Logix version the error went away. I believe it was the exact same error you are seeing.
  7. RSLinx not recognizing PLC's

    Does Linx put the red X on the unknown device or does it show it without the X when Linx is browsing?
  8. HMI Operator Panel Opinions

    I have used most of the AB Panelview line over the past 18 years. Its like other AB hardware, it's good stuff but can get costly. I have a machine that was transfered hear from another site that has an Automation Direct EA7-T8C color touch screen. It is similar to the Panelviews but at a lower cost I think (haven't bought one yet). It uses a programming software called C More, uses an USB port for programming, has 2 more USB ports which you can output faults or other information to a jump drive, an ethernet port, and a serial port which I am using to connect to an AB Micrologix 1500. I have made some changes to this HMI and it didn't take but a few minutes to get up to speed on how it works. So far I have no complaints with this HMI. I am starting to like it alot more than the Panelviews the more I use it. Just my 2 cents worth.
  9. Sorry, I named it wrong. Pulled mine out and search for the number and they call it a "Clever Cable". Here is the link to the kit I have(TS106A). The kit is $125 US. They sell just the cable for less than $100 but it doesn't come with all the gender changers. I also saw they sell a "universal" clever cable but I not familiar with it. I have had mine for years and I am very pleased with it especially using it with the AB hardware. Again, I apologize for the naming confusion and hope it is something that can be useful to everyone on multiple platforms.
  10. Nice to see what everyone else is using. I work mainly with Allen Bradley hardware and those of us who do know the nightmare of taking the correct cables especially when traveling. I found a nice RS232 cable from Black Box that works nicely. They call it a "Laptop Smart Cable" I think. It basically will configure for any RS232 with a flip of a switch. I have actually given away all my AB RS232 cables except for the mini din type for the micrologix processors. Saved a ton of space in the laptop bag.
  11. Micrologix 1500 LRP with eternet

    The manual for this card is geared for a compactlogix. Here is the info needed for a micrologix. Hope this helps someone else. Using the Prosoft supplied sample code. N20:2-5 is the IP address to connect to. N20:6 is the service port number. Remember, you may have to switch to hex view and convert the port number to hex to enter larger port numbers Increase preset time on T4:2 to 32000. Then toggle bit B3/2 in ladder 3 to connect the client. N12:30 will show if it is connected N23:x will receive the data. My data was reversed so you can put a 1 in N20:7 to swap received data characters.
  12. Micrologix 1500 LRP with eternet

    Thanks for reading the post. I have read posts here for several years and usually found the answers I needed but never asked questions of my own. I have solved this with the help of there tech support and will post the solution here in case someone else needs it as soon as I can.
  13. I am trying to connect an Efecter 2D barcode reader to a Prosoft MVI69-GEC. I have installed the card and the sample ladder code from Prosoft. The card appears to be communicating with the backplane ok. I cannot get the card and scanner to talk to each other. I can connect the scanner directly to me laptop through the ethernet and receive the ASCII data string using hyperterminal set to port 50003. Something seems to be missing in my setup or ladder logic. Has anyone tried this setup or could point me in the right direction.