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  1. proface password

    A quick Google search found this.
  2. Logix5000 alias information

    Look at this document. Pages 44 and 45.
  3. Open .RSP file to RSlogix500

    I thought the *.rsp was a Logix 5 project, not 500? I thought Logix 500 used the *.ach?
  4. Screwdrivers

    Thanks Tom. I currently use my Craftsman TB screwdrivers. Didn't like the rubber handles on the Kleins. Let me just say this job has over 1200 I/O points, and 5 2-door electrical cabinets. I do this all the time. So for me, I'd like to try something. Fingers get numb by the end of a 12 hour day terminating 18 AWG wires all day.    Appreciate the feedback all.
  5. Screwdrivers

    Well, I am looking for something portable and to be used in the field when installing equipment. So nothing fancy really.
  6. Screwdrivers

    So this might be a strange question to ask here, and if it is way off topic, moderators please move or delete this post.    But I was wondering if anyone here has used a cordless screwdriver to tighten/loosen AB terminal block screws.   Thanks
  7. RsView32 doesn't connect

    Did you set your runtime path in your HMI project?
  8. Flex i/o outputs shorting

    What we will typically do is install a relay between the output and the physical coil. This way the relay will absorb the inrush, or any higher then expected current rather then the output.  I have seen where the output will get pulsed on and off quickly, and blow an output out. I again would suggest going the relay mode.
  9. Micrologix 1400

    Once you are connected to the micrologix, open the functions tab in the tree on the left side. Then there should be an HSC tab there.
  10. error 189h in MicroLogix 1400

    From the manual:    xx89(1)(2) EXPANSION I/O MODULE ERROR An expansion I/O module generated an error. Non-User • Refer to the I/O status file. • Consult the documentation for your specific I/O module to determine possible causes of a module error.
  11. RSLogix w/ Windows 7 Program Editing Problem

    When online, you should be able to change from run to remote run. So go online.
  12. software information

    Sorry Joe, was meant to be a joke...
  13. software information

    It does exist, it is called Siemens TIA Portal.....
  14. Homing Axis help required!

    We will actually home to a position. Meaning we use home immediatly or something similar. We put the axis where we want it, and perform the homing sequence. This will then say that the position you are in, is the new 0 position.    But you said you have 2 sensors hooked to verify the homing is done. Why not use one of those for your home switch?