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  1. Send reverse commande plc to drive

    This might sound dumb, but did you reference the axis on the wrong side? 
  2. Kinetix 5500 - Fault <Excessive Velocity Error>

    Did you verify there is not a mechanical bind? 
  3. Windows10 and Studio 5000 V26

    This is helpful, maybe?
  4. Kinetix 300 servo drive

    Change your attitude and maybe try your local AB dealer. Most times they have support personal onsite.
  5. problem controller type

    Maybe check your other post asking the same thing. And please do not double post!
  6. Fatal dump

    Yes, you are correct. That is a screenshot of a fatal dump error.
  7. Unable to open a project (.acd) in studio5000 logix designer

    Ummmm, Install version 23 like it says. Allen Bradley is version specific. 24 works on 24, 30 works on 30, 23 works on 23, etc.    
  8. On your  CIM Module Issue? What was problem because i am having exactly the same issue. Please help!

  9. Micro820 Clear Fault Code on Startup

    With enough downtime, you can force their hand. I know, easier said than done. 
  10. Micro820 Clear Fault Code on Startup

    How about fixing the noise? Anything else is covering up a real issue!
  11. FactoryTalk SE Visibility Question

    Interesting. I am not aware of any bug that you are talking about. Never experienced it. I also put the syntax into my FT and had no issues.
  12. FactoryTalk SE Visibility Question

    Just going to point out an obvious here, are you sure the colors are different than the background?   The other thing I have seen is if you just type the expression into FactoryTalk, sometimes it doesn't work. I have had it where I have had to actually go to the expression screen and browse to the tag.
  13. Import data to Micrologix 1100 via Excel?

    You have an HMI, so why not just use the HMI for writing the data?
  14. compactlogix conversion

    Just version 30 has some bad effects on earlier versions. We have had several techs and engineers install version 30, and versions 27, 28, and 29 had issues. To the point they stopped working. Version 30 is still too unstable in my mind. But for your application, if all you have is the 1 version, you should be fine.
  15. compactlogix conversion

    Nice to know you are running, but I have to ask why use version 30?