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  1. error 189h in MicroLogix 1400

    From the manual:    xx89(1)(2) EXPANSION I/O MODULE ERROR An expansion I/O module generated an error. Non-User • Refer to the I/O status file. • Consult the documentation for your specific I/O module to determine possible causes of a module error.
  2. RSLogix w/ Windows 7 Program Editing Problem

    When online, you should be able to change from run to remote run. So go online.
  3. software information

    Sorry Joe, was meant to be a joke...
  4. software information

    It does exist, it is called Siemens TIA Portal.....
  5. Homing Axis help required!

    We will actually home to a position. Meaning we use home immediatly or something similar. We put the axis where we want it, and perform the homing sequence. This will then say that the position you are in, is the new 0 position.    But you said you have 2 sensors hooked to verify the homing is done. Why not use one of those for your home switch? 
  6. Add pause botton Allen bradly SLC5/03

    So we do this all the time. I believe what he really wants is to not necessarily have the machine in auto mode, but more not put the machine in manual mode.    Can you please send me the PLC file. I am pretty sure I can help you out.   As far as the outputs staying on or turning off, we do this all the time in the palletizing world. Think about a tool holding 200 pounds of product in it's tool. Would you really want the output shutting off if you went into the cell? 
  7. 5/04 Rebooting intermittenly

    I would look at the output card as being suspect for one. Maybe there is a loose wire and is intermittently shorting out the power for that output card? Especially because you say it happens more on a start and stop condition?
  8. Connected Components Workbench Counters?

    I have not used CCW yet, but can't you just write this value into the counters acc? Or have the operator enter this value right into the counters acc?
  9. Solved: Grace Period No Longer?

    Here is a tech connect for the issue above:
  10. Solved: Grace Period No Longer?

    Here is what another service tech sent me. I HAVE NOT DONE THIS YET. I cannot say it works or doesn't work. I am waiting for a response from out IT department before I go messing in the registry. CYA deal there... Please make a backup before you begin, so if something happens, you can at least go back!   Hey all, Since upgrading Studio 5000 to version 30 I’ve had issues with my grace period not working and not being able to open RSlogix 5000. A few other people have been having the same problem so I figured I’d get the word out.   Just a heads up; this involves going into your laptops registry edit. Going off script and changing or accidently deleting something could make your laptop a brick.   First type “regedit” into the search box of the start button, click on “Regedit” then click yes on the dialog box.     For the RSlogix5000 fix go to: HKEY_Current_User\Software\Rockwell Software\RSLogix 5000\Start Page Double click on the “Never Show” entry and change the value to a 1.     For the grace period fix go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Rockwell Software\RSlogix 5000.1\UserInfo. Double click on the “SerialNum” entry and type in your serial number.     Repeat this step for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Rockwell Software\RSlogix 5000.1\ Support -> ProductID HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Rockwell Software\RSlogix 5000.1\ Latest Version\UserInfo -> SerialNum   Two of these are labeled “Userinfo” but are under different folder locations, make sure you get them both. After you are finished restart your laptop, then open RSlogix5000 and Studio5000. Click on the “Help” button got to the About page; the serial number should be displayed.    
  11. Solved: Grace Period No Longer?

    Ken,      I guess this is something in version 29 and above. We just went to Version 30 company wide from Version 24, and all of us service techs have the same issue. The Controls guys have their dongles plugged in all the time, so it didn't affect them until I asked a couple of them to unplug their dongle.      We have a Tool Kit. It does popup the annoying grace period box.       Only difference was version 30. One of the service guys contacted Rockwell, and they gave him the fix. It has to do with modifying some registries. I didn't look at it yet, but can post here when I do in case others have the same issue later.   Thanks for the response Ken.
  12. FactoryTalk Questions (Upload/Download)

    Sorry for the late response. Yes, the security is a hit and miss. I have not had good luck with the security. This is why we switched all the security to the PLC and not in the HMI.   Glad it is working for you!
  13. FactoryTalk Questions (Upload/Download)

    Unless you know for sure you were the last one to work on an HMI, you are best to upload the mer file. I know it is cumbersome, but it is truly the only way to make sure you have the latest file. Be thankful you didn't come in the early stages where unless you had the apa file, you couldn't do anything!   Question 1) APA: This is an archieve file. Or the development file. If you have this file, you can open this file, and it extracts into Factory Talk. Basically a zipped file of the actual file.                      Mer: This is the actual running file that gets downloaded into the HMI itself.  Question 2) Downloading: When you download your mer file to the HMI, if you do not check the box that says "Overwrite communications" then you will not need to worry about the communications paths.  Question 3) Versions: You can have a higher version on your PC. When you create an APA, that APA file now becomes whatever version you have loaded on your PC. HOWEVER, when you create the MER file, it MUST MATCH the firmware in the HMI. Or at least the major firmware revision. Example: I have version 8.1 loaded on my PC. My HMI have firmware 8.2. When I create my MER file, I save it as firmware 8.1 and all is good.   Hope that helps. If not just ask.
  14. Solved: Grace Period No Longer?

    I just installed RsLogix5000 Version 30 because I needed it for a project. I noticed if I do not have my dongle plugged in, and running just on the 7 day grace period, I am locked out from making any changes. Anyone else come across this issue? What is the reasoning for this? Any work arounds? I hate having my dongle plugged in all the time. Especially because I am a Service tech and you never know where you can set a laptop.