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  1. Need Help - Change sensor to accurately detect box jams

    Are the roller conveyors powered? If so, you can flip the rubber bands around so the rollers role backwards, creating a mini gap. Then mount your sensor right at that gap.   We have used vision before to detect different box sizes and thus know if the box doesn't change in a certain period of time.   We have also used a spring loaded brush to create a gap.    I think you need to figure out a way to create a gap, or use multiple sensors. Saying if a box passed this sensor, but the next sensor downstream isn't on, then there is a jam.
  2. 1747-sn scanner

    Is this something that has been running and now doesn't?  Is this a new install, an upgrade, etc. What lead to this issue?
  3. I would make sure timer T4:2 isn't used somewhere else in the program. Put a jumper around the LEQ and make sure the timer times. Check to make sure you are calling that routine. Check to make sure there aren't any MCR rungs or jmp commands in that routine causing the code to be skipped over.
  4.   I'm an idiot. I was used to our setup where everything was on the network. I looked at it as if he couldn't even see the HMI. D'oh.   He can go to RsLinx and should be able to right click and upload the Eds because it is an AB product. If AB plays nice that is.   Thanks for seeing my error there pcmccartney. (face palms self...)
  5. And you have your gateway on your PC set to
  6. Click on the Ethernet and take a picture and post it here as well.
  7. You need to click the + next to the Ethernet. Then scroll down to your HMI. You can only download to the hmi icon.
  8. Newly added tags won't show up in ME

    Maybe not have 2 posts 9 minutes apart about the same thing!
  9. Studio5000 crashes if i create a device shortcut
  10. Studio5000 crashes if i create a device shortcut

    I just had this happen to me last week when I went from FT version 8.2, back to 8.1, and then to version 9. This was from Rockwell support and it worked for me.
  11. RS232(DB9)
  12. Factory Talk Studio - cant open an application

    I would suggest you guys start a new topic for your errors. Otherwise they get lost inside of someone else's topic.
  13. plc to plc communication

    Use produced and consumed tags. Easiest way in my opinion. Starts on page 117.
  14. Rslogix 5000 add-on instruction

    I have a couple structured text AOI's and just double click on Logic and my logic opens with no issues.