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  1. PLC Safe distance from 11KVA transformer
  2. Customer program opens in service edition

    Understood. But version 16 has a few issues that effect other versions. If you do not have the latest version of 16, I would start there. I have seen version 16.0 do some weird things.
  3. Customer program opens in service edition

    What version is this in?  I had this issue when I installed version 16 for another project. What I would do is try and update your version of 16 to the most recent version.  
  4. RSLogix 500 Version 3

    Sorry for the late response.  Try this guy. I used to work with him, and he is a great Controls Engineer.
  5. PLC5 to RS Logix5000 advice needed

    Still better than PLC=2's!
  6. Inquire about Factory Talk View SE   Try here?

    Try this maybe? Starting on page 64 for setting up your Serial Port. Page 190 for message instructions.
  8. ACD file to PDF

        That's exactly what he was asking someone to do! He doesn't have the software, and wanted someone to print it for him. But at least you got credit for another post.     Here you go. See attached. One has just the controller tags. The other has the ladder in it as well. Sorry for the late response. Logix Designer Report(s).pdf Controller Tags.pdf Everything.pdf
  9. Looks like maybe you don't have it starting as the HMI starts? Under the startup tab?   This video might help, maybe?
  10. Studio 5000 and different PLC versions

    For every different version of firmware, you will need that version of Studio 5000. So if you have versions 24, 26, 27, 30, you will need versions 24, 26, 27, 30 of Logix 5000. The only other option is to flash everything to version 30 like you have.   Yup, dumb, I know!
  11. A quick google search found this technote in a different thread...
  12. Panelview 1000 does not display correct input

    How is this addressed in the HMI? Does the HMI tags match the PLC? 
  13. Having issues going online after uploading from AB 1400

    Can we assume you didn't change the uploaded plc file at all?
  14. Constants value in PLC 5/20

    You can try. But that value may be written in there by something else.