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  1. IEC 60870-5-103 protocol

    Lets talk via PM. It would be easier to discuss in Russian. 
  2. IEC 60870-5-103 protocol

    Keep in mind, the reliability of OWEN PLCs is in times lower than Mitsu provide, while I suppose the application requires the use of reliable equipment. If you're looking to the side "ПЛК100-ТЛ", rather it belongs to the class of intelligent relays than to a PLC.   
  3. IEC 60870-5-103 protocol

    It supports -101 or -104 and doesn't support -103
  4. IEC 60870-5-103 protocol

    Mitsu does not have, but the appropriate communication driver can be written.
  5. FX3U Analog Modules

    Then look to the configuration, I've posted above.
  6. FX3U Analog Modules

    Configuration Chart―MELSEC iQ-F Series Model Selection System1.pdf
  7. FX3U Analog Modules

    How many discrete I/O points must you have? 
  8. FX-EEPROM 4

    Hi, Don't know is it possible with Medoc software, but with GX Developer it's possible exactly.
  9. MAC E300 backup

    Hi Ron_S! Happy New Year and thank you for the information! The most manuals, both and knowledge database for MAC E are not available anymore. I've found just one manual, and the procedure, except of PD******* , is not described there. The default password is absent in the manual too. I found one mention about the default password, but that password is longer by one digit... I've already finished the job, so can not access to the HMI for checking... Cheers  
  10. MAC E300 backup

    Hi everybody! I should help to upgrade some automation equipment, that has a FX2n and MAC E300 onboard. I.e. all SPS are quite old, obsolete and discontinued in production for a long. So will be useful to make an uploading of program from the HMI, otherwise, when it may die, all autmomation system will  die... However, in contrast to the PLC program, the program in HMI is password protected for upload and download. Excuse for my question, but is there a way to bypass this password without losing an HMI program. Thanks in advance
  11. Error Clearing FX2n48MT

    Hi QG58, I suppose the FX2N does not contain ROM bios, because on my opinion its processor & I/O controllers are implemented using FPGA/PLM technology.
  12. Mitsubishi PLC Backup

    SC11 is a quite new Chinese cable, using a schematic like a schematic, proposed by Sergei Troizky, by else simply - it has only three wires between DB9F & MDN8 and no more. I've tested it recently and it works fine! As about FXTools, it's a product, written in Japan, with English interface. And it was able to upload from Beijer company website, until MEA have not quarreled with Beijer. I can share this software with you 
  13. Weintek hmi with fx3u128mr

    Ohh... I just showed you a common principle of program code. When program is working in simulation mode, the copyring of X0 to M0 is not active! So with controlling of M0 you are able to control Y0. Other case, you must control the output both using X0 and HMI virtual switch. In this case you should activate another bit from HMI, e.g. M100. And the final code will look like:   LD X0 OUT M0 LD M0 OR M100 OUT Y0  Joe E. has already said you about it several posts above.  
  14. Weintek hmi with fx3u128mr

    This is not a criticism. Peritonitis is not treated with pills, the appendix is surgically removed.
  15. PLC download problem

    The situation is really strange. While... Is the program written in STL language? The cause might be there...