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  1. FX3S not responding to HMI.

    Did you try to update GX Developer, which is a part of GX Works2, and to use it for upload/download?
  2. FX3S not responding to HMI.

    altctrdelighted, it is not necessary to create difficulties there where all could be done simply. Use the PLC programming cable, instead of USB.
  3. You did not specify with what PLC are you working... The HOURS instruction is as a tool.
  4. The Structured Text and the Structured Programming are completely different concepts.
  5. FX3S not responding to HMI.

    With this topic you can know, how to get an update versions for any Mitsu soft:
  6. FX3S not responding to HMI.

    The guidance: Connect to the old FX1S, upload its program/parameters/data table to your PC and save the project. Also upload and save the program from HMI. Check the uploaded PLC program for correct compilation. If it's compiled without errors, then go to the item 4, if not, go to the item 3. Find a completely similar device, upload its programs (from PLC and HMI) and compare the uploaded programs with previous uploads. If they are quite equal, then errors of the program, uploaded from your old PLC, can be repaired, if not, then the action was not successful and it is need to find another similar device... Convert and recompile the program for FX3S PLC.  Connect to the new FX3S , upload its program/parameters/data table to your PC and save the project. Download the convered and recompiled project to the FX3S completely (program/parameters/data). Test the correct operation of your device.
  7. FX3S not responding to HMI.

    What's with that old FX1S PLC? Did you try to connect with it and to upload its program/data?
  8. Rolling Average / exponential smoothing

    P.S. Also SFTWLP & MOVP might be used.
  9. Rolling Average / exponential smoothing

    For QCPU the WSFLP can be replaced with combination of DSFLP and MOVP instructions.'s%20Mitsubishi/Manuals/QPLC/QCPU%20Programming%20Manual%20(Common%20Instruction).pdf pages 59, 422, 
  10. Rolling Average / exponential smoothing

    Now the lib is open)   FB_Rolling_Average.SUL
  11. Rolling Average / exponential smoothing

    It's locked with password?

    A total flow is calculated as follows: Qn = (Vn + Vn-1)*dT/2 + Qn-1 , where - Qn is a total flow at current measurement; - Qn-1 is a total flow at previous measurement; - Vn is an instantaneous flow at current measurement; - Vn-1 is an instantaneous flow at previous measurement; - n is a number of measurment (starting from 1) - dT is a time interval of measurements. It's a constant.   For example: If V0= 0, V1= 0, V2= 2, V3= 4, V4= 8, V5=8, V6=4 [m3/h] and dT= 0,1s , then Q0= 0, Q1= 0, Q2= 1/36000, Q3= 1/36000 + 3/36000 = 4/36000 =1/9000, Q4= 4/36000 + 6/36000 = 10/36000 =1/3600, Q5= 10/36000 + 8/36000 = 18/36000 =1/2000, Q6= 18/36000 + 6/36000 = 24/36000 =1/1500 [m3]  
  13. Rolling Average / exponential smoothing

    Yes, it could be adapted. Just need to search the instructions with similar fuctioning in Q/L Programming Manual.
  14. Rolling Average / exponential smoothing

    This is library for FX, which you can adapt for Q. FB_Rolling_Average.SUL
  15. Convert 7 digit ascii (hex) to 32 bit Dword (dec)

    Certainly. What prevents you to use DDABIN instruction? Before the conversion, just move the datablock, given from the scanner, into an array of 6 words. Then, using the DDABIN convert the array into 2 integers (DWORD).