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  1. Add time

    RTFM. In FX series there is a special instruction for time addition. What PLC model are you using?
  2. FX3U Modbus RTU with FX-485-BD

    will not support programming instructions for Modbus comm, but can support programming implementation of Modbus protocol like non procedural.
  3. Calculate exponent in FX2

  4. Calculate exponent in FX2

    This is an initial school arithmetic rule: Y=X**1.5=X**(1+0.5)=(X**1)*(X**0.5)=X*SQRT(X)
  5. Silly question: bits calculation MOV command

    There is an instruction (D)PRUN [FNC 81], which copyring an octal set of bits to an octal set of bits. For example, PRUN K3X16 K3M16 will copy: X16 -> M16 X17 -> M17 X20 -> M20 X21 -> M21 X22 -> M22 X23 -> M23 X24 -> M24 X25 -> M25 X26 -> M26 X27 -> M27 X30 -> M30 X31 -> M31  , page 460  
  6. Silly question: bits calculation MOV command

    X28 and X29 with FX3G LOL "This is the easiest way how I could explain the problem" you're facing.
  7. How to Detect Pulse Presence? Pulse Catch?

    LD X0 OUT M0 [END] where M0 is a desired signal of presence the pulse sequence at X0 input  
  8. FX5 PLC FX5-CNV-IFC module.

    Hi, This module is not an intelligent, it's just a converter of bus connectors from FX5UC CPU to FX5U series modules. So this is not neccessary to configure it.
  9. Modbus CRC16 in any FX PLC

    Hello, You can find a code sample in this topic:  
  10. kHz signal on digital input

    Look at the SPD instruction then scale its result to get a level value.
  11. Q02H Analog Signal scaling GX Works 2

    Dear panic mode, I'd like to take your attention to a one thing. A calculation using the traditional math equation will give a correct result only for limited range of integers (the subtraction of in_max/in_min and/or out_max/out_min should not give a result outside the range of -32768 - 32767). If it's necessary to operate with a full range of integer values (16-bit AD/DA analog modules), another integer arithmetics should be used, that requires more math operations.
  12. 2 HMI's 1 plc.

    Sorry for delay with answer, just finished a commissioning work with FX5 and full of new uncensored impressions, regarding to Mitsubishi docs/soft. The cooperation with Beijer was not a jift for Mitsubishi. Beijer did a lot for technical support of Mitsubishi products, while Mitsubishi did nothing for that. When several years ago Mitsu has quarelled with Beijer, offended Beijer has deleted all materials related to Mitsu products from own website. And it became a strong strike onto Misubishi ***.
  13. 1. You have not attached the screenshot of RS485 port settings . 2. You have not attached data (comm port settings, modbus address) for E5DC. 3. How the RST M0 command is related to ADPRW and Modbus comm??
  14. FX3U is supplied with instruction for Modbus CRC16 calculation that's named CRC.