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  1. FX2N - 48MR (MELSEC)

    This is very strange action by your side. In the theory, yes, but it should be done with high accuracy during unsoldering and soldering. What's with old PLC? Why you can not upload its program? Why you can not repair it?
  2. An absolute beginner needs help with a PLC!

    You've decided that the programming port is RS232, because you see the connector DB9F, while in the description to the PLC at all its sellers is said that the port is RS485. And you must know its pinout. 
  3. Generate wave forms using LCPU

    P.S. The PLC, on which I made test, has a pair of AIs/AOs onboard.
  4. Generate wave forms using LCPU

    Hi, I doubt that the speed of internal (interblock) bus affect to the speed of DAC. What may affect I can not say without studying your program. BTW: I've tested the algorithm, proposed by me, using a chinese replication of FX2N. In fact the chinese PLC has a better performance, than the original FX2N: the actual scantime, measured by a counter/timer routine, is equal to 225us and each scan of program I got a new data point of sine wave, i.e. it allows to output a sine wave with frequency up to 500Hz (resolution is 20 data points per sine wave period). The sample is attached. May be it will help you to localize a problem.
  5. Generate wave forms using LCPU

    Have you read the topic ? With 3ms scan time you should get 10 points per 30ms...  
  6. Hi good day.  I am the new user of Weintek, Easybuider pro.  I bought few modbus IO decvices, connected to MT8071ie and I could get succes with read the modbus IO and also can do scaling 4-20mA (raw count 4000 to 20000)to 0 - 200 Deg C.  but I am not able to scale 0 - 200 Deg C on trend.  I did the data sampling and use that for trend and trend worls for raw data 4000 to 20000 but unable to scale to 0 - 200 Deg C.  It appears there is no interpolation option for me to do the scaling on data collection as well on trend.  what I understand is that we need to create Macro to do the scaling.  can you give sameple macro code so I will try to suit with my IO. or please advice how to make scaling for Trend.  I struggle last 2 days with no success.  I am a hobbyist, trying to develop few parameters to test and learn. 


    thanks and best regards


  7. ebay PLC FX1N-20MR china special

    Ask for the manufacturer of this toy. It's not a Mitsubishi product, also it's not a clone. It's a chinese market fantasms... I have tested one of such. The quatity of assembling and the performance are extremelly better than Mitsubishi products has. However it's not a twin.
  8. Speed in meter/mint

    To measure linear speed correctly you need in two sensors: the one for RPM measuring, the second for measuring the diameter of roll (an encoder or a resistor; the paddle, laying on roll, transfers the angle, related to the diameter of roll, to the sensor's shaft)
  9. Newbie to Mitsubishi

    Top: L & Earth & N (Power supply), S/S (Common terminal for inputs), X0-X5 (Inputs) Bottom: 24V & 0V (Internal AC/DC output), СOM* & Y* (Relay outputs)
  10. Newbie to Mitsubishi

    What the exact model of FX3S PLC do you have? The exact model name is specified on the nameplate on the side of the PLC.
  11. Newbie to Mitsubishi

    Hi, The top row of terminals are inputs, the bottom row of terminals are outputs. The hardware manual The programming manual The user's manual
  12. Compare two compiled projects

    Yes,  via menu Project -> Verify
  13. Salvage PLC to play with, but...

    No. But you could search an old version of software at torrents. It's named GX Developer.
  14. installing AL-PCS/WIN

    Any old Windows soft is working under Windows 10 perfectly, while with old releases of Win10 the compatibility should be achieved manually. With  newer releases the old soft is running automatically. I have the last release of Win10 on my PC and have not a problem to run an old Mitsu/Beijer soft.
  15. MTA10

    I don't know...